Multiple Yoona Styles on Display for Grazia China January 2018 Edition

I feel funny when I mention K-stars ages per the Korean system of adding one when they are born and then another every turn of the new year. Under that system singer-actress Yoona is now 29 in Korean age though she was born in 1990 and just 27 in the Western system. I mention her age because it’s crazy she’s been in the industry for over a decade and is really still so young but has grown up so much in the public. I think she has grown up beautifully, the lanky slightly gawkiness from the very very early days is gone and with it a comfortable in her own skin sophistication and girl next door sweetness all of which is showcased in the Grazia China January edition. I skipped her sageuk drama last year The King Loves so will defer to those who watched as to whether she grew as an actress but with SNSD likely disbanded clearly her future is as a solo performer or focused even more as an actress.


Multiple Yoona Styles on Display for Grazia China January 2018 Edition — 22 Comments

  1. Snsd has not disbanded though.. no one knows if they’ll have a comeback or if the 3 who left sm will participate in their next comeback but snsd has not officially disbanded (I personally don’t think they are going to anytime soon), the members are much closer now too.

    • SM has never disbanded any of their groups so no one knows if they will go on indefinite hiatus and come back a decade later like S.E.S did.

      • Yep exactly. That’s why there’s no need to write “disbanded”. Unless there’s official information.

      • Well, they’re clearly not disbanding any time soon I think. Sooyoung’s mother stated to one of the fans who visited her cafe that the members are trying to make a comeback in two years from now.

        And in recent episode of Let’s Eat Dinner together with Seohyun and Ji Hyunwoo as guests, when Kang Ho Dong mentioned that Seohyun has left the group to go solo, she quickly denied it and stated that she’s still a member of SNSD

  2. Lol, YSH has been in this industry for almost 2 decades now and he’s actually 3 years younger than her! Now that’s insane!

    She looks gorgeous in this shoot though. I love that she’s starting to look less cute and more sophisticated.

  3. I first saw Yoona through DBSK and Suju’s MV (so around 13 years ago? I feel old lol). I truly didn’t get her appeal at first, but she has won me over throughout the years. She really has grown up beautifully and does look more sophisticated now. The photoshoot is gorgeous, loving the different looks!

    Her performance in TKL is enjoyable (the chemistry with HJH is amazing!) and make up for the dud that is The K2. Hopefully she’ll do romcom next. She seems better at sassy, bubbly, comedic roles and should hone her skills through such roles first, I think.

  4. She’s pretty, but not wow. But I like her work ethics and she was always smart bc her image is the one that came out the cleanest after SNSD. I’ve been following her since 9 end 2 outs and she still didn’t impress me in her acting atempts, but her future work in idol field is very welcome.

  5. Suzy and Lee Jong Suk were also on the January covers of Harper’s Bazaar China. Suzy had another January cover for Cosmopolitan China as Korea’s representative along with Nana Komatsu from Japan and Dilraba for China. Suzy’s February cover for Gracia China just came out today as well. So yeah, the ban seems to be over.

      • Agree. Suzy has had three new pictorials for major Chinese magazines, i.e. Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, all within the span of 1.5 months (mid-December to late January) that I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes out with some sort of project in China soon. Seems like China is prepping us for Suzy’s Chinese debut.

    • Yoona is fluent in Mandarin, and she does not need a translator. How is Suzy’s Mandarin? Just wondering… don’t think Suzy’s language skill is all that great…

      • What makes you think Suzy’s “language skill” isn’t “all that great”? Have you witnessed her in person struggling to learn multiple languages or something? Lol. You’re on every other article about Suzy, and can’t seem to never say something pessimistic about her whenever she’s mentioned. I doubt you’re actually curious, but I’ll let you know anyways.

        Yoona wasn’t always fluent in Mandarin. She studied it after her drama’s success. Suzy’s Mandarin, although limited for now, is good. She spoke in Mandarin briefly when introducing herself for her Grazia China photoshoot, and also recorded a short holiday greetings clip in Mandarin for China’s QQ Music on December 29th. Chinese netizens have praised her in the past, and Show Luo also said he was impressed with her pronunciation in their song, saying he wouldn’t have been able to tell she wasn’t Chinese just from listening to the recording. I’m sure if Suzy starts promoting in China regularly like Yoona, she’ll take it upon herself to study the language and become fluent as well.

      • I am JUST curious, that’s all there is… This is not even an article about Suzy, do you realize? You don’t even make any sense @Anonymous!! If Suzy ever makes it into her own article, you can then wait for my pessimistic comment… LOLOL… SMH…

  6. @Anon: Honestly if you are a fan of Suzy, you wouldn’t wish for her to have any project in China. There’s nothing to gain from it other than more cash which I am sure Suzy doesn’t lack. Yoona’s drama was a huge flop in China and has so many negative reviews – which her fans constantly deny. Even if the ban is lifted and actors are able to act in C-dramas again, no production team would take the risk to cast Korean actors in A-list projects when there are far more talented and pretty actresses in China.

  7. Suzy is popular in China and continues to become right through all of Asia…Movies, modeling, tv drama and music…she is certainly versatile and her popularity just continues to grow everywhere despite the hate and jealousy of the same sad people on this site .☺ Even when a subject is not about her everyone still wants to talk about suzy.Show how popular she is?

    • You make absolutely no sense in mentioning Suzy in a Yoona’s article. This shows your stupidity and you seriously annoy the heck out of the whole community of readers. I believe you generate more hate than praise with your dumb comments! No one talks about Suzy now that she has no projects except her delulu airhead fans. Her movie flops, her album does not sell, she cannot act, she cannot sing. She is known for having no talents, her popularity goes as far as showing she is very lacking…

      • You obvioualy have issues and its actually you annoying the crap out of everyone you troll peoples comments….Stick to what you have to say and dont worry about others. Far as i know most people cant stand your opinions.☺

      • Looking forward to seeing her next flop…what will it be this time movie, drama, albulm , best actress award not bad for suzy the flop..Suzy and her fans are the true winners. Haters of any type are true loosers and thats a fact.?

  8. Is it a rule that Suzy stans always have to invade every Yoona article out there? What does this article have to do with Suzy and her Chinese magazine covers? Not that it means anything for her, shes completely irrelevant there. Not saying Yoona is a houshold name in China, but she does have huge chinese fanbase and general audience knows who she is. Comparing her popularity to Suzy is laughable , Yoona is among most popular Koran stars in China together with LMH,KSH,SJK,SHK,JJH and PSH. Suzy is nowhere near that league.

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