Park Seo Joon Thinks Park Min Young’s Resignation is a Confession in New Why Secretary Kim Preview

The visuals with the leads of Why Secretary Kim are so spot on for the roles based on the webtoon and vis-a-vis each other that it makes up for whatever flimsy narrative is in the teasers so far. All I know is that the company president Park Seo Joon is harmlessly narcissistic and his secretary Park Min Young appears prettily capable. That’s not enough meat for a drama but is charming enough in mood teasers, like the latest one where Park Min Young is chasing down Park Seo Joon to tender her resignation and he thinks she’s trying to confess and basically talks over her so she doesn’t have a chance to quit. He even makes heart over head shapes and sends her love shots and all she wants is to quit working for him. I guess the set up does make it clear why he’s a big mess once she quits and tries to figure out what she left.

Third Why Secretary Kim Preview:


Park Seo Joon Thinks Park Min Young’s Resignation is a Confession in New Why Secretary Kim Preview — 5 Comments

  1. i am looking for a light fluffy watch after My Ajusshi (great great drama!! I cried buckets), hope this drama will be satisfying 🙂

    • Yeah My Ajussi is the best drama for 2018,as far as I am concerned and this is IU most convincing performance based on the dramas I saw her in.I hope they will be given proper recognition at the end of the year in different award giving bodies.

      As for Secretary Kim, I don’t know ,PMY is so pretty to me,but I don’t get her appeal,she has a plain charisma to me ,but I’m not a hater,maybe its just about taste and PSJ, he is really an eye candy and I like him, but he needs to improve his acting coz although he is not mediocre but I don’t find him a good actor yet.He needs an improvement.I will give this drama a try.

    • Count me in. My Ajusshi is the hallmark of a perfect drama. I still cried even during rewatching. My last 2 months is all about Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An.

      I am thinking on checking this one out. Light with a touch of comedy is all I need now. I don’t think I can bear having my heart ripped out any time soon.

  2. I always like PMY, eventho I don’t watch her in Healer.. PSJ sometimes a hit and miss for me. Anw… Can’t wait for this drama. I hope the story is good. No matter how great the actor/actress is, if the story is bad then it will be labeled as bad drama. And I don’t think PMY deserves bad drama… She deserves better. So crossed my fingers and hwaiting to PMY-PSJ!! ??

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