Kim Dong Joon Replaces Lee Seo Won in About Time But Need to Reshoot 12 Episodes Worth of Scenes

I feel so bad for the entire cast and crew of About Time, even moreso now that it’s clear that removed second male lead Lee Seo Won could have alleviated the situation if his situation was made known when it happened in early April. Lee Seo Won has been charged with sexual harassment and threatening assault with a weapon for an incident on April 6th involving a female celebrity victim. The news only broke this week after the prosecutor charged him but for the last six weeks the police investigation was not made public.

The news led to his removal from K-drama About Time and from hosting Music Bank, but for About Time the drama is premiering this coming Monday and the production has reportedly shot 12 episodes worth of footage. Lee Seo Won was playing the second male lead so clearly he would be in many scenes, so the reshoots with the role being taken over by ZEA‘s Kim Dong Joon would require substantial time and cost to the entire production. I hope no one collapses from exhaustion to get reshot scenes ready for airing starting next week, reportedly a staffer on the drama posted that he wanted to commit suicide at the thought of having to do all the reshoots. Be safe About Time team!


Kim Dong Joon Replaces Lee Seo Won in About Time But Need to Reshoot 12 Episodes Worth of Scenes — 8 Comments

  1. He could have saved the production staff maybe 3-4 episodes worth, if he stepped down 5 weeks prior. He was being too greedy. This is with the assumption that he really didn’t informed his agency, hence the professional decisions during April was his alone.

  2. Doesn’t he have a conscience? Working whilst being investigated. He must have known he would be charged or was he so big headed he thought he would get away with it? Sounds absurd.

  3. I agree that Lee Seo-won had no conscience when he continued working on this drama. That said, why did TVN not postpone it for the rest of the cast and staff’s sake? It would not be the first time a station would sustain a weeks-long hole in the schedule.

    • The problem is this guy.spring-summer season is the peak time to make money in kdrama business.TVN cant afford to be delaying or messing their schedule.

  4. With this attitude of his, he wont easily get back his career even after going to military. No crew wants to work with irresponsible actor. Except, he has a good backing.

    This case is kinda different with some other actors’ cases. Plus, his name isnt as big as other actors. I feel bad for the victim… Unfortunately, some actors who committed the crime could be back to screen since fangirls believe that oppa is never wrong.

    He needs another career. He just killed it.

  5. OUCH! I’m feeling for everyone: resetting the chemistry on set can go horribly wrong, added to exhaustion on a whole new level.

    My Mister just closed a very strong and solid run after a similar mess, but they were not in as deep. ?WTH is wrong with those without thought for others? I know the answer, but my heart still asks.

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