Park Bo Gum is the Bad Boy Next Door in L’Officiel Hommes Pictorial

This is one of my favorite Park Bo Gum pictorials thus far for changing up K-actor Park Bo Gum‘s visuals and in a way that suits him better in this stage of his career. He’s past being the wunderkind rookie and established enough to get offered the male lead role in upcoming K-drama Boyfriend with in discussion leading lady Song Hye Kyo. He’s also proven to be a smart project picker with a string of memorable roles and dramas I Remember You to Answer Me 1988 and most recently Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. It’s time he looks more than just a pretty flower boy and focus on development a more manly screen presence, especially if he’s going to romance Song Hye Kyo onscreen and make it shippable. He’s been rocking a longer moppy head of hair since the Baeksang Awards and I love how L’Officiel Hommes styled it so smexy on him.


Park Bo Gum is the Bad Boy Next Door in L’Officiel Hommes Pictorial — 6 Comments

  1. WHOA he looks good. Even the longer hair, which I don’t love…. he’s working it, all right.

    I thought he and Song Hye Kyo both turned down that Boyfriend drama already? Good move, looking at the writer’s past works.

  2. I really like him as an actor. He is an amazing actor because he is so manly in his dramas and so not manly in real life. In real life he is more like a little puppy dog that I want to hug.

  3. He is still a softie to be honeSt, i respect him as an actor but cant take him seriously watching how softie and feminine he is offcam.

  4. These pictures are unattractive. He is quite unattractive tbh. His acting is good-ish though so he should go back to acting asap because that is where his strength lies in. He’s the only it-boy so far I have understood why he is hyped up. Reply88 was good and so was Coinlocker Girl

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