Why Secretary Kim Maintains Adorable Cheeky Chemistry and High Ratings in Third Week of Airing

These days I’m happy when any drama does well in ratings just because it’s rarer and rarer, but when it’s happening to a drama I’m fond of and watching in real life the happiness is compounded. tvN already has Lawless Lawyer doing well still which remains an intense watch, but for summer time lightness and rom-com laughter it’s all about Why Secretary Kim. Episode 5 brought in 6.855% ratings and with this drama airing on a cable network it doesn’t risk being preempted for World Cup coverage like the prime time network dramas.

With that said, SBS drama The Undateables (Handsome Guy and Jung Eum) did only half of Secretary Kim’s ratings at 3.3% and 4.4% for Wednesday’s episode. It’s a testament to how fun Secretary Kim is, with unexpected depth in character set up and development, that keeps audiences tuned in, myself included. This may just be Park Min Young‘s defining role as Kim Mi Soo, so plucky and smart and capable without ever seeming ditzy or flustered. Love her to pieces and so does clueless and deluded Park Seo Joon‘s chaebol president Young Joon. He’s already in love and his robot heart doesn’t even know it ahahaha.


Why Secretary Kim Maintains Adorable Cheeky Chemistry and High Ratings in Third Week of Airing — 13 Comments

  1. This drama is really fun. I would like less close-up but the chemistry is burning 😀

    How PSJ could be the “ugly”one in the episode of 1N2D ? :p

  2. Haven’t seen the episodes from this week yet, but something is lacking for me. I love rom-coms, but I am not yet in love with this.

  3. I really enjoyed episode 5 today, Park-Park couple carry this drama so well <3

    Park Min Young has always been pretty, but my goodness, she looks especially gorgeous in this drama! Simply stunning in every frame.

    • She’s drop dead gorgeous in this drama and her smiles and laughter feels so warm and genuine. Along with her skills, work ethic and friendly demeanor, she’s a total catch.

  4. It’s been *a* *long* time since I genuinely enjoyed a kdrama rom-com and I’m really loving this so far. Both PSJ and PMY are doing such a great job in their roles and unless it goes totally off the rails, I think this will be an iconic.

    I knew I was done for when I squealed and rewatched a scene where PSJ did a subtle eyebrow raise one of their sexually charged gazes (they are cheesy and so perfect for now I don’t care). Their chemistry is so good and I’m fighting hard not to ship them IRL haha.

    I can’t even say I expect it to stay this good at least till near the end because that’s so hard for most kdramas to do nowadays so I’ll just enjoy the honeymoon stage. It’s just been so long since a rom-com has made me giddy, I just want to sit back and savor it for now.

  5. I take back everything I’ve ever said against Park Seo Jin’s inability to shine in a lead role. Here, he totally owns the role. He’s magnetic, charismatic and charming.

  6. Never knew PMY can be so adorable. Her expression is priceless and pure. PSJ define chaebol in a new way instead of the same old type of chaebol we see in other dramas. Love them to pieces. Hope the story can maintain the same pace & development with the new writer on board.

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