Kim Young Kwang and Park Bo Young Beaming with Couple Cuteness in 1st Look Pictorial

The height differential between movie costars Kim Young Kwang and Park Bo Young still makes my eyes smile when I see them. The two are headlining the summer rom-com flick On Your Wedding Day which looks standard cute growing pains in love fare and the only unique element is finding the tallest male actor in K-ent second to Kwang Soo and pairing him with the shortest K-actress around. It’s a visual like watching normal people in a picture with Shaq hahahaha. I do think they show great chemistry at the press conference and in pictorials, like this very pretty one from 1st Look magazine. She’s rocking the spunky cuteness and he’s got the boyish smirk down pat.


Kim Young Kwang and Park Bo Young Beaming with Couple Cuteness in 1st Look Pictorial — 13 Comments

  1. Wow. I don’t usually see such closeness in those pictorials.

    And second wow, those are not the standard 10cm heels. How high is it man?

    She is perfectly adorable. I will watch this just for the visuals.

  2. 1st Look did a lot of picture tweaking. The 1st picture, PBY’s right hand was ps to appear (abnormally) longer and in the 3rd picture the light was applied on her dress to make it appear that her bosom seems to be big (and lowered ha!)

    • Do you have some real news or is it just your own imagination? I am leaning towards it being your imagination cause I read no news about that.

  3. The tallest actor in k-ent is Lee Ki Woo with his 1.93-96 (depending on the web) I think that’s his big problem to find offers in dramas: his height.

  4. There is a height ratio that compliments both parties. In this case, the height difference is to their detriment. Ms. Park will look shorter than she already is and nothing she wears will make her look good.

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