TW-singer Ah Xiang Caught Deep Kissing Rumored Mistress Cheryl Hsieh in Public Escalating Cheating Scandal

Taiwan now has it’s “car” cheating incident to join HK-ent with the spring 2019 scandal of singer Andy Hui cheating on his long time wife-partner Sammi Hui with rising actress Jacqueline Wong. Singer and variety star Ah Xiang (Andy Chan) was snapped on the streets of Taipei kissing long rumored mistress also variety star Cheryl Hsieh. She walked out of a floral shop and up to his idling car and he reached his head out as she leaned in for a deep kiss that lasted a few minutes. Then she went back to the store and he drove off.

The two have been rumored to be cheating, with Andy being a married husband and father to three young kids, since last year when they were spotted together numerous times. The parties denied it and even Andy’s wife Grace supported her husband and claimed Cheryl was a good friend to the both of them and just like family. Oh shit, maybe it’s a polygamous family she was talking about. Either that or she just wants to keep her head buried in the sand. Ah Xiang claimed this most recent kissing picture was purely platonic like a friend would kiss another friend (ROFLMO) and it was merely the camera angle that made it look like a deep kiss. He still apologized but I’m so over men and their fuckery.


TW-singer Ah Xiang Caught Deep Kissing Rumored Mistress Cheryl Hsieh in Public Escalating Cheating Scandal — 10 Comments

  1. Even if its platonic ? who kiss their guy friends with their eyes closed and with that intensity. Thats eyyyywhhhh….. no…. just…. no

  2. Beware. Now I am scared for any wives of celebrities named Andy. Lol.

    Plain cheating. Admit it as it is. Think people are stupid enough to buy that illogical reason. For whatever reason did they even bother to make out in public, I wonder.

  3. Lmao, what an excuse. Unreasonable. This guy, ckcck… Aigooo…

    And cheryl… Why??? She’s beautiful, had goof career… Logically, she can get whoever she wants, but… Married guy? Girls, a no no.

    Affair is done by two people. Both of them are at fault. I hope, his kids wont learn this from daddy.

  4. Exactly! I would never kiss my plantonic guy friends in such a manner. Who do they think they are kidding?!?! Lol

  5. Joining the lineup but NOT quite the scandal magnitude of Andy Hui (and Sammi), since this dude is Taiwanese, and nowhere as known.

    Nor is 小三 Chery Hsieh.

    Nowhere else did they make much news, beyond Taiwan and whoever else knows of them in Asia (except Singapore – where I first read this)

  6. If they kissed in public like that it means that they are very comfortable with each other. It also means they have done it for while. I think they probably already slept with each other. Poor wife & her children. Is the female married?

  7. I have no respect for this duo when they backstabbed the innocent Wife by claiming on brotherhood. The A Xiang don’t deserve to be on tv and claim good Father image

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