Lee Seung Gi is a Punk Kid in New Promos for SBS Drama Vagabond

Well this is an interesting look for male lead Lee Seung Gi in the latest stills for his upcoming action vengeance drama Vagabond. He looks less vagabond and more petty street thug, what with the ashy blond hair, Hawaiian shit over sweat stained tank top, military pants, and flip flops. It’s awful and absolutely on point in conveying a rebellious punk kid look. Maybe it’s his teen years before he turns his life around and becomes a stunt actor, who knows but it’s an interesting look to see on Lee Seung Gi even just as a character styling. This is a break two weeks after Doctor John so I expected to see ramped up Vagabond promos in the coming week before the drama premieres on Saturday September 28th.


Lee Seung Gi is a Punk Kid in New Promos for SBS Drama Vagabond — 6 Comments

  1. Oh my god who came up with this idea? Only saving grace i m expecting is his acting as female lead is wooden piece of plank. But they did horrible to lee seung gi. I thought it will be on par with iris 2009 where lee hyung hun slayed. But they didnt make him joker back then. This time they made him look like cheap idol. Pathetic. I hope script is good. Lee seung gi might be saving grace in end but not with this cheap idol look

    • Aiyo, hold your horses! This is probably as Koala says, a throw back scene to his rebellious teenage years, or it could even be a disguise. He’s not going to look like this throughout the drama. So no need for such worries. Frankly, I think it will be quite fun to see him dress so out of his norm, and playing such a role, for a scene or two.

  2. Vagabond will be on SBS (not TVN), premiere on Fri, 20 Sep’19, 10pm KST. It will also be on Netflix.
    For once, it’s fun to see SeungGi tried different look for the character. An actor does not have to be good looking all the time as long as his look fits the character/scenes.

  3. It’s amazing how many people haven’t been following this drama and are only here to hate. I guess they would rather be bitter and miserable commenting on things they don’t like than supporting their faves. A simple look at the BTS photos will show that LSG’s styling will not stay like this. Since he’s a stunt actor, this could be one of his gigs (which explains the sweat stain on his shirt).

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