SM Posts Tribute as Sulli Laid to Rest Today in Seoul

I’m really glad the family and/or SM decided to make Sulli‘s funeral and altar private. It was so hard to watch last year all the SM artists crying their eyes out at Jonghyun‘s funeral. Sulli passed away at the start of the week and this Thursday October 17th she was laid to rest. She was just 25 years old but was active in the entertainment industry for over a decade, starting out as a child actress in sageuk Seodongyeo, coincidentally my first ever K-drama watched, and leaves behind one full drama as the female lead in To the Beautiful You.

She was most famous for being a member of f(x) and later on for leaving the group, dating much older Choiza, not liking to wear bras, posting a lot on her SNS, wanting to share her life but garnering more criticism because her choices in life were unorthodox and in relatively homogeneous South Korea absolutely an outlier. Nothing she did would warrant all the verbal abuse hurled at her, and in the end she probably would be alive if she was not a famous person and lived the life she did in outside the public eye, as we normal folks have the luxury of doing. After watching Hotel Del Luna, I hope she is moved on to a better place and not hurting anymore.


SM Posts Tribute as Sulli Laid to Rest Today in Seoul — 6 Comments

  1. A little off putting that you had to include in the list the negative aspects that might’ve triggered issues for her. Could’ve left it on celebration of life.

  2. Also very disappointed in how you have covered her. She was bullied, not because she was ‘weird’ and ‘controversial’, she was bullied because she had a (progressive) voice and opinion.

  3. Sulli was a provocateur who pushed boundaries and lived her life her way. A unique soul who flourished in the harsh competitive environment of K pop and was ridiculed for being an individual, a pioneer who shared her thoughts and feelings and who was free to express herself through dress, words and actions. She loved and was loved in return. It is her legacy of being a stand out amongst her peers that she dared to be different is what she will be remembered for. Full of swag and originality never lacking or mediocre Sulli was will be an inspiration to those who question the status quo. So who could not be proud of what she achieved in a rebellious way. Thornton Wilder wrote’ The highest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude’. I’m grateful to Sulli for being true to herself and not hiding behind a facade despite the backlash and criticism. Her heart was genuine so rest easy and be at peace dear Sulli because you are appreciated.

    “My name is Sulli. Sul means snow and Li means a pear flower. So I’ll probably be reborn as a flower that is small but full of strong vitality”. ❤️

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