Jeon Ji Hyun Exquisite in Nudes and Blacks for Fall Jewelry Pictorial in Marie Claire Korea

It’s been over 20 years since Jeon Ji Hyun debuted but she still makes everything she does seem fresh and captivating. This fall Marie Claire Korea jewelry pictorial is supposed to be about the baubles but it’s really all eyes on her. She poses so alive whether it’s an eyebrow arch, an extra stare in her eye, the way her arm is posed, or even a full body contortion that’s so graceful. With news that one of her most famous onscreen costars Kim Soo Hyun is coming back next year with a drama, it’s about her usual 2-3 year break between dramas to be up and I hope she picks something fun and cool to watch.


Jeon Ji Hyun Exquisite in Nudes and Blacks for Fall Jewelry Pictorial in Marie Claire Korea — 9 Comments

  1. Um I love the actress. But these poses..,they look awkward. Not sure if I like her with bangs either. She looks older here compared to her previous pictorials.

  2. 35 is nothing. When women hit 40 something it’s only then they start showing their age. She is undeniably lovely but her pictorial is definitely a thumbs down for me. The first one is okay but the rest are not. It reminded me of a favorite actress of mine who also once posed for a magazine. I really don’t get how two stunning ladies could be photographed looking less than their usually radiant selves.

  3. Two successful decades as top actress and cf queen. Great personal life as well. She maintains balance well. She was cf queen in 2000s, only second to lee young ae. She is cf queen this decade too with highest salary.
    Even this year she has shot for twelve different brands so far on her hiatus . What a queen. It will be amazing if she completes another successful decade and signup that big budget alien movie by assassination and the thieves director! She was offered hotel del luna but didn’t do it. I guess she will make movie comeback first
    New gen actresses lack the overall aura of taehyeji. Before from 70s we have lee young ae, go hyun jung. Then later shk jjh kth. I dont get same aura from new gen actresses expect shin se kyung maybe.
    Hope she starts third decade with bang

    • I didn’t know HDL was first offered to her. No wonder I kept imagining her in the lead role while watching the first few episodes. I dropped that drama afterwards. So true about the lack of overall aura. For me it’s still JJH and SHK. I haven’t found anyone else among the younger generation.

  4. JJH is the epitome of a Goddess. I have loved her since Sassy Girl and will wait until her next drama. I was thinking what would it have been like if she accepted HDL even though IU did a stellar job.

    However JJH ooks gorgeous in these pictures especially with the blood red lippy. For a moment then I thought she was Seo Ye Ji.

      • @M I guess just having a baby last year in January and a toddler and wanting to be a Mum who knows but I’m waiting patiently for her next drama I don’t care what genre it is.

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