Jung So Min to Join Shin Ha Kyun in K-drama Soul Repairman

A 2020 K-drama is getting the lead cast squared away and looks to pair two talented actors from different generations. Jung So Min is in talks for Soul Repairman which is also starring Shin Ha Kyun. The story doesn’t sound like a romance so I don’t need to bemoan the vast age difference. The story is about people working to heal those suffering from mental illness so it sounds like It’s Okay, It’s Love type of story line where people with psychological ailments are not weird but just people who are sick. The drama is willed as a warm healing drama between doctors and patients, aimed at finding the answer to “Where Does Happiness Comes From”. The PD directed Brain and The Best Divorce with the screenwriter of The King’s Face and Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho.


Jung So Min to Join Shin Ha Kyun in K-drama Soul Repairman — 7 Comments

  1. Both are great actors but I’m getting tired of these huge age gaps in dramas in recent years. Somehow it makes me look forward even more to Son Ye Jin – Hyun Bin despite the cringey premise.

  2. Even if there IS a love arc, it’s no biggie. She’s thirty, he’s forty-five, not a giant or rare gap in real life, but more relevantly, we don’t know what the ages of their characters are. She could be playing 35, and he 40, or anywhere in between. Since they’re ACTORS, their IRL age gap should be irrelevant when both actors are very much fully adult. If she was 16 and he was 31, then yes, icky, but here? Nope.

  3. Watch Search WWW, the real-life age gaps of 2 of the 3 couples are more than 10 years but they look so good together. BTW, this drama sounds like a medical drama without any romance, maybe he is a sunbae and she is an intern? It’s weird that the Koreans refer mental illness to “soul” which are not the same in my books.

  4. Well any Jung So Min news is good news for me. Age difference aside, just seeing her back in a drama is just enough for me and wouldn’t stop me from watching it. And knowing her, she’s going to provide good acting and chemistry with her co-leads albeit said age difference.

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