Chinese Insta Model Gets Eviscerated By Netizens for Posting Copycat Makeup to Deceased Sulli

I’m glad I was taught less is more, or always think twice before doing something, or even write what you feel but don’t press send until coming back later. I wished someone had told this wannabe Insta model and small time star who just got deserving hit with a tidal wave of criticism. I know that K-star Sulli‘s death triggered a lot of reflection on online bullying and netizen critique but it was more than just feedback that was bad it was how she got inundated with so much more for doing so little that deserved the degree she got. A Chinese instagram star posted a live SNS update where she modeled Sulli’s makeup complete with flushed cheeks and mussed hair and said she was only copying the makeup but the not the person because Sulli is so beautiful. Honestly, she can do whatever she wants in real life but she obviously posted it for views and boy did she get raked through the coals for being so insensitive and opportunistic. Sigh, it’s like there are always going to be another clueless one out there.


Chinese Insta Model Gets Eviscerated By Netizens for Posting Copycat Makeup to Deceased Sulli — 16 Comments

  1. Um….huh? I honestly don’t see anything wrong with this? She didn’t portray anything offensive towards Sulli at all. All she was doing is copying a make up look. I understand Sulli is deceased but it’s honestly not that serious. It’s make up? If she had painted a picture of Sulli instead, what that have been better? Everyone does everything for views, we live in a digitally social age. She didn’t do anything offensive or disrespectful. All she was doing was copying a freaking makeup look and how do you know her only intention was for views? Maybe she genuinely likes her look? This blog commentary was for views too. The hate is unnecessary and y’all need to get better hobbies.

    • I agree with you. Usually I’m on Koalas side but not this time. I think this was blown out of proportion. She didn’t mock Sulli or say anything disrespectful she even said Sulli was beautiful without the makeup. To me it just seems like she’s paying a homage to Sulli. I didn’t think it was distasteful.

    • I agree with you. Also with the koala stating that topic of the girl posting for views and being opportunistic, I mean isn’t koala sharing this non-story on here essentially doing the same thing?

      Also judging from Cnetz views of Sulli (even before her passing), they truly did admire her beauty.

    • Same here. There are so many dead celebrities who get copyied today. Okay, you can say the timing is not good and she surely wanted the attention. But the reaction is a bit extreme especially since Sulli and Cyberbullying is equal at the moment.

  2. I don’t find her actions as insensitive in fact it’s more of a tribute to honour Sulli. Isn’t that being revered? Sulli was unique and a creative. She had different looks and styles. In the western world when Marilyn Monroe passed away her style spawned thousands of copy cats. No one screamed that it was evil. In fact Elvis too he has thousands of wanna be’s impersonating him. Sulli is being remembered and judging by those copying her she’s iconic. She would have loved that. Yep way to go IG blogger you rep our girl Sulli. Gosh I thought it was something really bad but it’s not it’s great! ❤️

    • I second this. This is not the right time to do something like this. Call me overreacting, but this girl need to at least wait for a little while before thinking of doing something like this. It is obvious that she did this for the sake of clout.

  3. Sorry but this was crass and insensitive. It comes off as attention seeking especially since the tragedy happened so recently. I am shocked that the majority of comments approve of this. Has our society lost its sense of tact and decorum? Can’t people see the bigger picture and analyse context anymore? Has social media addiction dampened people’s reasoning skills? Was the makeup style so iconic that the model could not wait another couple months to post it? Was no thought gone into considering it might upset people who were grieving, like Sulli’s friends and family, who may not necessarily see it as a homage so close to her passing? It was an opportunistic move to get views and the ‘instamodel’ was successful in that respect. social media modelling is a saturated market and people do anything to get noticed. Who would have thought someone would sink so low to do this? It is a sickening symptom of social media’s vapid nature and the fact most people here can rationalise this as ‘just makeup’ is worrying. I wasn’t even a fan of fx so this is not coming from an irrational butthurt fan, however, as a human who has considered the incident objectively, I find the behaviour appalling and I am truly puzzled by the way people on the internet think/rationalise bad behaviour these days. Imagine your mum died and one week later your friend wore a Halloween costume that closely resembled her, would you be happy and proud of your friend or would you be struck with sadness and despair and think it was too soon to be reminded of the loss?

    • I agree with you, I think that was an awful thing to do. For me it’s pretty clear that the instagrammer didn’t do this as a tribute to honor Sulli, she just wanted the attention and it’s such a tactless and insensitive thing to do it so close to the actual tragedy. Also this is not about overreacting, this is about displaying the same kind of common courtesy and decency online as you would do in real life.

    • In the Roman Empire, the cremation ceremonial included a performance from an actor impersonating the deceased. it’s yours and the netizen’s reactions that are very in line with this day and age. These netizens are the same that might have come after her for dating Choiza or wearing revealing clothes or whatever…She, on the other hand, was for expression and freedom for all and especially for women but I see that you a woman is coming after another, labeling her as attention seeking though you know nothing about her. Don’t you réalisé this we’re the exact same words people kept throwing at Sulli ? You reflect on yourself.

      • Roman Empire, enough said. Don’t forget this happened in Asia where cultural norms are different and the behaviour this insta-model exhibited is regarded as insensitive to the deceased and attention-seeking here.

        And there is nothing wrong with pointing out someone’s inappropriate actions, it’s not like OP actually went to the model’s SNS and barrage her non-stop with negative comments that crosses into cyber-bullying.

      • Sulli: korean, Insta Model CopycatL China. ah well, maybe she half roman.. How dare those netizen critize someone who just want to give tribute to a celebrity that just dead 2 weeks ago!? I also can’t comprehend the nerve of netizen. How dare they attact freedom and expression of ALL WOMEN?
        All women united, lets post our face in social media using Sulli style! GIRL POWER U’ALL!!!

      • I don’t think the intention was bad too bad the girl lacks common sense. This is bad timing to post something like this especially since knetz like to overreact over the tiniest things.

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