Another Top Star A Also Threatened by Same Hacker Who Released Joo Jin Mo Texts

Get ready for the second wave to come of likely more depressing reveals about another K-star. K-ent is reporting that a Top Star A is also among the stars hacked by the recent blackmailer of Joo Jin Mo, whose texts with Jang Dong Gun from 2013 were released after he refused to pay up. Good for him, bad for his public image. Now there is specific details about Top Star A who also had his phone hacked and is reportedly an A-list star who had a move come out last month in December 2019 and also has a movie coming out in 2020. That narrows the list of course and netizens all think it’s either Ha Jung Woo or Lee Byung Hun, who starred in action disaster film Ashfall (Baekdusan) together which was released during the holiday season last month, and each has a movie coming out this year. Those texts are apparently salacious conversations with a female star. I don’t think anyone would blink an eye if it turns out to be Lee Byung Hun who has maintained his movie star box office ability despite Santa-gate, and also has proven he refuses to be blackmailed. If it’s Ha Jung Woo, then…..le sigh.


Another Top Star A Also Threatened by Same Hacker Who Released Joo Jin Mo Texts — 12 Comments

    • I know right… I still didnt get over the bad taste of the one rumour after he got married with precius Lee Min Jung :c she gave birth after such a close time to that rumour too ın past ughh I just really dislike that guy

  1. If it is Lee Byung-hun (again)… another Le Sigh for Lee Min-jung.

    Dude’s intelligent, and a good actor. Which is WHY he’s still around. I was once a fan (Beautiful Days JSA era)

  2. LBH is such a sleezebag but he knows how to play the game. Goes to show how society treats people. If it’s an actress that did something wrong then they get shun for life but if it’s an actor then they brush it off. That’s why people like Park Shi Hoo and LBH is still around. I wouldn’t be surprise that he talked trash about the women he slept with in the industry. He probably prey after all the young lesser known talents. I used to feel bad for his wife but she chose to not leave him. She can perfectly be fine by herself since she’s rice herself. Men like that will never change.

  3. The hacker has no moral by blackmailing actors of their private conversations. As long as no crime is involved, all closed-door relationships between two consenting adults are none of our business. This is their private lives. HJW is not married so it is normal to date or flirt. LBH will not change, so what’s new here?

  4. So…is this that shocking? They are men, good looking men and very famous! Does the public think that they are Monks?? Pretty sure there are lots of crazy fan girls throwing themselves to these men.

    Regardless, I am not crazy to say I am a fan girl/women of them, but honestly, I also don’t think they are still virgins. However I am surprised they are having to pay for the services, but at least both parties are willing participants.

    I don’t think they should objectify women at all. But, those ladies did provide “extra services” as part of their…no judgement here, just that I don’t see how this is a big scandal.

    LBH will not pay the hacker, he didn’t pay those girls when they tried to extort him and he still came out of that scandal unscathed! I don’t understand Korea, but I mean, it is not like Hollywood itself is clean either and there are still sleazy people in the Entertainment industry still getting awards, like the French director accused of raping a underage girl but still kept getting awards in Hollywood –which I think is absolutely disgusting and will never see a movie made by him, thank god he cannot ever set foot in America again, or he will be arrested.

  5. It will be shocking if its neither of them but another A-list actor.
    As some said if LBH nothing new, HJW he is single..
    Unless its an A-list actor with a clean cut, tall, handsome, goody image that every female fan fawn over!

    • Still not shocking because the A-list actor is not married so anything beyond fans imagination can happen. Only many shattered dreams. It’s reality.

  6. It seems koreans have got their priorities straight isnt it? Blaming the stars for salacious stuff from years ago which is not breaking the law stuff rather than condemning the person who hacked and released these stuff not as some moral police but because the affected refused to be blackmailed. If these stars career is gone, doesn’t that show blackmailer wins when people should be United against that blackmailer? The actors who refused to pay have got my respect. But again korean people have got their properties very straight.

  7. I am shocked too that there is not as much outrage about someone who is committing crimes through hacking and blackmailing. They need to stop that.

    Honestly, I am not a fan of either one but even I don’t think that people are that conservative. And viewers are not either. As long as no crimes have been committed, they are free to do what they please. It’s between him and his wife and what she wants to do about the rumors and other women. HJW is single so it’s not shocking for me.

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