Kim Soo Hyun Reprises North Korean Spy From Secretly, Greatly in Cameo For Episode 10 of Crash Landing on You as Ratings Shoots Up to 14.633%

tvN weekend drama Crash Landing on You keeps soaring higher and one upping itself. This Sunday’s episode 10 jumped 3% in ratings to hit 14.633% with still 6 more episodes to go. This could reach Goblin, Mr. Sunshine, and Answer Me 1988 territory for the network which would be exciting to see. I’ll save the actual plot developments for later and just talk about two big name cameos, one that happened in this episode and another just announced to come. Top star Kim Soo Hyun‘s cameo finally aired in episode 10, at the end during the epilogue section.

He played a North Korean and instead of a military officer how could be forget he once played a North Korean character before, in his hit movie Secretly Greatly. The screenwriter didn’t forget so he plays the same character here (!), the elite spy pretending to be a bumbling village idiot delivering take out, and in this case running into the 5 North Koreans sent to retrieve their missing boss and getting a quick lesson in blending into South Korea. It was so perfectly done, bravo to the screenwriter in slotting Kim Soo Hyun in so memorably.

Another cameo to come is top Hallyu actress Choi Ji Woo who will film a special appearance despite being 5 months pregnant. We all know who and what she will be playing – herself, of course! Choi Ji Woo who originated Hallyu crack dramas with Winter Sonata and Stairway to Heaven, and in this case it’s Stairway that will be repeated over and over become North Korean soldier Joo Muk is a huge fan of the drama and Ji Woo noona. When Se Ri was leaving North Korea that first time and handed out awards and presents, Joo Muk picked having dinner with Ji Woo noona as his prize should the two Koreas be united. Well now Joo Muk is in South Korea and will likely get his priceless chance to meet his actress idol.


Kim Soo Hyun Reprises North Korean Spy From Secretly, Greatly in Cameo For Episode 10 of Crash Landing on You as Ratings Shoots Up to 14.633% — 7 Comments

  1. Cliffhangers towards last episode makes u anticipate for next episode. Like last week i was nervous who kidnapped her n what will happen lol. In the end it worked out simply lol. Though one week hiatus again next week can affect ratings rise, it is still a blockbuster. This is fifth highest rating achieved by cable drama and i can see final episode touching 20% ( its equal to 40% on sbs kbs etc ) Only sky castle has done that in peak rating when it reached 23% for one episode. Goblin reply mr sunshine peak was 18% plus . On average for whole season, it will end up with average around 11 to 12% which will put up with goblin and mr sunshine. It is already a hit internationally Blockbuster.. That will One more week hiatus and next episode on 1 feb.
    Also jjh is rumoured to make a cameo. I hope thats true. I think both ksh n she will be making tvn dramas list this year, she was offered hotel del show. So hope she makes grand comeback. Choi ji woo meeting north korean soldier fan will be amazing to watch
    And kim soo hyun. He didnt age at all. Oh god he looks so cute. Love u oppa. Hope ur next show is a blockbuster again.. I wish he n jjh get casted in writer’s next show. Such chemistry. I love the fact about k drama actors appear in each other’s show. Lol in my country especially top actresses will never do that and dont see eye to eye. Imagine jjh n syj in same frame. Epic

  2. It’s cameos like this that thrill audiences young and old, bring back the old Hallyu vibes. I wish Ha Ji Won would make cameo too as Kim Hang Ah from King to Hearts. If you imagine them standing facing each other in their North Korean uniforms, guns drawn aiming at each other. That would be so daebak. Or hand-to-hand combat on the wrestling mat like Kim Hang Ah kicking the ass of a rival comrade in one episode before she rushed out for her blind date.

    • Ha Ji Won reprising her role as Kang Hang Ah would be the icing on the cake, unfortunately, there’s no monarchy in modern day S. Korea so that would be a stretch – still I would love to see her in a kick ass cameo as a N. Korean agent. I hope that our boys find Yoon Se Ri soon, though, I hate to see my babies lost in Seoul and trying to navigate the complexities of rice vs. boxed noodles (LMAO). The comedic effects were hilarious! Can’t wait for the next episode. Kim Soo Hyun’s cameo only makes me more eager to see his onscreen work. When will he grace us with a new drama?????! Here’s me, holding my breath!!

      • As King To Hearts is set in an alternate reality, it’s possible for HJW to cameo as KHA in a timeline before she met and married Prince Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi). After all CLOY itself is a fantasy romantic drama with absurd plots but who cares. I love all the impossible ludicrous plots but so much heart, humour and soul in all the characters. Can’t wait for Choi Ji Woo who is a yummy mummy for her cameo. Arghhh, such a torture to wait so long!

  3. Sooo sooo happy for this drama!
    I was worried at first because i was totally enjoying it but it seems they couldn’t get past 10% in ratings. But look at them now! Huhu. Exciting things coming up and it’s getting all the love it deserves. Forget the haters though, lol.

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