Lee Min Jung, Lee Sang Yeob, and Oh Yoon Ah Headline Cast for KBS Weekend Drama I’ve Returned After One Marriage

Weekend dramas have been quiet on the big three network front as cable networks have been really on fire in that time slot. But when the prime time dramas faltered in recent years the big three always had their weekend stalwarts and I’m just waiting for something to stir my interest and bring me back to the world of big families and lots of littler problems. Up next for KBS on the weekend time slot is I’ve Come Back After One Marriage (literal title I’ve gone there once and have come back also denoting divorce), taking over for Beautiful Life Wonderful Life. It will star Lee Min Jung, Oh Yoon Ah, Lee Sang Yeob, Oh Dae Hwan, Lee Cho Hee, and Im Jung Eun as four siblings and their spouse and ex-spouse. It’s from the PD of hit weekender Father is Strange and written by the screenwriter of Knowing Wife, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, and Oh My Ghostess. I like this case and definitely love the PD/writer combo so I may check this out come March.

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