Jang Ki Yong and Lee Soo Hyuk in Talks for Prosecutor and Serial Killer in New Drama Born Again

Woah, this is a really interesting pairing and story. K-actor Jang Ki Yong and Lee Soo Hyuk are in talks for an April 2020 K-drama titled Born Again, which deals with reincarnation and scary serial killer action. Jang Ki Yong will be playing a detective and Lee Soo Hyuk will be medical student/serial killer. Together with the female lead, the three have a strong past life connection with conflict and death leading to them reincarnating to their present selves still intertwined with each other in this life. In their past lives in 1986, Jang Ki Yong was a detective and Lee Soo Hyuk the serial killer he was after, and honestly these two can switch roles and it would still work. This casting is great and the plot is super thrillery sounding.


Jang Ki Yong and Lee Soo Hyuk in Talks for Prosecutor and Serial Killer in New Drama Born Again — 6 Comments

  1. LSH has lost a lot of his uniqueness and charm after his eye and nose surgery. He looks so weird and his face looks kinda off now. I wish he hadnt done anything with his face.

    • Me too. He had a quite a unique bird like look which he lost after his surgery. Still I’m excited for this role. I’ve read the synopsis which sounded really interesting and I’m excited to watch another Jang Ki Yong drama – the man does not disappoint. So excited for the pairing. Now, who’s going to play the female lead?

      • the plot is intriguing, im hoping for an actually good female lead and not some some half assed actor or even worse an idol

    • I 1,000% agree, i stanned his original face and I am still in mourning. The pictures in this post actually triggered me all over again 🙁

  2. i feel that there is no need for a female lead. In fact, if it is wrongly cast, it will affect the drama. No idols please!!!!

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