Woo Do Hwan Hangs Out with His King Lee Min Ho One Last Time and Enlists in the Military This Week

The boy is off to the army, woo hoo! But not before he spends one last chill session with his King, which of course must happen as he’s the Unbreakable Sword. Those who watched recently concluded SBS drama The King: Eternal Monarch will love the references and these pictures, with Woo Do Hwan all shaven and hanging out with his costar and onscreen liege Lee Min Ho. It’s nice to see their onscreen chemistry and many many scenes filmed together translated into an offscreen real friendship, and from Woo Do Hwan’s many friends in the industry he really has a knack for being genuine and collecting buddies as he goes along. After hanging out with Lee Min Ho he’s enlisted this week for the army to service his mandatory service to his country. I’m sure he’ll do well and soak up the life lessons and back come to healthy and strong in two years time.


Woo Do Hwan Hangs Out with His King Lee Min Ho One Last Time and Enlists in the Military This Week — 20 Comments

  1. Will miss Woo Do Hwan. Can i say Lee Min Ho has great sense of humor? From Unbreakable sword to unbreakable gun, he is good.

  2. I know people reaction to LMH has always on the fence regarding his acting but I think he just so nice.
    He is so famous, well known and can pick the script but he also doesn’t really in scandal, living quietly and happily.
    Don’t want to jinx it but so far, he is like a celebrity that easy to love.

    WDH looks so cute beside LMH.

    • What people love about him is due to his acting. His a sensational actor, charismatic and draws in people into himself with his acting. He has only one profession. His one of the best actors in our generation. LMH is that powerful actor. But some people are envious are of his talent so they wanna say otherwise BUT it never works and backfires it’s like saying Messi is a bad footballer or roger federer is a bad tennis player it’s kind of redundant. His just at such a high level currently that such troll posts are harmless to him and his talent

    • He’s always been polarizing to international drama fans, but it’s probably just because of how popular he is. He is no Cho Seung-woo or Song Kang-ho, but I don’t think he would have reached the level he’s currently in, churning out all those hallyu hits, if he’s the terrible actor that his detractors say he is. He’s charismatic at least. I wish he acts in more films; there are so many interesting and demanding roles there.

      Yeah, I like that he’s a quiet and private person.

      • he is very private. He never mediaplays his salary, his income when he had like 30 brand deals in china. Noone knowws his investments but the amount he donates in charities is huge. shows his earning power. But u never see him releasing articles like earning 81 million dollars in a year like mediaplay king

  3. Wooooow, so sweet and thoughful of Lee Min Ho. It shows that they got along so well during TKEMs filming. Good luck to the both of you, to lee min ho for his future projects and WDH for his military enlistment. God bless you both

  4. Woo Do-hwan looks like a baby boy with the buzz cut. Cute. Hoping for a better project when he comes back; “Save Me” was the only project of his that I’ve liked so far.

  5. These 2 make my ♥️ flutter with delight. All the best…and do come to America.
    We adore you !!

  6. Their relationship is always been applauded for their genuinely gesture towards each other. Continue to be an inspiration to all. God bless n hoping for your happiness as well as success in your journey as actors. Stay healthy. Stay safe???

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