Real Life Star Couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Make First CF Together for Philippines Telecom Provider

I’m sure these two were paid a handsome sum to make this happen but it’s definitely worth it with the buzz generated. Korean acting stars Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin are not just A-listers solo but after confirming they are dating in real life after filming the drama Crash Landing on You have now vaulted into increased publicity and popularity. The couple was featured last week in a Philippines commercial for telecom provider Smart in a 5G speed ad about finding the person you love through having really fast wireless speeds. Both speak English throughout the ad and they remain totally adorable together especially since I feel like they both broke character in the end and was just giggling in real life. So cute!

Hyun Bin-Son Ye Jin Smart Ako CF:


Real Life Star Couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Make First CF Together for Philippines Telecom Provider — 13 Comments

  1. I’m sure their contract is in the millions for them to even consider doing this. It helps that it’s for another country since they’ll still be able to keep the mystery of their relationship with the SK general public lol. They’re so so cute though and you can tell they’re truly into each other, giving me more hope this won’t be a Song Song situation. Yeah the ad’s cheesy but I’ll take cheese over fake charades anytime.

    • I second you.. It was cheesey but they looked cute..From what i saw, it looked like a re-enactment of one of their scenes from CLOY..(That candle light scene in the nkorean market to be precise)..
      Even k-netz who usually react negatively to such types of activities by couples, they are also praising them..
      On the other hand let’s hear what i-netz have to say in 3, 2, 1.??

  2. Hmmm on the first comment. Is SMART so terrible as a product? I’m sure there are unhappy customers given that it’s a huge telco and tech company but apart from Binjin, there are other K-celebs like Park Seo Joon who endorse the brand too.
    Regardless, if I were to be paid a handsome sum to spend time at work with a loved one (esp given how hectic their work schedules are!) I would take up the offer in an instant! Their affection for each other seems authentic and they seem to have tons of fun together – happy to take cheesiness and awkward English as a trade off.

    • As someone from the Philippines, yes they are terrible. They have a penchant for getting endorsers like this, when the money spent could be better spent towards actually improving their back-end services (like call center reliability).

      To be fair, the main competitor is the same (Globe). That network got Blackpink and Kim Seon Ho (who is so hot right now).

  3. SMART is THE BIGGEST telco in the Philippines and has the widest coverage. I wouldn’t fault the telcos alone for their terrible service. It’s the government itself that’s limiting the infrastructure development of these privately operated services, hence the slow connectivity.

  4. SMART or GLOBE or SUN depending on location. I wouldn’t get T-mobile because of spotty signal in my area.

    I don’t have a problem with the English. Good for them for practicing theirs! My problem is with the the tagalog phrase ‘Simple SMART ako.’ I don’t think anybody told them the correct pronunciation of ‘simple’ and ‘ako’ in this context. Now that’s awkward.

  5. Strange – to my ears HB sounds so different speaking Korean and English – as if it’s two different people!

    Hot duo though.

  6. I think they are adorable especially at the end. Still obviously in love I guess. And to do this, even if paid millions, usually both are quite Low key in their relationships so I think 1) definitely a handsome sum for BOTH 2) the relationship is going well, steady and perhaps long term.

    I think they look good together on camera and should consider another project , not rom com but a different genre, thriller, mystery, etc before this I’ll say never, once dating never working together but now, I don’t know, they seem to enjoy working together LOL

  7. Let’s get it real. All telcos here in the Philippines sucks one way or another – not just SMART and I’m not smartee fyi ?.

    And let’s stop with the pronunciation thing. Surely no one’s expecting an american or british accent right ??

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