Vincenzo Episode 2 Surges to 9.295% as the Mafia Lawyer Takes on Even More Lawless South Korean Rich and Powerful

The second episode of tvN Sat-Sun drama Vincenzo can best be described by Song Joong Ki saying “I’m back, bitches!” and me saying “Drama gods almighty I have no f*cking clue what I am watching!” This drama is like Dong Ryeong from Answer Me 1988 got together with Jung Hwan’s dad and they wrote a script complete with 1980’s HK gangster slickness and South Korean weird dad humor. I would say this drama has no chance in hell to bring in high ratings and then I am proved so totally wrong as episode 2 increased to 9.295%. For comparison’s sake, its predecessor Queen Cheorin premiered to 8.030% and didn’t break 9% until episode 3. I think Song Joong Ki‘s charisma is hard carrying the drama alongside Yoo Jae Myung‘s character as the lawyer daddy who is the only sane, normal, principled person in the drama (so far). Jeon Yeo Bin continues to overact (OMG can we dial her down maybe like a million notches) but I can tell she’s being directed to do so and either her acting ability just cannot balance that delicate fine line between self-absorbed emotive bitch and quirky oddball with past trauma that must be fueling her current behavior. I know all the supporting characters at the Plaza must be there to play a pointed purpose but it feels like there are too many of them. Overall this drama clearly connects with domestic audiences and having consumed so many dramas/movies/books I know this drama will have a payoff if one is patient and/or enjoys the pinball swerves every few minutes in tone and execution.


Vincenzo Episode 2 Surges to 9.295% as the Mafia Lawyer Takes on Even More Lawless South Korean Rich and Powerful — 34 Comments

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  2. Hahaha… it seems none of the new dramas have completely won Koala over yet? Have you tried Beyond Evil or Times?

    Anyways, with this one being 20 episodes, I’m very curious to see how high the ratings will go. Will it surpass Mr. Queen? I’ll return with my thoughts after watching.

    • So some of the criticisms for this episode are totally valid. But I still find the drama entertaining as heck. With the other new dramas (except Sisyphus, hehe!), I kept checking how much longer till the end. But with this one, time flew by and I was never bored all the way to the end. I even found the comic bits funny. Guess my taste aligns with the K-viewers. Ha.

      My biggest gripe is still the female lead and her offputting acting. But I’ll focus hard on SJK’s magnetism, the blossoming bromance (hope it lasts) and other good parts to overlook her.

  3. I really liked the characters.

    The FL is kinda crazy but she’s pretty funny. The tenants are pretty excentric too. Taecyeon doesn’t look as a rookie but it wasn’t surprising.

    I’m curious about Jang Joon-Woo, which side she will take.

    Yoo Jae Mung is only normal character.

  4. I must confess, I had pizza and salty peanuts before watching EP2, and lo and behold, I was dozing off in the middle of the episode. Either there was too much MSG in what I ate that made me sleepy, or I, unfortunately was bored by EP2. I plan to rewatch EP2 probably after getting my caffeine-fix lol. I still think there are too many characters, it kinda feels like one of those weekend ensemble dramas that run for 50 episodes. But happy for SJK’s comeback project and that the audience seem to like it.

  5. Good grief, I couldn’t finish this episode. I can’t stand any of the tenants. I would evict them all if I could haha I sincerely want that Italian wannabe to fail and face foreclosure on his restaurant. It’s an embarrassment. I know it’s suppose to be a comedy but the mother beating up her son seems borderline domestic abuse to me.

    It doesn’t make sense how babel can own the complex because it was a violently forced sale.

    Taecyeon casting news already spoiled the upcoming twist of the drama when it was first mentioned he would play the villain and they tried to backtrack it ?

    The FL was double the level of obnoxious in this episode. The actress poor acting doesn’t help. It looks like there will be a romance between the leads after all, ughh

    Right now, I don’t understand the point of making the ML being adopted and raised in Italy or any foreign country if they’re not going to spend more time on it. He could had been an orphan and adopted in Korea and it wouldn’t make any major differences.

    I fast-forward the heck out of this episode haha

    If I hear it gets better, maybe I’ll give it another shot but I’m jumping off for now. I’m so sad. I rather rewatch Innocent man. Song Joong Ki deserves a better project, he’s carrying this drama on his back with his winning performance.

    • agree w laura on the part about him being adopted in italy.. maybe too early to tell too, hopefully they will explain it later..

      Ep 1 excites me but ep 2 i got bored halfway.: if i can finish the king, iotnbo and record of youth, im pretty sure i can hang on to vincenzo till the end..

    • Dang, what did the pseudo-Italiano do to you, Laura? Hahahaha. I wanna rip off his fake moustache, actually. Either he’s just a caricature or there’s some sad backstory about how he always looked up to Italian chefs but couldn’t afford to study there and so he put on this gimmick to give him an exotic flair — which isn’t even working. His food tastes like crap and his restaurant is always empty. Maybe time for a career change?

      About the abuse, they always normalize it in dramas I’ve watched like it’s just as much a part of the culture as kimchi, hanoks and hanboks. Violence at home, school, work, everywhere. This isn’t the worst I’ve seen in a drama though. Doesn’t make it okay.

      The guy that pisses me off the most has to be that security agency guy and his xenophobia. Acting like Vincenzo is there to create a mafia in his pure, crime-free country when there are local gangsters and criminals to get off the streets. Have you seen Bad Guys 2? Yeesh.

      Unfortunately, there’s no real proof that it was violently forced. They didn’t leave any trace to tie back to them and it’d just be his word against theirs like he’s trying to renege out of guilt.

      Unfortunately, we can’t kick her out of the drama.

      I think his Italian background is an extreme way to “other“ him in this setting. Certain things might not work as well without that background. We got to see a bit of his human/emotional side in this episode. I’m patient. I’m sure they’ll delve into that part eventually. More urgent stuff are currently centre stage.

      If you’re just not feeling it, that’s totally fine. See ya on the next drama we can analyze together. ?

      • Haha I’m just not comfortable with a character who embraces another country identity and not do it properly. He’s wearing a different nation on himself but with exaggerated generalizations. Like just move to Italy, you imposter haha Read up and watch documentary videos on your beloved country ?I’m not sure what’s up with the writer and generalizations, like he also had a Thai character in fiery priest. I like the backstory you gave to him, it can help give some pathos haha

        I agree, domestic violence tends to be normalized in certain asian dramas, I personally always wince when I see such scene due from personal experiences and also hearing stories during my volunteer work in the past with underaged youths.

        Ikr, all of these Italian stereotypes and thinking patterns are abrasive, ugh.

        FF button is our only friend to muzzle her haha

        You’re probably right, maybe they will dig in later in his backstory in Italy. I think that will help give the story a stronger heart. Right now that’s what is lacking, consistent heartbeats to ground the zaniness of the characters and the story. In fiery priest, the heartfelt interactions from the ML with his fellow priest was beautiful and then when he left the earth 🙁 If episode 1 of Vincenzo started with interactions between him and his foster dad and his foster family, I think it could had been meaningful and then overtime having him talk with foster dad on his deathbed. I feel like episode 1 should had mostly taken place in Italy and then it ends with a cliffhanger of him migrating to Korea, I would had prefer that haha me and my story-telling lol

        See ya, I’ll still read your comments on this drama 🙂

      • From what I learned, there are other ways for judges to come to a conclusion if a certain individual was forced to sign something against their will including considering the relations of the parties involved, financial circumstances, intent, and etc. A decent lawyer should still be able to present a good case from my understanding but this is a drama so whatevers ?

      • Ya know, they do that a lot. Look at that guy in BR. I don’t know why they think it’s okay to keep doing that. And always for humor. A nationality is not a costume, people. I bet they wouldn’t like it if it was the other way round. Sigh.

        Yeah, I agree. In Fiery Priest, they showed us the “heart” early on with his traumatic past of bombing kids (albeit unintentionally), how it haunts him and makes him seek redemption. Then his relationship with the elder priest that led him to that redemption. So when the priest got killed, we knew what Hae-il had lost and fully rallied behind him. They should have done that here too. Right now his Italian background feels like a superficial decoration. I fully agree with your points. Maybe they should’ve hired you to help them write the story? Lol.

      • In just about every K-drama I’ve seen, especially the legal dramas, the law can be bent to the will of the more powerful person. So I’m not surprised.

      • IKR, people are okay with roasting others but when it’s aimed at them, they be mad like a hungry lion losing his prey due to another lion. Human behavior can be silly haha

        Speaking of BR, ugh. I love my girl but I knew it wasn’t going to be appropriate knowing the original source. I was hoping she would turn it down when I first heard it. There was numerous of problems but ‘We are all Jamaican family’ omg that scene was horrid. And to this day, I still see people defending it. You can be a fan of an actor or actress but it doesn’t mean you should allow critical thinking and common sense to check out the door haha

        That’s right, we currently don’t know much of his back story so it’s kind of difficult to connect and sympathize with his character. I root for his awesomeness but do I empathize with his character, not yet.


        You’re right, in dramas and also in real life the law does favor those who holds the purse.

    • Taec is the villain??!! Woah what a spoiler!
      I’m wondering why he took on the role since it’s quite plain but if it’s meant for more I supposed it make sense. But Taec pulling off double agent acting chops?! Taec you have been rooting for you again, fighting haha

  6. I see the some elements of writer’s past works, Fiery Priest and Chief Kim, the two dramas which I enjoyed so much. There is just something a bit off with the direction and transitions of scenes, and the running time of the drama is very long which made me fast-forward scenes that I think unnecessary [mostly the scenes with tenants]. Unlike FP and CK, I can’t stand most of the supporting characters in this drama [for now]. The scene with mother hitting her son is also disturbing for me.

    I’m still boarding next week for SJK’s performance and his character Vincenzo to get what he aims for, Kwak Dongyeon’s character, and the mysterious baddie whom I think will be revealed to be Taecyeon.

  7. I thought something was wrong with me since I didn’t click with the first few minutes of the show. Then the female lead showed up and I decided to maybe just read the recaps for now.

    Totally surprised by the ratings.

    Maybe not my cup of tea.

    I’m watching Beyond Evil and I’m hooked with the story.

  8. Episode 2 was such a mess, I watched it with my cast forward button and still dropped it by mid-episode. I agree that Song Joong Ki’s character is hard carrying the drama with his strong acting and charisma along with Yoo Jae Myung who is the only sane tenant in that building. Everyone else’s acting is so bad that it really must be the fault of the directing. I have no earthly clue why this drama is a hit, but different strokes for different folks, I say. Everyone’s taste is different.

  9. Jeon Yeo Bin looks good and is very compatible with Song Joong Ki. She just needs to tone down her antics by a lot and, in my opinion, perhaps stop “imitating” Jeon Ji Hyun’s mannerism in “You who Came from the Stars”. She is too jarring here.

  10. Finally, something I can watch from Song Joong Ki. I’m just waiting for having some fun here, and the plot is remind me abit of Harvest Villa plot, with what some of searching for GOLD in a resident? one of my fav Drama!… Of course Harvest Villa has more weirdo character. Hopefully they will tone down abit about useless scene with side character.

    i’m sorry But I thankfull Song Joong Ki come back again from dramaland. and It doesn’t have to be arthdal 2.

  11. Jeon Yeo Bin’s acting is horrendous. Crinchy and awkward. Unable to continue watching because of her. She totally doesn’t have the skills to be female lead. Song Joong Ki’s acting is fine. They shouldn’t get Jeon Yeo Bin to be lead. Maybe Seo Ye-Ji is a much better choice.

    • I was curious how bad it could be and watched some of her clips on Twitter. Goodness, it was beyond awful and cringey to the max. Glad I didn’t plan on watching this, it would be so frustrating watching her act. Makes you really appreciate those actresses that can make an obnoxious character cute and likeable.

  12. Hmm, I must be part of the crazy bunches for loving this drama, already!!! I seriously cannot wait for next week’s episodes!!!

    First, I actually love SJK here, it’s the charisma and screen presence from Nice Guy and I’m all for it. Second, I am enjoying the unexpected comedic inserts. Third, normal dad and crazy daughter banters are fun.

  13. I had a feeling this drama was going to have a silly tone after the second promo dropped that was more comedic than the posters released and the initial drama trailer. My guess is that korean audiences were much more primed to expect the crazy, comedic tone based on local advertising for the show which I imagine was quite extensive and are not as turned off by the shenanigans. Doesn’t mean the drama is actually good, I’ve never personally viewed local ratings as a good indication of a drama’s quality, not even in my country, it’s just a gauge of how well a show appeals to its audience as Koala stated.

  14. Lol. Same. The tenants are annoying and creepy. The Korean-Italian angle is not as funny as they think it is. The “unethical lawyer redemption” arc is overdone.

    The story is like a bunch of random ideas all thrown together. First it tries to be funny with the tenants. and then suddenly there’s a flashback to a sob story of a random woman in a correctional facility. I bet she turns out to be his mom or something. Vincenzo and the FL’s father (and eventually the FL) all become allies to take down the baddies. The end.

    • Jeon Yeo Bin’s overacting is seriously hurting my ears my eyes and my head. I just forward all her scenes. Theyre all terrible. She reminds me of Hwang Jeung Eum only JYB’s OA by 10x more. The director needs to do a better job with her.

  15. I love Chief Kim but honestly I didn’t like any of the characters in the beginning either, except NGM who carried the show until viewers caught on. It took until episodes 4-6 that I learned to love the whole gang, even Yul. The story got better.

    Fiery Priest, I put on hold because I couldn’t like any of the characters either except for the male lead, but from the rave reviews I know if I just make it passed the first few episodes the rest will click.

    I’m expecting (hoping) the same will happen here. Once we pass into 4-6 episodes perhaps the whole cast and story will feel awesome.

  16. I think the brand of humor is right up the alley of the Koreans as their other comedic shows tend to be more physical and theatrical as well. Also, given the fact that this isn’t the first outing of the director, they already know what to expect.

    Guess I am in the minority too since I kinda dig the show. Wouldn’t say I love it at this point but I get what they’re trying to do. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Yeo Bin can’t act but rather its a case of miscast. Physical comedy requires a very specific kind of skillset, and honestly comedy as a genre is hard. If there is anyone who is doing the heavy lifting in the show it’s daddy lawyer. He’s the only one so far who is seamlessly transitioning from funny to serious without losing a beat.

    I think the transition to the hodgepodge approach to the storytelling from the overly sleek and grandiose opening was somehow explained by Yeo Bin. In her perspective (and on how the mafia is appreciated and used in the show so far), the Italian mafia operates in a much simpler manner. They know their enemy and who they are against. In Korea, everyone is making their own small scale, more chaotic version of the mafia. And they are everywhere. It’s not as neat and as easy to navigate. So Vincenzo with all his smartness, experience, and bravado is a fish out of the water. He thought he can tie the bow in a month and fly off to Malta without glitch. Well, he’s on for the ride.

    So far, my main issue is the editing. They really need to find a middle ground to seamlessly tie the genres together because right now it feels a bit jumpy. They also need to minimize the use of comedy for comedy’s sake like the “train to Ulsan” sequence. It’s a useless scene.

  17. I’m still at episode 1 starting in late night but I laughed so much my partner had to hush me. I like it – I mean if you take it seriously you are so gonna burn and ask what the heck am I watching. But if you think of it as a dark comedy, it’s hilarious. I mean the moment he entered the old building and met the tenants I knew it’s a comedy and it was gold from there. I thought SJK looked really constipated in the Italian scenes (although the scenes/cinematography were well done), I didn’t think he emoted quite well enough and that baby face was quite hard to connect with viciousness . But he found his mojo in Korea somehow. It’s a pity he didn’t come out strong in my opinion.
    I’m confused about the female lead though. She is super overacting – like super. I’m not sure what’s the deal but if it’s like fodder for SJK deadpanned persona I guess maybe we can see some chemistry later. At the moment, I’m like confused by her direction. Not irritated yet but if this continues I might be. And Taek is adorable as usual. I don’t know why he’s taking this role but perhaps there’s more that meets The Eye

  18. Not surprised with the ratings. It knows the Korean audience’s well, although some individuals might not like some of the elements here. I bet it will reached 10% or higher by this Saturday/Sunday.

  19. Ok I finished ep2 and I’m still liking it. In fact the FL once you get used to her Over the top way, you just get that she’s just weird. I don’t think it’s bad acting, it seems intentional. I love her dynamic with her dad too. SJK is looking good and I don’t know but every time anyone or he himself says his name I just laugh out loud like loud. Esp when they say Casanova-Shi hahahah

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