Poll Shows that Netflix Remains Most Popular Streaming Platform in South Korea, Followed by Waave, TVing, and Watcha

This is an interesting case result to see what are the reasons for South Korean viewers to use one streaming platform (or two) over the others. Most are pay to subscribe so it has to have lure to get folks to shell out the monthly subscription. To no surprise, the number 1 streaming platform in South Korea in Netflix, which is not a SK company and sometimes local regions prefer a local streaming platform due to programming that better suits their tastes. I hear Netflix has a huge SK office and team working solely on SK programming so that makes sense for why they have won the market. Reasons viewers give for using Netflix – many overseas shows, original programming, ease of use (quality, subs, and toggling), with the con being less K-dramas and K-variety than other streaming platforms. Then comes Waave – good for re-runs of K-dramas, good for re-runs of K-variety, with the con being fewer K-movies. TVing is next and viewers love that it has the most CJ content from it’s dramas to variety shows and can watch CJ programming live. The last popular is Watcha – lots of Korean movies, ranking and points for shows from viewers, HBO, can subscribe for multi-periods and get discount.


Poll Shows that Netflix Remains Most Popular Streaming Platform in South Korea, Followed by Waave, TVing, and Watcha — 11 Comments

  1. TVing is going to see a sharp rise in subscribers once it gets more original content. All the best dramas and variety shows are from TvN and Studio Dragon. Once that content moves exclusively moves to TVing they’ll take over Netflix. Without the TvN dramas Netflix will have a harder time retaining their subscribers. Apple and Disney will also debut at the end of year and everyone knows Disney is a content monster.

  2. Not going to happen. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said they signed a 3 year deal with CJ ENM who owns tvN/Studio Dragon to produce original series that Netflix will distribute on its platform globally. Netflix also will receive distribution rights to select tvN/Studio Dragon titles not produced thru the partnership. Source -deadline.com/2019/11/netflix-three-year-deal-cj-owned-korean-series-producer-studio-dragon-1202791728/. All those Netflix haters on this site can groan & moan all they want but the fact remains K-audience themselves love Netflix thus No.1 streaming in SK. Lol.

    • This has me in giggles. Some posters earlier were foaming at the mouth over someone saying tvn’s Jirisan was “banished” to iqiyi coz maybe Netflix rejected it first. Some said the highest bidder (aka Chinese money) trumped Netflix thus iqiyi won distribution rights fairly. I think Ophelia mentioned Netflix gets first dibs to choose whichever tvn/SD titles they like and the rejects go to tving, iqiyi, viki, viu.

  3. Pardon me playing cheeky devil’s advocate. Can’t wait for “Chinese money talks” “Netflix subs are just trash” & “I-fans who worship Netflix as their lord & savior doesn’t mean K-audience should” posters to reply here. Hehehe.

    • Na, the only reason you guys don’t like netflix is bcos in a way it prevents you K-sadists bullying and whining from affecting the artists involved unlike before.. Now go cry more about squid game becoming a success despite all your lamentations

  4. Sorry to go off topic. Forget about Netflix vs Iqiyi fights man. Story broke that SYJ’s ex Kim Jung Hyun signed up with new agency dun, dun, dun which is Story J Company. Not his rumoured current gf’s Seo Ji Hye’s agency. This guy has a cat’s nine lives. Story J is the agency that houses Kim Tae Hee, Seo In Guk, Yoo Seung Ho & many more veterans. Intriguing time ahead.

    • Some fans will go ballistic. Will they burn Story J HQ down? Looks like both parties are making a comeback within half a year without fuss. Cue the fan wars. Very warm & welcoming words from SJ. KJH will snag a tvN drama in no time.

      • Mr Queen, season 2 please. Netflix will have no problem picking a winner. They don’t care about scandals. Eve’s Scandal maybe in Netflix best year. Lol. What a soap opera!

      • Imagine seeing both KJH & SYJ at tvN’s 15th anniversary gala show if they have one this year. So strange to see KJH & SIG being agency mates now. Strange times indeed.

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