It’s Okay to Not be Okay Nominated for an 2021 International Emmy Award in the TV Show Category

Okay, hearing the name of this drama brings back such conflicted feels. This week 2020 summer K-drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay got back in the news due to being nominated for an International Emmy award in the international television movie/mini-series category. The drama did get multiple nominations at the 2021 Baeksang Awards earlier this year but only Oh Jung Se won in the Best Supporting Actor category, not counting Seo Ye Ji‘s devoted fans voting her into a Popularity Award win. I still stand behind finding the drama really well done, from the writing to the directing and acting, but it’s not one I want to re-watch anymore (at least til now) due to seeing Seo Ye Ji in a brand new light after her relationship gaslighting and controlling ways with ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun came to light. Sure she didn’t commit a crime but I’m just so over her to date. I don’t expect It’s Okay to win but if it does then it deserves it as the drama didn’t do anything wrong.


It’s Okay to Not be Okay Nominated for an 2021 International Emmy Award in the TV Show Category — 39 Comments

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  3. Pretty sure this was a 2020 drama and it also won a technical award at the Baeksang Awards. There are only 4 nominees in this category, I wouldn’t be surprised if it wins, given the praise it got from the international audience and how Korean content is making waves in the international scene these days.

    • The cut off for 2021 Emmys is Feb 2021 so yeah all the nominees as basically 2020 dramas it’s just airing this year so they call it 2021 Emmys. Surprised It’s Okay even got a nomination considering the recent scandal with SYJ which kinda ruins the dramas watching experience.

      • Lmao that’s such a naive comment. You do realize that the Emmys is American? If they start considering personal scandals of actors “ruining” dramas – they’d have nothing left in the non-international category. Hollywood doesn’t give any fs to scandals – especially something as tame as this by their standards.

      • Yes, but here Koala is calling it a 2021 summer k-drama, which if it was, would make it ineligible for this year’s nomination. Also this drama not about Seo Ye Ji, why should her personal scandal override the effort of over 100 people who worked on it. It certainly didn’t ruin the watching experience for the award committee that selected it as one of the nominees.

      • Why would it be ineligible for nomination? The time period is all dramas that completed airing between March 2020 to Feb 2021.

  4. Wow!! Congratulations kim soo hyun and its okay to be not okay team. This is such great nomination. Even if they did not win it, the nomination is already an achievement.

  5. Well I did re watch it recently and I enjoyed it just a much if not more than the first time. The way she is in her private life with her boyfriends are none of my business…

    • True. Its none/nobody’s business her personal/my personal we’re ligit watching Enjoying dramas/movies genres whatever each likes. Love you all???

  6. Oh wow, that’s huge. Good for the team behind this drama because it was honestly my pick for last year. SYJ might be disgusting in real life but honestly I don’t mix reel and real. I can still watch Princess Man without any issues today despite everything and the same goes for It’s Okay. This was such a solid and brilliantly directed/acted drama. Lead actress being problematic or not won’t ever change that.

  7. This is a case where real blurs into reel for me. I can no longer tell if SYJ is a good actress or if she was just acting herself out. I thought the FL was very toxic and problematic, and now there’s an added layer of realism to that toxicity.

    • Exactly. She was just playing herself–problematic and toxic. If she pulled off an innocent and kind character, then I’d be impressed lol.

    • Ah the orchestrated scandal you mean ?. She was cleared by the lawyer she’s been silent and people kept on dragging her to the issue that supposedly she was not into lols.

  8. This is the best Kdrama of 2020 for me. It was much needed when covid hit and brought hope to fans of the show based on the message. Congrats to everyone who was a part of it.

  9. I agree. I really want to rewatch this drama bec it was one of my favorites last year but I just can’t. I cringe everytime I see SYJ on the screen. I know that’s on me. But I just can’t.

    But congratulations to the cast and crew and all the production staff. Really well deserved!

  10. I wasn’t much of a fan of this drama besides Oh Jung Se’s excellent performance. The last few episodes and the storyline around her mother were just laughable.
    The drama’s approach to mental health was extraordinarily problematic. Also thought the chemistry between Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Yea Ji was dry AF. Seo Yea Ji is an abusive, power tripping bully in real life so she was perfectly cast for the abusive, power tripping bully female lead!

    • 100% agreed. I really enjoyed it as I was watching it but the last few episodes where they reveal the mother’s backstory was awful and weak storytelling.

      I also find it ironic to call this a healing drama when their approach to mental health was oversimplified and full of cliches. And SYJs character was totally toxic. It was fun to watch her antics but not great writing.

      The only good thing about this drama was the acting from all three leads. It doesn’t deserve recognition for its actual story. There were other dramas from last year that are more worthy.

  11. PBIO was last year’s best drama by far and large to me. It also featured in NY Times for best 2020 series or something so very deserving indeed. I thought the acting was fantastic, specially but the two brothers. The PD elevated the whole thing too. Big honour. Maybe it’s slipping my mind now, but I can’t remember the last time a kdrama was nominated for Emmys.

  12. IOTNBO is well written with capable actors and good cinematography. The issue with the actress did not temper how good this series is for me. I think many people just like to play saint with these cancel culture.

    • Exactly, no wonder she supports china’s antics.. The funny thing is if she hasn’t done that the zombies who are agreeing with her will be saying something different.. It is psychological lol

    • Yes it was hater for next years nomination it has to be submitted this year. It was submitted last month and will be eligible for nominations next year. Save your shady snide remarks for next year.

  13. Congrats to the cast and crew. I’m glad a k-drama was nominated, but I thought there were better dramas. For me, IOTNBO had so much potential, but the writing wasn’t up to the challenge. The mother storyline ruined what goodwill I had left after they mishandled the mental health aspect. I would totally give it an award for directing though.

  14. I wonder whether the buzz it got last year snagged the Emmy nomination. I couldn’t connect with SYJ’s character at all however I gave her props in Lawless Lawyers. I hope Emmy would start recognising noteworthy K-dramas with female-centric themes next year. I heard hot news being spilled that tvN is making a k-version of Little Women with KGE & Nam Ji Hyun as the 2 older sisters. Theme revolves around their sibling relationship & friendship. We need more of these dramas instead of the usual action, serial killers, rom-coms, depressing slice of life dramas, etc. Kudos to tvN for starting a new trend. Can’t wait for 2022 to come.

  15. I feel conflicted because the drama is bad. There is merit in the topic but I find the drama quite distasteful with the main female lead characters who in simple term “got away because she has been hurts”.

    She just not someone to root but the drama makes everyone that criticise her painted bad when he herself does so many wrong things. It gives me the vibe of “playing the victim”.

    This is just about the drama as I have no thought about the actors

  16. IONTBO was great in terms of directing, cinematography (took alot of inspo Tim Burton), and acting (though yes, SYJ might have just been playing herself). What it was not great in was story. The absurd mother plotline aside, the show did a terrible job in handling a topic as loaded as mental illness by glamourizing and minimizing it. All 3 leads were destructive and needed to get into intensive therapy ASAP. No way should the 2 leads have entered any romantic entanglement whatsoever.

    • Yes the FL was also a gross stalker, I finally dropped the show when she manipulated the ML lead into living with her by kidnapping the brother. That was a big yikes.

  17. @lily

    What do you know? If anything I wish I hadn’t wasted my precious hours on this toxic mess of a show. The silver lining though was sang tae now he was unbelievable.

    You sound defensive, you’re probably one of those delusional cult followers who sees the FL as some badass.

  18. Blah blah blah. Y’all were all up this drama’s ass when it aired. But because of that chick’s scandal, some of y’all are acting like she stole your men and you didn’t like the drama in the first place. Keep whining and foaming at the mouth. It won’t change a damn thing! Hypocrites.

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