Han So Hee Leans into the Chic Bad Girl Image for Allure Korea February 2022 Edition

K-actress Han So Hee was one of the female star breakouts of 2021 so it will be interesting to keep tabs on her career in 2022 to see where it goes from that high point. Not every project was a hit for her but she always came out fine if not better and that’s a sign that she either has the It Factor or the K-netizens love her so is easy to brush aside small foot faults. It’s probably both and this year I expect to see her increasing her CF campaigns and magazine pictorials as well. First up is the Allure Korea February 2022 edition, two different covers that both capture the fashionable but still bad girl vibe which is her real life image before she debuted and seems to be more the direction she wants to take it now. She looks great here for sure.


Han So Hee Leans into the Chic Bad Girl Image for Allure Korea February 2022 Edition — 4 Comments

  1. In recent korean polls she was top most ranked actress whose face, look, style korean women want to copy. Really good to see an actress from small agency rising to top without company founder buying her projects. Some are ha been cf queens whereas this girl is cf queen as well as versatile actress who is in demmd by so many directors.

  2. Moreover glad she looks badass adult woman. Not faking aegeyo r whatever for men on live tv. Speaking in kids voice or dressing up like that to please creepy men. She is edgy, hot and she owns it up. Good. Some act so innocent and fake and virgin wheb sleeping around with whole industry. Nothing wrong with it. But theb acting like a virgin is disgusting . Its weird

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