Lee Yoo Bi Grateful to Land Right Role as Female Lead of tvN Drama A Poem a Day

I’ll give an uplifted finger of thanks to the drama gods for the unexpected surprise that was tvN spring Mon-Tues drama A Poem a Day. I really liked it! Centering around a team of physical therapy and rehabilitation doctors, the drama was quiet and thoughtful none moreso than male lead Lee Joon Hyuk. So it’s really apropos that female lead Lee Yoo Bi recently did a news interview discussing her happiness doing the drama and playing the role of the poem loving doctor who finds love with the mature man rather than the typical hotheaded cutie. It’s worth noting that I thought was so woefully miscast in Scholar Who Walks the Night mostly due to the lack of chemistry with older male lead Lee Jun Ki and yet there she and Lee Joon Hyuk were just so wonderful together. So age gaps not a problem and sometimes it’s just that indelible ephemeral thing called chemistry that can happen or isn’t there no matter how hard one tries. I’m glad she got this great role in Poem and really enjoyed watching her in a role that was very likable. Continue reading