Jang Hyuk & Chun Jung Myung CF for Eider

Presenting: the just released CF for PIE and his Hyung’s walking advertisement for Eider sporting goods. Feast on the cute + hot + random doing of shirtless push-ups.

* Eider put my poor PIE through ALL that, just to show 2 milliseconds of them scaling the rock wall in New Zealand? This just screams for at least a five minute making-of-video.

Eider CF


Jang Hyuk & Chun Jung Myung CF for Eider — 4 Comments

  1. If it’s any consolation, apparently there’ll be at least two more CFs coming soon. It’s a series of CFs? Yeah. We’ll be seeing more rock climbing soon. 😀

  2. Ah Ha! Thank you, Dahee. Okay, now that totally makes absolute sense. I was like, who the hell schleps these two hot man candy all the way to NZ and show them rappeling for like 2 seconds. What a waste of money and man candy!

    I was quite incensed actually. But a series of CFs, I can get behind that idea. I guess CF 1 is the set up, with a tantalizing glimpses of the climbing. CF 2 is the climbing. And CF 3 is the celebrating on top of the mountain shirtless!

  3. I’m having a feast of PIE lately. So cute & how much cuter is he that he looked all worried in the CF like, “how am I ever going to climb that”

    Don’t worry PIE I’ll take care of you.

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