Moony in Sungkyunkwan Scandal Part Deux

Bonus: I Know Who He Reminds Me Of!

Bringing you more Yoo Ah In screen caps from Sungkyunkwan Scandal. If you want to read something substantive about the drama, I suggest heading over the dramabeans or thundie’s, since both places are recapping it. This post is dedicated to hjkomo, who got most of these screencaps for us to all enjoy!

But something has been bugging me for awhile now. You know when you have a mind-worm that you cannot pinpoint but is driving you bonkers. YAI in SKKS reminds me so much of someone, and I couldn’t figure out who. Until today! Hallelujah, I finally made the connection, thanks to his co-star Park Min Young, actually.

YAI looks like Jung Kyung Ho’s hotter, smexier, buffer, younger brother. No, I’m serious. Since only about 5 people in the universe watched Jamyunggo (myself included), it’s hard for you guys to picture since JKH has only been in one sageuk. But sageuk-styled JKH in Jamyunggo, as Prince Hodong, totally hammers home the resemblance.

While JKH is still wayyyy to skinny to be a convincing sageuk warrior, his acting gravitas is there and he gave a good performance in that drama. Nevertheless, YAI just brings it all home in one complete package as Moony in SKKS.

Whether you agree with me or not about YAI being JKH’s younger sageuk drama brother, at least my mind is finally free from this niggling thing that was bugging me. And I can focus purely on enjoying more Pool Boy in SKKS antics.


Moony in Sungkyunkwan Scandal Part Deux — 9 Comments

  1. Just looking at these screencaps caused just a tiny bit of salivation to occur… Pavlov’s dogs anyone?

    I’m frantically trying to catch up with all of the dramas that are airing as of late and I haven’t been able to pick up SKKS yet although I’m dying to having seen all of these delicious screencaps of YAI. Thank you much for the eye candy!

    • His nickname is Pool Boy/Ninja Assassin. We call him one or the other, or both!, depending on the mood and occasion.

      I created Pool Boy (for ICOMYM), and someone else (langdon813?) added that he’s a Ninja Assassin as well. The back-and-forth conversation we had to create the names is not fit to be repeated. Trust me that we put much thought into it. Wouldn’t you like to watch YAI clean your pool in swimtrunks, and or dress in all black and be your ninja bodyguard?

      • Yes! and Yes! I’d love it more if he could jump in and teach me how to swim.

        Thanks for the explanation! 🙂

  2. It’s because of these delicious screencaps from SKKS that I’ve become a fan of Yoo Ah In. He’s seriously probably the main reason I’m watching it in the first place. The camera loves him. Props to hjkomo for the lovely pictures and ockoala for the post! YUMMMMMYYYY!

  3. A lot of serious attention has been coming to Yoo Ah In bc of his drool worthy performance as Moon Jae Shin in SKKS and I’ve become one of his avid watchers of late, scouring the internet for bits of information, pictures and movies including Boys of Tomorrow where he received an award for best newcomer. Wish he’d get lead roles in the future for this boy CAN REALLY ACT and his screen presence is REALLY AWESOME!!

    Thanks again for the postings!!

  4. I must be one of the other four people who watched JaMyungGo. Now that you’ve mentioned the similarity about their looks I can see a definite resemblence. But JKH is scrawnier while YIA is way buffer and sexier. I can see YIA as a man compared to JKH. JKH is like the best friend type of guy like in Smile, You.

  5. Doesn’t moony YAI in SKKS remind anyone of Cha Moo Hyuk in MISA? The way he’s styled so ruggedly, and even the way he scoffs at people.. so SJS!

    Anyway, lucky Park Min Young I can only say. Lucky lucky girl!

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