Long Preview for Episode 14 of Playful Kiss

MBC has released the long preview for episode 14 of Playful Kiss. I confess to merely providing the link. I have not watched it, and have no intention or desire to. Rather than gleaning tidbits about what’s going to happen, I’m in the mood to be pleasantly surprised by the entire episode as it airs.

Go ahead and enjoy though! On the upside, Seung Jo looks genuinely happy now, doesn’t he? See, robot boy, activating your emotional button was the right thing to do. Now all you need is some sensitivity training and you’re good to be released into the wild.

Long preview for episode 14:



Long Preview for Episode 14 of Playful Kiss — 10 Comments

  1. yah bsj does have more relax and blooming aura now that everything is out in the open!
    i wish they show him more “human” now that he confessed and finally figured out his feelings for hani, i mean enough with the robotic bsj!
    and hopefully khj finds next project a lil more passionate and raw because i’m dying to see how he is portraying a more engaging role! i just think it will suit him the best when he’s let loose closer to his real life personality, gosh just look at his smile…i die gahhhh!

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