Latest Stills from Athena Filming

I feel like the filming for Athena has the weirdest tempo. They run off to film in Italy for a month, then everyone scatters to their own thing. Then they run off to film in Japan for a few weeks, then everyone goes to promote their own movies at PIFF and their respective premieres.

For example, everyone showed up at Su Ae‘s Midnight FM premiere, then everyone showed up at Jung Woo Sung‘s Reign of Assassins premiere. Well, everyone minus the still recuperating Cha Seung Won. Get better soon, oppa!

It looks like filming is back on again for some action sequences. Hope my poor Jung Woo Sung doesn’t catch a cold in that water. Athena is slated to premiere in December after Giant ends it 60 episode run on SBS.


Latest Stills from Athena Filming — 6 Comments

  1. At least the stills are pretty. ^^ With Secret Garden, Queen of Reversals, and Mary coming up, I totally forgot about Athena. It’s kind of taking a backseat at the moment. When is this supposed to be airing again?

  2. IKR! Whenever news of their non-Athena projects were released, I was like, “wut? what about Athena? ” It was confusing.

    I really hope CSW is doing fine. I’m still so worried about him.

  3. woa… that looks… explosive.
    but you’re right… the filming schedule is unusual, not that i think it’s a bad thing since it allows some “rest” time for the team.
    i wonder if once the drama air, they’ll be forced to do real time filming.
    that said, kim min jong actually looks cool here compared to the trailer.
    i’m excited.

  4. This is the drama that Choi Siwon is going to be in right? Isn’t it a sequel to Iris ( I think that is the name)? I haven’t watched Iris yet and I suppose I should if I plan to watch this one, so does anyone have an opinion as to if I should watch Iris or not? Was it worth watching? I think Choi Siwon is nice looking but I don’t watch dramas based solely on an actors looks (only for a very select few will I do that) so I don’t know whether this drama series is worth my precious extra time I have to watch.

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