Playful Kiss – Of Birthday Boats and Babies

The Chinese Playful Kiss fans are absolutely hilarious. Whenever I’m in Baidu, the amount of spazzing there takes the cake. Sometimes it takes me multiple reads of a single post to fully understand the purpose of said spazz. Take the latest spoiler nugget to come out about PK.

Possible baby conception set-up scene:

In the anime Itazura na Kiss, a few years after marriage, newbie nurse Kotoko is on her way to celebrate her birthday. She helps a lady on the street who has collapsed, giving her CPR.

Kotoko misses her date with Naoki, who is not upset but is instead so impressed with her calm-under-pressure that it gets him all excited, and he jumps her without remembering to use protection. Baby is conceived that night.

What this means:

So some eagle-eyed poster at Baidu confirmed that some fan witnessed Ha Ni filming the scene in question – helping performing CPR on a lady in the street. The Baidu spazz-team extrapolate that to mean the baby conception scene is forthcoming.

I make no such assessment. I am way more amused that everyone at Baidu kept talking about “birthday boat” with respect to the scene. And I was like “what birthday boat?” Apparently my Chinese slang is rusty, because boat is slang for bed scene in a movie/drama (the words sound alike when pronouced very fast). So birthday boat refers to the bed scene that happened on Ha Ni’s birthday.

To whet your appetites even further, apparently said scene in the anime was the raciest and most saucy scene in that story. So there you have it, a warm applause to welcome the birthday boat, which will likely arrive in episode 16, if it does at all!


Playful Kiss – Of Birthday Boats and Babies — 66 Comments

  1. LOL
    I read that in Baidu too. Yeah, I’m not great with Chinese slang either. I was wondering if it meant the bed scene. Now you just confirmed it for me. Haha, thanks Koala.
    *blushes feverishly* while fantasizing about *ahem*

  2. LOL… i read the same thing at baidu… although i didn’t really believe it… but i have to say that they hit bulls-eyes more than once so far so who knows? XD
    the spazzing/gossiping there always crack me up. even though my chinese essentially is of middle-school level, and probably way way below yours, looks like my slang is more updated since i knew what they were referring to… kk.. probably because most of the chinese i learned is in forums and dramas… haha…
    but back to the supposed boat scene… i CANNOT imagine it happen… but if it does… omg omg omg… that would literally FLOOR me so badly you would probably need a power-scraper to remove me from it.

  3. I think the hysteria is nprecedented and it is getting out of proportion. Take for example the so-called SeungJo diary, it is so out of character.

    If SeungJo were to write down something on HaNi, it would be a lengthy discourse on the the correct behaviour towards the live content of the other bedroom, or a diatribe on a certain girl’s varied hairstyles with an extensive analysis of the symbolism(phallic?) of the sumo hairstyle. (ugh)

    Maybe he’ll propose a scientific formula instead, P + OHN = CS

    Moi? No, it’s not me. It’s my little notebook. Poor thing. Doctor says it caught a bug, the PK bug. 🙁

    • I also felt that BSJ’s “diary” was completely not him. I mean sure he’s emotionally stunted, but his writing voice is and SHOULD NOT be *A GIRL’s* I would be more inclined to believe that Hani whited-out BSJ’s diary before he submitted it to the PD’s or whomever is that’s supposed to give us these “sneak peeks”.

      But after a while I gave in and read it because of the pretty caps and waffy-lulz.
      On a side note, some of the things he says there are very poetic. I actually found myself copy and pasting it in my quote book for future use/inspiration in a writing piece. :nods: not ashamed.

    • a-fan, J.J.

      Don’t get me started. In case it wasn’t obvious by the fact that I am pretending it doesn’t exist in the PK-verse – but I absolutely loathe Seung Jo’s diaries.

      Abhor the concept (written by a fan? really?), and find little value in the exercise (I love the conjecture that goes into wondering what’s cooking in his ice-cave of a brain).

      You two are hilarious – lulz indeed. I haven’t read more than one sentence which almost made me dry heave with the incongruity of it (Seung Jo writing a diary about his “feelings” for Ha Ni are about as credible as Ha Ni discovering she as a photographic memory and suddenly reciting Dante and turning Goth).

      • Believe me or not, I find Eunjo’s diary entries more true to form. Although writing style was definitely not a kid’s, but I could always chalk it up to him being a prodigy.

        I think it would have been awesome if they actually got Hyunjoong to write it himself. He write’s fanfiction you know, and I’ve read–attempted to read the translations–some of it. It was pure LULZ to the infinite power. “Ramen filled bathtub,” is all I have to say.

      • The BSJ diaries are entirely full of fail. Not only is figuring him out fun, but that kid was totally NOT in tune with his emotions. Which means, he didn’t even realize what was happening until it was too late. If he had realized it, his brain would’ve put a stop to it right quick. Secondly, guys don’t write like that. Thirdly, BSJ keeping a diary? Really?

        @ J.J. – I did somewhat enjoy the Eun Jo diaries, but we always did get the feeling in the show that he knew what was going on better than anyone else. Including the two leads.

        And what is this KHJ fan fiction you speak of??….. His brain is 10 times more warped than BSJ, would love to read.

      • lol. i agree with you guys about the incredibility of the whole diary thing… however, i’m so desperate for any thing PK at all (i basically stalk fanvids as well) that i’m glad for them, just because they’re part of the support system that helps me get through the week, even though they make me cringe every two lines or so. kk.

      • @ Lulybunny, He wrote them when he was bored out of his mind in Japan. So… birthed from boredom+his quirky brain=LULZ that blew my mind. While I don’t usually read lulzy fanfiction, i feel like this would make any CAPS_LOCKY community shy in lulzy fail. LOL

        I just wanted to mention I just googled the “Hyunjoong fanfiction Japan” and got linky so *credit where credit is due*

        It’ll be hard to understand, and as a person who loves literature it was a headache to read but hell, it’s funny.

  4. That would be SO WIN! I loved that episode. Irie was sooo romantic. Just imagining SeungJo (I know they’re like the same) doing the same makes me happy.

  5. And and btw its not that big of a deal but the manga never actually got that far like at all, it didnt even reach the wedding or even yet the rain scene. Pretty much all the good stuff after that wasnt reveled until the anime that was released just 2 years ago. The manga author died before she could finished it. Sad but thankfully she had plenty of notes and she knew how she wanted it to end and her family let her work get created into the anime to finish the story. 🙂
    I didnt mean to be a know it all or anything, just something interesting about Itazura Na Kiss. 🙂

    • ???
      it’s been years since i’ve read the manga but i can guarantee you that the rain scene happens in it… as well as the wedding…
      perhaps you didn’t finish the manga?

      • AH! my baddd its been a long time too for me i dont know where my head was.
        Wow…Im embarrassed…

      • Did you mean that somebody finished writing the story for the manga since the original author died? I saw the whole episodes it would have been nice if Playful Kiss will do all the scenes especially when they start to have a family already and the scenes after the Kotoko’s birthday c:

      • @lc
        lol. it’s ok. don’t worry or be embarrassed. with all the versions out there, it’s quite confusing at times which did what. kk

        well, nobody finished the manga but based from her notes and the help of her husband, they finished the anime (and iswak) according to her wishes. i don’t think it’s likely but Pk will have all those scenes we want it to have though.

  6. oh and also (god i feel like a smarty, sorry) the person kotoko was giving cpr to was a man not woman but they might have changed it for the drama if the said scene is in it. okay im done now, sorry.

    • huh??? what just happened.. all i did was copy/paste the link.. how come it’s embedded???
      sorry. i have no idea what i did to make it like that…
      i’m usually not a computer genius but i seem to be particularly bad in your blog…

      • Are you trying to break AKP?

        Mwahahaha, don’t worry, embedding the link is fine. I have zero clue how you did it, though? Nice going, whatever crazy-spell your computer is on lately.

      • sorry again… i swear, all i did was to copy/paste the link..
        at least, that’s what i think i did. but apparently not since it turned out like that.
        it’s not going to break AKP right?
        *feels guilty*

      • lol.. true… khj might be done for if it happens..

        but when i watched him dance to shinee and all that.. i can’t help but think the whole time,… how TINY!! he’s like a squirt.

    • I went to the official PK youtube site and begged them to get those to dance together. How awesome is that gonna be if it comes true!! Let’s all spam them with repeated requests.. LOL

  7. Waaah! Crossing all 20 fingers and toes and whatever else I can cross, for this to be true!!!
    I wish my Chinese was better than elementary school level now… LOL yep just for drama gossips…nothing important like business or what-not, like my parents wanted. kekeke

  8. Btw, re-reading this account, I don’t think it’ll be part of the series per se. It’s probably for the YT 10 min web-isodes.

    • oh.. you might be right! i momentarily forgot about the special..
      now that’s more credible of a theory… which makes me hope that it totally could happen in the end.

      • and think it, because it is international, Korea’s prudish ways can be ignored. Netizens “WAI SO VULGAR?!” group8 “Sorry, huh? For interwebs dudez, kk?.” Besides I heard somewhere that Youtube isn’t that big of a hit as it is here in the US (west, really). They usually use their home-grown portals for vid sharing. Had read an article several months ago, it might have changed recently, but idk.

      • yeah. it’s true about youtube not being terribly popular in kr. even in france, people tend to use other things as well even though youtube is the main thing there…. when i stalk forums/kr sites for pk news, i always to to egloos or daum, or such things as that.
        anyways, another good point. they won’t have to fear about censorship here!! KYA!!! *jumps around*
        although Ukiss (a band) mv for shut off/up got flagged on youtube and it wasn’t over the top at all. sigh

  9. the chinese fan r not exactly wrong. those scene DID happened in the manga, anime, chinese version of the drama. if it’s not in ep 16, i wouldn’t be surprise if they put them in the 9eps youtube special.

    we can guess all we want… shall be revealed when we come out.

    as for SJ’s diary, i thought it fit his character really well. do not forget, the SJ we see is his OUTSIDE character and the dairy show how he really feels INSIDE. if u combine the two together…we get our bae seung Jo….right? at least tat is wat i think…

      • right? i don’t understand y some ppl think the diary is irrelevant or unlike SJ’s character….
        of course it’s “not alike”….it’s not wat we see. if u know wat i mean…

  10. i really hope this would happen..don’t care if it’s in Ep16 or in the 9 YT specials, as long as it will happen!!!..plleeassseee..i wanna see that side of BSJ or must i say KHJ!..that animalistic side of “jumping” to OHN!!..waaahhhh..that would be soo awesome!!..LOL!!..again, thanks a million times for this ockoala made our day again. =)

  11. I watched that episode in the anime it was episode 22, it was a man who was hit and ran over by a car. Kotoko was on her way to meet Irie-kun at the hotel but she helped the man and conducted first aid. Then after that rushed to the hotel, she was really in such a mess, her dress with blood stains and was hysterical to ruin her own birthday. Then Naoki Irie found her at the lobby then instead of going out they just checked in at the hotel because Kotoko Irie looked like a mess and it was late already no more stores were open for him to buy Kotoko a new dress. So there they spent the night together in the hotel, Kotoko asking for her birthday wishes. She asked that Naoki say she loves her, and so many exciting things also happened…

  12. Hi Ockoala and PK lovers!! If you’re talking about korean dramas sticking to prudish modes, then it’s strange how they bend the rules in that very famous classic ‘Stairway to Heaven’. I remember watching it wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the numerous passionate kiss scenes and a certain bed (or boat LOL) scene on THE WEDDING NIGHT. I think even by today’s standards it would be considered a tad too racy for our straightlaced Jane Austenish viewers. Probably cos that show was directed at adult and mature viewers who AHEM knew how to handle all that BOATING? So for those of us who are feverishly awaiting the WEDDING NIGHT scene in PK, don’t get your hopes up too high. PK’s directed at a teen audience, and I think they’ll probably end with a chaste kiss, Seung Jo whispering ‘I love youuuuuu” (if I were Hani, I’d probably pass out right there on the bed) and then cut to….let’s see….the ceiling? LOL

    • That kiss in episode 13 wasn’t chaste.. at least, not by my standard. Dunno about anyone else’s standard tho… 😛

      I dunno.. like Koala said, maybe the PD would go.. aww, what the heck.. Just Do IT! (hehe)

      • yeah. im definitely satisfied with ep 13 kiss as well… and not complaining about the other kisses either. they were appropriate.

    • I love your last line!…hahaha… I literally “LOL”ed! They totally would cut to something like that too…as I’ve just seen ep. 15. Won’t ruin it for you guys, but seriously…the editors could give us fans more of a “service”…*sigh*…but I guess I’ll take whatever I can get. I still can’t believe it’s ending tomorrow! So sads 🙁

  13. LOL!!! I’m Chinese and I too wasn’t able to understand the “boat.” This is what I’ll really miss after PK ends…exchanging thoughts and sharing the happiness and sadness whatever the case maybe with fellow PKissers/lovers….

    Well, with regards to the “birthday boat,” let’s just wait and see what happens next…if Seung Ju and Oh Hani will really “Rock The Boat!” …hahahaha

  14. Oh my gah, there’ll be a “boat” scene?
    That kiss in the 13 episode changed my drama view – I eman, after THAT hot kissing I expect even the “boat” (LOL)…
    Go, Seung Jo! Be the man! hahahaha

  15. Sorry to intrude on the playground, but….

    J.J., I must have a link to KHJ fanfic. Honestly, you have no idea how this old obasan laughed at the concept of a ramen filled bathtub scene written by him. I snorted and laughed out loud and frightened my dogs. Truly, I must have a linkie!

      • lol.. i’ve read those fanfics before as well… i LOVE his 4d personality… sometimes, i wonder how his brains function that makes him have those thoughts…

    • I provided my link a bit late then >_< sorry. But yeah, do enjoy!

      @ Ami, thank you. I'm glad there are more sources. LOL

      @ V. CAPS_LOCKY just got owned by KHJ LOL

      • No problem ~ …I saw other requests here for the fanfic. Figured maybe you’re a bit busy at the time and if I didn’t provide the links there’ll be a riot.. LOL.

        Wish he’d write more.. but the fact that he wrote any fanfic at all (and publish it so openly like that) is more than we could hope for from a celebrity. KHJ is something else (he ish an alien, I swear it.. hehe). Love him.

      • @ ami, to be honest I accept that they call him “4D” but I don’t find what he says all too different from what/how my friends and I speak [about]. He’s certainly creative and I feel like I can say he’s got reduced levels of latent inhibition, where in his mental filter for details is less inhibited than others. Why the heck am I analyzing??? Oh yes, point is, I don’t feel like he’s too Unique at all, it might be a cultural thing.

        But that’s why I love him too~ I likey quirky.

        Back to the fanfic. I would think he writes fanfics often, since he’s always reading Mangas.

  16. birthday boats and babies?!
    after knowing what other meaning it could have, i will never look/use the word boat again the say way before! LOL!
    the Chinese PKissers are so funny!

    that CPR scene happened in anime but whether it happened in PK in episode 16 or in YT version its for us to wait and see.
    so here’s to hoping!!!

    see you later at episode 15!!! : )

    • yep… looks like we’re getting our CPR scene… i know the editing and directing is flawed but at this point.. i don’t care.. i love whoever is in charge, aka, the Pdnim, for not being shy about affectionate scenes.. kk

  17. @ v forgive me im on my phone. But yes, thank God they’re relatively throwing caution to the wind. I want Kim Hyunjoong for Christmas now. Lol. Bt i wondr wat they’ve got in store for yt.

    • lol.. i’m not sure I know why you’re apologizing but I can say that whatever the reason, you don’t need to… kk 🙂
      Well, according to the article, it’s about their marriage life:
      Credits to Ode and immisschievous: “This special edition that will have a total of 9 episodes will consist of approximately 10 minutes per episode and will portray the after marriage life — after the TV drama ends — of male and female protagonists Baek Seung-jo (Kim Hyun-joong) and Oh Ha-ni (Jung So-min).”

      you can find the whole article here:

      and am i crazy or what? how come i noticed you commented… -_-“

  18. v, i was apologizing that i keep starting a new comment instead of continuing with the one parior. My phone wont let me do the latter for sum reason so i always hav 2 start a new one. Anyways what did u mean by noticing me commenting? If i understand what ur implying then we’re def in the same wave length. Lol. Let me thank u here 4 da spoilers at the other thread. Its what made me sane during job 1, i an at job 2 rite nw and wil get home soon … SUBS AWAIT! Lol even w/o subs il watch raw lol. Um… What else? As 4 the yt eps i wonder if they’re stil shooting scns. Wil comment more ltr.

    • lol. don’t worry about starting a new comment… i don’t think ockoala minds and i don’t mind either…
      as for what i meant… just that i always check the number of comments and if it goes up, i check what new comments comes up… yeah, i’m a hopeless stalker like that with this blog. i’m not sure if that’s what you had in mind though. it’s pretty outrageous when you think about it.
      and you’re absolutely welcome about the recaps. I am happy people are thanking me although I always hesitate and to accept undeserved thanks for them because they’re really sloppy.
      talk to you later, somewhere else or here… depending on where we see each other… kk

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