Update on Completed Athena Filming in Japan

Filming for Athena: Goddess of War has been steadily ongoing for the last few months, perhaps taking brief breaks in between country-hopping so that its stars can come back to Korea and promote their movies. And in the case of the ailing Cha Seung Won, seek medical attention.

The cast has now moved from Japan to their next location shoot, Hawaii. Cha Seung Won left Korea a few days ago to join Su Ae, who is already in Hawaii. An entertainment news channel documented their location shoot in Japan, which shows tons of teaser material for the drama.

BTS on Athena location shoot in Japan:


Jung Woo Sung revealed that his, ahem, bed scene with Su Ae in Japan (oh god, imma going to cut a bitch, but then I realize its my sweetie Su Ae, and I put those knives down again) took 8(!!!) hours to film. He was very gentlemanly and did not reveal any details, other than they definitely had chemistry. When asked, Su Ae demurred and said that the scene worked because she was working with such a handsome co-star. Understatement of the century.

The BTS shows a scene where Jung Woo Sung is leaning in to kiss Su Ae, and she turns away (clearly this couple is having some issues), and all I can think is “Jung Woo Sung is trying to kiss you and you turn AWAY!!!! What are you, daft in the brain, woman!”

The BTS footage also includes filming of scenes with Lee Ji Ah, Choi Si Won, and Kim Min Jong. Athena remains my most anticipated drama of the year, and none of the teasers, stills, and BTS footage I have seen make me doubt that this drama will be good. Whether it will be great remains to be seen.


Update on Completed Athena Filming in Japan — 12 Comments

  1. Not watching that scene. Not watching that scene. I want to watch Athena unspoiled. But…

    oh god, imma going to cut a bitch, but then I realize its my sweetie Su Ae, and I put those knives down again) took 8(!!!) hours to film —Understatement of the century.

    *gasps and LOL* EIGHT HOURS? WHAT IS…WHAT THE? *is jealous* Also? I’ve JUST read what’s written on your header. As if we didn’t know whom he belonged to?!? LOL Pfft! XD

  2. lol… i thought you were more hyped up about SG than athena?
    anyways, for me, Athena IS the most anticipated drama of the year… just because the cast comprises of everyone i love (well, except for lee ji ah, but i like her as well) and the trailers kick some serious ass…

  3. Oh, Choi Siwon, my pretty, my precious! There should be MOAR CHOI SIWON! ~crazed fangirl subsides~ …but I’m glad there was even a little bit. 🙂 Thanks, ockoala!

  4. knives?! lol!
    excited for this drama!
    hopefully it will be great!
    excited to see some kick ass action!
    if yours is jung woo sung, can i claim choi siwon just for this drama? ; )

  5. I was really hyped up about Athena before, but I think I’m still grieving for Playful Kiss, because I’ve just lost interest in everything but finishing up SKK Scandal right now. I can’t bring myself to be excited about something new, or to start something new right now. And I just got the last of the softsubs today, for Playful Kiss, so it really REALLY feels like the end now. sigh *hangs head mournfully*

    I’m sad, Ockoala… v…. what am I gonna do???????

    • Well, there’s still the 9 YouTube videos to look forward to! And hey, maybe MSOAN, SG, and/or Athena will turn out to be cracktastic too!

    • just wondering… did you mean v by me?
      lol.. honestly, if it that’s the case i’m not sure how to answer you since i’m wallowing in PK withdrawal as well…
      Yes, I’m excited about Athena but I can’t help but feel slightly detached from it, as I am from any other dramas I’m watching right now.. I don’t know if I make sense… It’s like I’m super hyped but not putting 100% either..

      • yuppers. thats you alright! i’ve gone into withdrawal mode so much, i’m writing soppy fanfiction. help!!

        and endodo…. it’s not helping. I don’t feel like STARTING a new series. sigh…. the excitement just seems pale in comparison to the wait of each new ep of Playful Kiss, and coming here, and discussing it, the recaps, the joyful spazzing… actually, rather than missing the drama – I’m missing the camaraderie!

      • Awww Carol. Ooh fanfiction? That sounds interesting actually! Anyways, Unlike a lot of PKissers, I don’t feel that PK withdrawal…yet. Pehaps it’s because I’m also watching a ridiculous number of dramas at the moment, so I’m really distracted and busy with real life to dwell on PK too much. Oh and like v said, the camaradarie is still alive and well! We’ll be here for a long, long time…until we get kicked out. Heehee.

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