Latest Set of Stills from Secret Garden

*Silence* *Still speechless* *Pushes eyeball back into socket* *Picks jaw off floor* Producers of Secret Garden, you are all morons for releasing still after still of tracksuit Binnie or Henry Higgins Binnie, when you had those shots above hidden from us. I hate you! My anticipation for Secret Garden just overtook MMM/MSOAN/Mary again. Samshik, you are back, baby!

Oh, and some more additional stills from Secret Garden dropped this week as well of the rest of its faboosh cast. Enjoy! And one final thought about those stills of Hyun Bin above – I’m finally beginning to feel the secret garden vibe that comes with this being a fantasy melodrama, especially with that picture in the lower left hand corner with Binnie standing in the darkened forest.


Latest Set of Stills from Secret Garden — 22 Comments

  1. Dear PD of Secret Garden,
    I think one of your wardrobe peeps makes a mistake…the pix above with Binnie wearing a blue/black striped shirt,it’s not missing 2 buttons,but rather it’s 2 buttons extra…undo it…pleeeeeaaasssse πŸ™‚
    ps,while you’re at it,please lose the white tank top,too…*SIGH*much better

    • LOL. That’s what I was thinking too. I really hope there are a couple of shower or workout scenes. That would be lovely. It’s been too long, Binnie!

  2. *________________*

    Sorry, what was I saying? I.. *______________________*

    Sorry, too yummy. Can’t function. I’m a happy girl right now. :O~~~~~

  3. Ahhh, Now he’s a hot grown man! He’s making one fine lady losing herself and I’m not talking about myself. The fine doctor above me has gone ???

    I’m so behind everything. Is this a comedy?(Sorry, I’m such a party pooper. promise to catch up once I get home).

  4. Hi Ockoala!
    I don’t know why I am more interested in Secret Garden.
    I love JGS, MGY (I think both of them are excellent actors) and KJW is fine too.
    But have no interest in it.
    I found that to be odd.

    Right now SKKS is the only one that I’m watching.
    After that I’m looking forward to Secret Garden

    from formerly known as : sam ^_^

  5. oh dear. i have a thing for lean and skinny men and migawd…he’s HOT! even my girl crush HJW pales in comparison standing next to him. gaaaahhhh…i don’t even care what this drama is all about, he can just stand there looking all smexy and i’m happy, happy, happy. πŸ˜›

    • random side note: i just noticed that HJW is wearing a “guilty parties” jacket, same brand of KHJ’s vest for PK poster that everyone read as “guilty panties”. LOL. (eeek…everything goes back to KHJ/PK for me these days. yikes.)

  6. *drooling* Woah, ok fine. I’m watching this. That last pic is cracking me up too, hope they accurately cover all the gender bender shock. Heh.

    PK was first I watched real time, and I was not happy with waiting at first. Guess I’ll be getting used to it…

  7. Missed Binnie for sooooo long….would’ve been nice if he had more “beef” in him!!!! but he’s still as HOT as ever!!! guapo!!!

  8. Excuse me there was something after Binnie’s pics? Written text, more pics perhaps? If so, sorry for not noticing. I’m…distracted. I’ve got stars in my eyes now. STARS IN MY EYES, GUYS! *___*

  9. huh… i just realised.. Binnie’s pretty tall!

    that pic of him standing next to Ha Ji Won.. he looks tall, and lean. like waaaaaaay too skinny. and even though I LIKE skinny, he’s just…. I miss the MNIKSS Hyun Bin… I wonder how Ha Ji Won will dress in the gender bender half of the show. Would a finicky chaebol heir dress like a finicky chaebol heir in a woman’s body or would he dress her body up as a rather more stylish woman?

  10. Thks! Ockoala, gahhh!! speechless!!! What happened ! my heart >skip>>>?? i miss you binnie!

    MY Samshiki is back! HOTT woot…!! woot…!! woot…!!

  11. @ April, Woa it would surely make headlines huh that is true lah.. as they are not yet marry i can still dream and fantasize on my namja, u c I like Binnie a loootttt !!!!

    • So true πŸ™‚ They’re both very popular that you can understand the media hype on those two. Now I can see what we have in common, I like Binnie as well. He was my favorite among my favorites Korean Actors just like how I like Song Hye Gyo. I literally jump with joy when they collaborated in one drama and celebrated when I got the news that they were dating πŸ™‚

  12. LOL! I’m all for Binnie. Binnie is adorable and all, I totally find him dashing in strong colour shirt *a treat for the eyes* but it hurts me he is a bit gaunt lah!

    O i really hope there are a couple of Shower and Kiss scenes *begging* that would be heavenly.. it’s been a long time Binnie !

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