Playful Kiss: The Drama That Keeps On Giving

Playful Kiss continues to be a fandom that may have slowed down considerably since the drama ended, but never fails to keep chugging along. Some more behind-the-scenes BTS pictures of Kim Hyun Joong from the last days of shooting the Youtube episodes have emerged.


Kim Hyun Joong was interviewed by CNN Asia on November 7, 2010, along with a separate segment where CNN Asia interviewed Si Won and Lee Tak of Super Junior, over the latest developments in Korean entertainment. This segment will air on CNN Asia on November 12, 2010.

Lastly, some darling Min Min pictures for us to enjoy.

[Credit: all pictures courtesy of Hyun Perfect,, and Baidu Playful Kiss bar]


Playful Kiss: The Drama That Keeps On Giving — 55 Comments

  1. thanks for sharing.

    love the pics. I really love these two. I’m trying really hard not to ship them, but it’s hard when they are so cute together in the last couple of episodes and the webisodes.

    The picture of Min Min (cute name) and the ring…if it stays in line w/the anime…that’s one of BSJ’s birthday present to OHN…the other is a baby…lol.

  2. oh playful kiss!!!! i cant wait for yt episode 4 tom!!!!
    i’ll miss terribly when you end next week.
    but im still happy coz ived met you!!!!!
    will still love you to pieces even after you ended! and thats a promise!!!

  3. Thank you for continuing to supply us with PK goodies. We love it!

    Although the ratings for PK were relatively low in Korea, I do hope that the cast members and the production crew now realize that it was a big hit internationally. They are finally getting the recognition that they truly deserved as evident by the CNN coverage of this drama. Congratulations to the PK Team!!

  4. Thanks for your lovely PK goodies and you have created my morning to start to enjoy the day. I really love your playground which I can have full of fun with new lovely friends here. Never get bore to read all the comments.
    Never enough to say THANKS U AGAING AND AGAIN, my dear Ockoala.

  5. I am wondering how to rank the rain kiss. How does it compare to the alien kiss (although I think the “The kiss was much better when you were a man” kiss was hotter) and the tongue kiss in Goong? I’ve seen some hot Japanese kisses but maybe we should limit it to the kimchi flavored ones?

    • alien kiss.. whats an alien kiss..? much like superman kssing lois lane..?
      oh i remembered the goong kiss.. i loved that scene & it made me go bonkers for Jo Ji Hoon.
      but with hyunjoong what ever kiss he does: peck on the cheek, feathery kiss on the lips, stolen kiss while sleeping, harsh kiss as punishment & kiss in the rain… o__O i would always go crazy about those…

      • The alien kiss is from Coffee Prince. It’s the first kiss between Han Gyul and Eun Chan – when he tells her that he doesn’t care whether she’s a man, or even if she’s an alien, he likes her. And then he kisses her lights out.

      • @a_fan:
        Alien kiss was hot! It definitely ranks as one of my top ones because a) i wasn’t “spoiled” then and it was so unexpected b) there was actually a close-up of the kiss and YEH’s response was just perfect c) there’s something inherently nerve-tingling about the “forbiden-ness” of it all, at least from Han Gyul’s side anyways, because he thought that he was kissing a boy/alien. I must say, Gong Yoo is definitely a good kisser! And so is YEH.

        Now about PK’s rain kiss, I’m more drawn to the BTS clip. Especially KHJ’s reaction aftewards. 😉

        And what you said about the pat on the back during their last day of shooting, I too think that MM’s reaction was telling. Which is why I feel really protective towards her. Watching their BTS clips, you get the sense that she is drawn to him but at the same time she’s also feeling a little bit overwhelmed (or is she holding herself back?). The clip where KHJ kept on “practicing” how to carry her, she actually said something like “I’m tired”, kinda wanting him to stop all that carrying business. Same thing when they were practicing the back hug at the balcony, she seemed uncomfortable with the bear hug. I don’t know, maybe its just me. Hee.

      • ” And what you said about the pat on the back ” what pat on the back ? can’t remember it , could you please send me the link

      • oh…!! so you guys been talking about “that” pat on the back…. ^^

        a_fan….i agree with yeisha… i was more drawn to the BTS than the PK kiss in the rain because of KHJ and JSM reaction afterward…

        about the pat on the back…..yes…i also think that JSM’s reaction make us feel protective towards her….i think in the BTS i could see it clearly her attraction towards KHJ but since KHJ is 4D….she just holding it back? or just try to take easy on the attraction? ^^ although she’s friendly and easy going, she still very young and young girl tends to fall easily if a good guy being nice to her right…..and yes….i saw her discomfort in both their practicing scene (practice hugging at balcony and KHJ practice carrying her) it’s like she’s holding back….i think that’s why JSM didn’t call KHJ oppa… ^^

      • okiiiii thankuuuuu , will watch as soon as I’m back home ( meaning after at least 7 hours inshallah 🙁 )

  6. just come across your ” pk first impressions” at Thundie blog. we have come a long way since then. didnt think that i would come to love the show this much. thank you for all your hard work.
    off topic : i watch Sang doo.. few year back, didnt like your review on Sang doo last week , went to watch it again, cry my heart out and felt in love i , all credit to you so thank you

  7. can some please translate in english what JSM said that make KHJ smile??? love JSM and KHJ together in PK. I am dying to know what she is saying. link below
    YouTube – [Fancam 9] SS501 Hyun Joong “Talk Time” @ Jangki FINALE …


  8. all of my friends make fun of me for watching a korean drama when i am american, but i cant help my self i love PK so much!!!!! your blogs get me through the days when you tube episodes are not aired and i dont know what im going to do when they end!! thank you!!!!

  9. Ockoala, thanks a bundle for showering us with these lovely presents! I’m greedy when it comes to PK, BSJ and OHN. Keep it coming!

    No sign of waning from this addictive drama, I’m still on HIGH PK gear. Could not imagine how to cope with post PK syndrome. For now, I’m still enjoying the PK rollercoaster ride!

    Loveeeeee our cute couple HyunJ and MinMin.

  10. Thanks for the BTS forPK.
    Quick question, so does that mean KHJ’s interview will not be airing till the 12th or is it just the other two segments won’t air till the 12th?

  11. Hi Koala…
    thanks for keep updating the PK for us.
    btw, do you know where i can read the english version of BSJ’s YT diary no. 2 & 3? been trying to find it but still not work it out 🙁

    thank youuuu sooo much in advance for ur help ^^

    • awwwww… soooo cccuutteeee!!! can’t help but smile. 🙂
      i really liked the part where they drank from the their respective water bottles one after the other without noticing it.. and of course, the kissing part!! ( now i’m wishing that that they used those shots… seriously!! hehehe… 😉 )

      ohh… and another thing is..
      i like the song too! hahahaha!!

    • @kittykat, @kn: they’re so cute aren’t they? kept replaying this and i’m still smiling and squealing like a 15-year old. 😀

      • i’ve watched the clip over and over again…!! ^^ to cute for words… i’m actually thinking, what if JSM can sing too?? do you think she would sing this song for KJH?? hohoho (*o*)

        kittykat…yup…i seriously love the part where they drank from the their respective water bottles one after the other without noticing it… ^,^

  12. seems a cute epi with a cute end but couldn’t watch it the whole , I mean I was uploading the video and went to bring my lunch , I was happy that I’m gonna watch it while eating my fav dish ( which is a hindi food ) but when I came back I found that the link ( kathy_s bench ) was closed ( due to some updating done to my laptop ) and when I opened again it didn’t work , I just feel sooo pissed off 🙁

      • Ommoni, Eunjo, BSJ, and OHN are sitting in the livingroom and talking about the neighbourgirl coming to visit. The doorbell rings and EunJo speeds off to open the door. Everybody seems really happy, even BSJ is smiling openly at the sight of this girl. The girl hugs the family and gives BSJ a (I-miss-u-)kiss on the cheek :S. OHN is wary all the time (her girl-attracted-to-BSJ-radar is probably going off)
        At the dinner table, the girl takes OHN’s seat next to BSJ, forcing OHN to sit next to EunJo instead. She even gives BSJ some meat… while OHN is giving her hubby the don’t-u-dare-to-eat-that-stare.
        At night and in their checked pjs, BSJ and OHN have a little chat, ending up in OHN being upset and turning away from BSJ.
        The next day, outside the schoolcampus, OHN leaves BSJ a voicemessage. Next scene OHN is walking all by herself on the street@night and talking out loud to herself.
        Back at home, while OHN is folding laundry, the girl tells OHN about BSJ’s and her first kiss (and how that probably was BSJ’s very first kiss ever, like her). @night OHN is wriggling a lot in bed, making BSJ to open his eyes and asks her what is on her mind (he Why-ed her three times (whe.. WHe… WHEE)). She tried to confront him about the kiss-thing but failed.
        Next morning in the kitchen, the girl is making a breakfast for BSJ, and as soon as she sees OHN, she wants to give him the omelet personally (breakfast in bed?). OHN says she’ll give it to BSJ and the two girls are having a tugwar… the omelet ends up on top of EunJo’s head.
        Next scene, OHN is walking towards her room where she hears laughter of the girl. Luckily when she opens the door, it’s just the girl looking at a photobook (without BSJ). The girl says BSJ is in the bathroom (?) and OHN tells the girl how inappropriate it is for her to be in the (wedded couple’s) room. When BSJ joints the party, the girl is doing this evilish-mean-girl-going-for-innocence thing and walks away. BSJ tells OHN to be more mature and goes after the girl to apologies to her. In the garden, the girl is probably saying that OHN doesn’t suit him and that they would have been together if she didn’t leave. OHN overheard and stepped up retorting. Looking up at BSJ she doesn’t get back up… so she upsetly storms off.
        After OHN’s exit, BSJ is doing his usual OHN defense (always without OHN around -_- aishhh) telling the girl that OHN is the one he wants and loves (at least… that’s what I interpret) and goes after his wife.
        He finds her mopping on a staircase and puts his sweater over her shoulders. He talks to her… finally using soft words and they have a very nice (but unforunately also very zoomed out) kiss….
        Preview: Both OHN and BSJ are working in a hospital and OHN causes BSJ a serious injury.

        Hope this will still your hunger untill ockoala post her recap/you can watch youtube yourself 😉

      • awwww thankuuuu huggyyyyy , that’s fine for the time being anyway still 20 MN to finish the second shift of my daily work and will be back at home 😀

  13. I still have work to do but ockoala made me rest for a while! hehehehe!
    I think it will take me sometime to get over with these two seriously! I mean I will feel empty after the final websode will be shown, I need them to have another project together, even they will not go out in real life. hehehehe!
    somebody help these drowning old maid! LOL!

    • hehehe…me too!! ^^ but, they are going for international promotion together right? hope it’s true…so….it will be loooooong before we could withdraw from PK, BSJ and OHN syndrome… ^^

      • yeshhhh and that’s the only reason I didn’t hate him in BBF , LOL I know his charactere was aww and good hearted and so an so but I couldn’t stand him with his orange hair ( and that was the first time I knew about him ) , only his beautiful smile ( and my friend’s request ) pushed me to watch PK and I’m really happy I did 🙂

      • AH… BOF… i really couldn’t get myself to really watch it…. despite KHJ… but I was watching WGM back then too… so didn’t need BOF for KHJ ^^

        His first orange hairdo was really a bit over the top… but it still didn’t bother me THAT much…

      • and i’m glad you didn’t ignore PK because of that… PK-love should be spread throughout the globe(¤^0^¤)/

      • yes PK lovers all from all over the world and I know at least 3 or4 people from tunisia who are fans , and I’m sure there so many others here that I don’t know

      • I will never cease to express that I love him in Gray. I love the color on him.
        And his smiles ^_^ Sooooo <3

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