Update with Stills from the Filming of Coming Home with Vic Zhou

Vic Zhou (Zai Zai) is deep in the filming for the upcoming epic war C-drama Coming Home, and I have a quick update on the filming. From the spoiler pictures, it looks like Zai Zai’s character will not only be an army medic, he will actually be involved in combat. As long as he doesn’t lose an arm, a leg, mar his perfect face, heck, he better not lose a single hair on his head. Coming Home co-stars some of the most famous drama actors of all time from Taiwan and China.

On an unrelated note, Zai Zai has been dogged at every juncture by people determined to ask him what he thinks about Da S getting married. I’m beyond annoyed, but he appears to be brushing aside the intrusions and remaining mum. Good for him, even his well-wishes need not be broadcast to the world. Coming Home looks to premiere in mid-2011.


Update with Stills from the Filming of Coming Home with Vic Zhou — 5 Comments

  1. ah..I love vic zhou, back in the days when I didn’t know kim hyun joong and kdrama wasn’t that famous, my heart belonged to zai zai…good to see him doing another drama

  2. Ockoala!! Thanks for the quick info on Vic Zhou… He was once upon a time my love and still hold a piece of my heart along with Kim Hyun Joon too! He’s smart to stay out of the exgfengagementmess. I look forward to reading more on Vic Zhou here at your blog!!

    I really hope he will not encounter any injuries during this filming!! He’s too handsome and precious!! 😀

  3. Just like ish & valmylove…Vic Zhou was my first “crush” circa “meteor garden” days & have watched all his dramas through the years!!! It’s refreshing to note that he has ventured to more serious acting in “black & white”..but to follow it up with this historic-action-war drama is quite remarkable!!!
    Thanks for your updates on our fave actors, Ockoala!!! though I’ve ventured more on KDramas of late…I still like watching nice TDramas in between…

  4. I love Vic Zhou and MARS remains my top favourite twdrama of all times <3 <3 <3
    But this drama seems to be heavily war-themed, so I'm gonna skip out on it ^^;;;

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