Teaser Trailer for Episode 1 of Athena: Goddess of War

*THUNK* That is the sound of my chin hitting the floor. Someone bring me a spatula to scoop it back up. Oh god, cute fluffy little Mary doesn’t stand a chance against this behemoth once Giant ends. Ladies and Gents, behold the first official teaser trailer for episode 1 of Athena: Goddess of War.

Athena was like the train that took too long to arrive at the station, so I kinda got distracted by other dramas for the last 4 months. But now that the premiere is less than one month away, expect Athena goodies to drop left and right. It. Looks. So. Good. I am seriously considering canceling my vacation because the thought of not catching two episodes of this drama is already causing my brow to furrow unbecomingly in worry. Jung Woo Sung, baby, honey, I lub you.

Teaser Trailer for Athena:


Yes, Mary can be my crack, Secret Garden can be my stiff gimlet chaser after pulling an all-nighter, but Athena is and ever was always my one and only true drama love for 2010 in terms of sheer anticipatory salivating.


Teaser Trailer for Episode 1 of Athena: Goddess of War — 22 Comments

  1. Ooh yes! Can feel my heart racing after the preview! Need to upgrade my super sucky internet connection before this hits the screens. Cha Seung Won , Jung Woo Sung, and Su Ae (she is totally my girl crush!) – how do I pick one person to crush on?? Not to forget Siwon who I never think much of until I see him in action, the boy oozes charisma.

  2. haha… still stuck debugging my lab at almost 2AM now.. TT
    but when i saw my email about ur athena post… couldn’t resist. it had to be the most anticipated drama for me of the year… i had to mute the teaser though because there’s other poor souls working in my lab as well…

    anyways, have u seen the new posters?

  3. Wooow can’t believe another spy drama will be on the way to good ratings in another JANG GEUN SUK drama. . . Just like IRIS with You’re Beautiful aaaah why???

  4. Highly anticipated drama, indeed!! I liked IRIS a lot….but I have a feeling that I’ll LOVE Athena more!!!
    2010 is truly a banner year for KDrama-watchers!!! Korea’s pursuit for drama excellence & dominance in all its genre forms are in full-gear this year!!!

  5. Poor jks…another competition with spy drama again?”Athena: Goddess of War” is surely will win one…So which drama I should watch?

  6. Dude, I wish they stopped being SUCH teases with all the teasers, trailers and promo pics because I seriously can’t wait any longer. You say 4 months, Koala? I’m exactly like you! I cannot wait and the more teasers they release, the more excited I get and that’s SUCH a bad thing. What if Athena doesn’t hold up to my expectations? I’ll be crushed, I tell you. Crushed.

    And M3 is awesome. I only watched the premiere because I’m a loyal VIA and snagging the subs from other fansubbing group makes me feel like a bad friend and bad fan, but I digress. Our Geuns are soooo cute. Can’t wait to watch SG. I wish I could read your reviews, but you know how much of a spoilerphobe I am. I fail!

    BTW, can you tell our friends I think of them? I’m still in a funk and not in a chatty mood. But I do think of y’all. ♥

    • *Koala Hugs* Oh Sere, I miss you so much, and I’m sure everyone else does as well. I didn’t want to broadcast anything about you without your A-OK, but now I’m off to tell everyone you’re just laying low.

      M3 is wonderful, Secret Garden is ridiculously awesome, and Athena looks to blow my mind.

      • *hugs back* I’m sure this phase will pass -it always does- and when that happens, I’ll be back that’s a promise. Or a threat, I don’t know how that sounds to you 🙂 And thank you! ♥

        I’m soooo happy to hear that. o/ Good dramas are hard to come by though this year has been remarkable so far.

  7. Hi Ockoala
    If you’re recapping this series, I will give it a try in January seeing that Sung Min Woo is in it. Good that he is getting jobs and continued adulation even if his fans know that he is married and has 2 kids. As for the rest of the year, I will need to fulfill my appointed duties in that mountain cabin in PK land and continue singing wham more time.

  8. Will this be another “Runaway Plan B”? I hope the opening scene doesn’t have Jung Woo Sung in white half unbuttoned shirt holding a gun walking toward us while cars are flying and explosion act as a backdrop. Ha!

  9. despite my craziness for PK (i even missed that this post is about athena due to pk), i’m anticipating this one!!!!

    (and haru… but don’t know when that one will air…?)

  10. As much as I’ve looked forward to Athena, Mary will be my favourite best most awesome drama of 2010 ^^ Hehehe!~

    On another note… Siwon………………………… 🙂

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