Written Preview for Episode 3 of Secret Garden

Unlike the written previews for other dramas, Secret Garden’s written previews are exceedingly short and succinct. Which makes sense, because Kim Eun Sook’s dramas thrive on the action, the dialogue, and the body language to fully express each and every moment. That’s impossible to sum up for each upcoming episode.

I’d like to use this opportunity to also confirm that I have no plans to recap Secret Garden because of my work and travel schedule for the next few weeks (crazy doesn’t begin to describe it). Since I’ve already started on Mary Stayed Out All Night, I want to follow through on that drama for the fans who have been following it.

I would have loved the challenge to recap SG, but alas, my will has a larger appetite than reality dictates, so I must reluctantly pass on this gem of a drama. After 2 episodes, I absolutely love SG, and think it’s positively brimming with win with respect to the characters, story, execution, and above all else, whole cast chemistry.

Preview for episode 3 of Secret Garden:

Joo Won has prepared a lavish meal for Ra Im, asking her: isn’t this better than what she thought (him being a unemployed layabout), is she surprised, doesn’t he slightly look different?

Ra Im tells Joo Won to stop doing this from now on. And stop coming to the action school. She gets up to leave, and Joo Won tries to stop her. She tells him that she’s not comfortable eating here. She gives him money for the meal and for her medical expenses, telling him that now they owe each other nothing, and have no reason to see each other anymore. She turns and leaves.

Damn, but girlfriend is so fine, both in appearance and in attitude. She has zero patience for fools, and Joo Won is like a child stuck in a man’s body trying to entice the cute girl in the playground to come over and play with him. I can’t believe this, but I feel like SG has enough story without the fantasy body-switch element. Which added to this already incredible and whiz-bang start, only means the drama has a one-way trajectory towards potentially amazing. That’s my prediction and I’m sticking to it.

[Written preview from SBS Secret Garden website]


Written Preview for Episode 3 of Secret Garden — 24 Comments

  1. LOL XD I like this drama but like @hellochloe, I’m afraid that the body-switch stuff can ruin it. T.T Ugh. I hope not…

    Anyway thanks Koala for this preview. It’s okay if you won’t be recapping it anymore. 🙂 We understand. I’m a big fan of M3 too so I’ll still hang around over here. ^^

    • I’m dying to recap Secret Garden. This is when I wish my evil twin was real and not a figment of my imagination. What I would give for 48 hour days or an extra pair of hands.

      • Hi. Can you tell me where are you watching secret garden? for some reason that I don´t know, i´m not able to watch it at viikii. Everyone is talking about it and I wan´t at least to know why. Besides that, I love your page. Thanks for every newa, recaps and opinions : )

  2. Ah – this has such potential for awesome. I haven’t waited this impatiently for an episode 3 of a show in…..forever. I really want a Tardis to take me to Saturday. 😎

  3. hi ockoala,

    thanks for the PK spazzing! am glad that i stumble onto your little blog if not i would not have discover that M3 and SG is quite interesting as normally i watch k-drama if only the storyline or the actors are familiar.

    hyun bin here…. his actions makes me LOL so much that i cannot help but want to watch more. sad that you won’t be recapping this one as i have always love your insights.

    thanks again! and looking forward to the M3 recaps.

  4. Wow! What is it that you do that keeps you so swamped with work? (Makes me feel a little guilty to have so much free time after my work day). Your first 2 SG recaps really helped clarify the episodes for me. Hopefully you gave us all the push we need to make sense of the rest of it.
    Anyway……..I also had a bit of a search before discovering a reliable site from which to satisfy my “K”ravings. One is Jacinda Entertainment and another is Kim Chi Drama. They seem to get the English subtitles before anyone else. I hope this helps Ana.

  5. I know, right! Actually I’m not really excited or looking forward the body switching story, because these two characters are awesome already.

    I like Hyun Bin’s acting here, but for eye candy, I like Phillip Lee wayyy more than HB.
    I wish he’ll get more screen time.

    And Oska, oh I love YSY’s portrayal, and his interactions and banters with HB…it’s hilarious!

  6. Thanks for the preveiw , I’m loving this drama , it’s helping me to forget a little by little PK ( ok it’s gonna be very hard but I’m trying my best ) .
    I’m also a bit suspicious concerning the switch , I wish it’s gonna be done smoothly .
    anyway will wait and watch , and I’m sorry that you won’t be able to update this drama becoz I’m loving it even more than M3

  7. Oh ho ho! No reason to meet each anymore, but that’s not what your heart wants Lime-shi…Looks like they’re heading for Jeju island cuz Ra Im won that date with Oska & that’s where the body swap happen.

    Jo Won mother spells trouble isn’t she? It’s a 20 parts drama so who wanna bet she’s going to make an entrance as a typical mother of a CEO in K-drama when the couple are in lurve & she disapproves cuz of Ra Im not so fancy background.

    This drama pilot episode is like a magnet which is rare ~~ !! Hyun bin is even ‘finer’ than his Samsook days.

    • hi could you temme about the date with Oska in jiju Island , I mean I didn’t know about that , could you please temme from were you got this info concerning the story , is there any link ?

      • Yap, it’s written in the character synopsis. Rumor are that the soul switch will happen while they are in jeju Island. As in we saw that in the official trailer.

      • ahh ok , seems I have to dig more about the show and also have to watch the trailors , becoz I tell you the truth I didn’t since my focus was all on PK 😀

  8. Will I seem terribly easy and fickle if I said that SG has totally gotten me over the PK hump? Like I said in my reply in MSOAN, I didn’t get the obsession over SG, with the whole body-switch concept, which seemed rather meh. But the epicness of the first two episodes are enough to convince me that they will overcome all obstacles, including all and any bad cliches that the kdrama world may throw at me!

  9. I’m not yet looking forward the body switching story simply because i absolutely LOVED Hyun bin..i’m enjoying Hyun bin’s charactor, he plays Joowon so well so adorable and COOL! (^O^) bravo !

    • I am excited about the body switch. Why, it will still be Hyun Bin playing Ga Rim’s version of Hyun Bin. A much more macho Hyun Bin.

      I want Binnie in any version. Bring it on show. Well I am one of those who absolutely loved Jun Ki different version in TBDG. So I am super excited.

  10. Thank you for Ep 3 preview!! SO so so looking forward to the weekend! Although I love my weekends, now there is this drama that keeps me all excited with joy!!

    The story so far is attractive to me…just hope that the soul-switching thing will turn out great (as the story progresses)…We all understand that you have work to attend to, and we are appreciative already and we thank you for all of things you’ve done!! 🙂

  11. thanks so much for the translation!

    I love the main couple most ardently! I agree that the drama has so much going for it pre-body switching. I actually fear what the body switching can bring to the dynamic that I already adore. I just hope it adds and doesn’t take away. It’s my new crack drama. It’s addictive but so winning with characters, plot, and production.

  12. emmemem 1 ep was really good story …..i love & obsesses with this actor too…..
    lot of his drama i heve been watching since 2006……but only 1 of his drama i didn’t finish watching Friend of our Legend….
    even bought the DVD i stop to watching in the midle….and directly watch to the last ep…….hhahahas sort cut …by the thanks ockoala…loph yaaaaaaaaa all k-drama i been watching online http://www.kimchidrama.blogspot.com http://www.kimchitube.com http://www.dramacrazy.net

  13. Binnie’s back in a genre that suits him BEST!!! Ha Ji Won has always been consistently good…the script’s dialogues are crisp & smart…cinematography is awesome…SG has all the makings of a HIT DRAMA…& I’m only in the first episode!!!
    Sad to hear you won’t be recapping this, Ockoala…but doing M3 for us is more than enough for us…kamshamnida!!!!

  14. I’m suddenly glad that I didn’t make time for episode 2 til today. Less wait time for next episode.

    I’m excited for the switch because I think both actors are going to totally nail acting as each other. I wasn’t expecting this much interaction before the switch. The fact that he’s already so infatuated with her adds a WHOLE different dynamic to the body switch.

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