Jung So Min’s Photoshoot for Elle Girl

Our beautiful Min Min (Jung So Min) won our hearts and devotion forever as the bumbling, lovestruck, devoted, and determined Oh Ha Ni in Playful Kiss. But the real Min Min is nothing like Ha Ni, and more like her character in Bad Guy, the daughter of a well-to-do family, a ballerina by training, and talented beyond belief. When people compare her to Yoon Eun Hye, I take that compliment not in terms of just looks, but in terms of future potential.

Bringing you a few pictures from Min Min’s Elle Girl photoshoot, where we see her channeling a more rocker boho style. Her debut in 2010 marks her as a young actress to watch in the future. With her range and natural connection with the camera, I can see Min Min having a Moon Geun Young-like career. Yes, I just compared her to Korea’s undisputed young queen of acting. Hee, allow me some over-reaching, I just adore her to pieces, is all.


Jung So Min’s Photoshoot for Elle Girl — 45 Comments

  1. wowwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! she’s so gorgeous. i β™₯ the first pic πŸ˜€ i do agree with you ockoala, she can be MGY acting wise and indeed, she’s adorable.

  2. I agree with you, Min Min can act and I hope she will do very well in her acting career. I like the 1st pic, she looks so beautiful & sexy.

  3. Thank you for posting this Ockoala.
    I like the word “YOUNG QUEEN OF ACTING” you said. I don’t think u are over reaching.
    I agree with you, as Jung So Min was a (otherhalf- heart of PK), she did an amazing job in portraying OHN.

  4. Love Jung So Min. She’s reason that I love PK as much as I do. She just made you “feel” Oh Ha Ni…spunky, mischievous, sad, depressed, exuberant. Her facial expressions are so natural that even OTT moments did felt like a normal occurrence. I’ll be catching her in Bad Guy next.

    Looking at her various pictures, she never looks the same in each photo shoot. She has a versatile look and style. Her eyes are amazing. I’m obsessed with her eyes…especially her ability to bat them while pouting. It is the cutest thing I’ve ever scene.

    Wait until the Vogue photos come out…let the YEH comparisons begin…

  5. I love this girl and I already miss her. She’s so natural and down to earth. I’m happy she will continue her studies next year.. Can’t wait for her & khj for their PK promotional activities.
    Thank you ockoala for bringing this article here. As usual, U R D Best!

  6. She’s beautiful, and if at such a young age she’s growing great versatility as an actress, then imagine how much better she will be in the future.

    I can’t wait to see her next project.

  7. I adore her super much too! πŸ™‚ I think PK became successful because of her charm and acting prowess.

    I’m looking forward for her next drama. ^^

      • i opened 10 windows and clicked non stop for like 30 mins. how come she is still at # 4 when her votes are more than # 3 actress?

        BTW let’s make her #1

      • @nina They are not in order of first to last place. Their pictures don’t move. They stay in the same order all the time. You have to just look at the number of votes to see what position they are in. She is like Lily said way behind the other 3. The N0. 1 spot in the ladies category has over 9 million votes while Jung So Min has as of right now just 95 thousand. Huge difference!

    • oh i just realized they didn’t put the name in the order. JSM currently has 123,400 votes… way too behind the #3 having 325,00 votes but great improvement from yesterday only 95000…
      please keep voting for her

  8. I will patiently wait for Min Min’s next acting project, I bet it will be just a piece of cake for her. she’s versatile, but right now I hope that she will have enough rest and I hope that she will finish her studies in uni.

  9. MinMin! so gorgeous. my dream role for her is a sheltered ballerina with body image issues and neurotic tendencies, a la’ Natalie Portman in Black Swan. i think she will totally nail it. or any other role for that matter. BUT if that’s not possible..i wouldn’t mind a spy movie alongside a certain someone we lurves. πŸ˜‰

    Ahjusshi and Ahjumma Smith, anyone? haha. can’t resist sharing this: hhttp://lolyzel.tumblr.com/post/1626057443/their-next-project-ahjussi-ahjumma-smith-lolere:

    credit: soompi

      • Agree agree! I want her role as a ballerina too since she has capable to do that moves. I watched her in pk’s japan bts, she’s awesome and beautiful while dancing ballet^^

      • LOL… that was minmin in bad guy. and yes, since she studied ballet from elementary till middle school, she can do that ballerina role so well πŸ˜€

      • Where i can watch BAD GUY? I’m new fan of her. I know her because she is KHJ’s love interest in PK. Please help…thank you sooo many!

      • Katwoman, thank you for the links! I’m not finish watching yet but I did find JSM so adorable in bad guy. Her looks is totally different from Oh Hani. I love her now as i love hyunjoong. I hope more drama for her and khj together come their ways.

  10. dear ockoala, thank you for bringing us news of jung so min. u have no idea how much i miz her…love her potrayal as ha ni to bits. i’m hoping that something special might develop btw her and hyun joong….they look so adorable together…

  11. We all love her to bits, but guys, it’s really creepy cos there are some people out there who really hate her….I was reading the comments on the latest press conference vid put up by ytkiss and there’s this person who really really hates her and posted up some really vicious horrible comments about her – a ver long hate-filled tirade…it gave me the creeps *shivers*

    • @mayssenger, i heard about that too from my sister. PK was her first time watching a k-drama and she was completely turned off by those vicious comments at ytkiss. yikes.

      btw, no M3 for me until the winter break. sorry i can’t join the fun with you guys. hehe. just saw the first 3 eps of SG and i fell head over heels. its sooooo good. if it keeps up the way it is now, its probably my best drama this year. you should check it out too. of course, PK will always have a special spot in my heart. always. πŸ˜‰

  12. can’t wait for her to have another drama with khj, because they look so adorable together. i love her acting, so natural. khj is going to school too, are they going to the same university? this is very interesting hehehehe…

    i love jung so min, she has that innocent look and very cute and has that natural beauty…

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