Written Preview for Secret Garden Episodes 7 & 8

The written previews for Secret Garden really are the pits. It’s poorly written, and rather pointless since it gives nothing meaningful away. But since we’re all addicted and anything is better than nothing at all, I bring you the collective written previews for episodes 7 and 8, which will be airing this weekend. Let me preface by saying that so much of what is happening now is physical situational comedy, even a well-written preview doesn’t make much of an impact.

[Edit: I keep getting these hilarious name references clogging my mind when I say their names: Gil Ra Im – everyone knows she’s Key Lime, Joo Won – I keep wanting to say “you won!”, Yoon Seul – c’mon!, in a body-swap drama, her name is literally “your soul”, and Oska, well, he’s just a dude who didn’t want to be called Oscar.]

Written preview for episode 7 of Secret Garden:

Yoon Seul accidentally sees Ra Im and Joo Won embracing. She uses a very cutting tone and tells Ra Im – what type of education and ability does Ra Im have that she can carelessly throw herself at anyone? Seul solicitously asks whether Joo Won has been frightened by this whole incident with Ra Im?

A person who doesn’t know that Ra Im and Joo Won have changed bodies tells Ra Im (in Joo Won’s body) that even though he’s just pitying her, he needs to be clear about it. Ra Im hears this and pretends that she is okay, but she feels the hurt inside.

Written preview for episode 8 of Secret Garden:

Joo Won asks Ra Im (they are still switched bodies) whether she can like Oska as a man. Ra Im candidly explains that whenever she felt tired and worn down, she would listen to Oska’s music to compose her mood. She likes Oska as a fan. Ra Im feels very happy that she has this opportunity with the body switch. Joo Won’s expression shows that he thinks she will regret having their bodies switched.

Joo Won (in Ra Im’s body) meets someone who has prepared a document file. That person has prepared a guarantee and tries to obtain Ra Im’s fingerprint. Joo Won (in Ra Im’s body) decides to read the paperwork first. That person is shocked at how petty Ra Im has become. Joo Won asks the person whether he intends to prepare such paperwork each month, shocking the person into silence.

Yeah, I have no idea what I just wrote either. Whatever, bring on more hijinks! A few spoilers that have been floating around says that they will switch bodies twice – which I take to mean that they will switch back, and then switch again sometime in the future. I’m deathly curious about the whys. Aren’t you? If cancer or any other deadly illness rears it ugly head in this drama, I will be hella pissed.

[Written preview from SBS Secret Garden website]


Written Preview for Secret Garden Episodes 7 & 8 — 16 Comments

  1. LMAO @ ‘Yeah, I have no idea what I just wrote either.’

    pfffft i’m not getting any of it either hahah,
    ahhh saturday, please arrive fast!!

    ps. i’m a new addict of SG ^^

    • *peer pressure*

      Hehe. Yeah, that preview is um…what?

      Who cares, we know whatever is going to happen is going to be good!

      I’m so scared of this melofantasy business, though!

      • keke thnx for the pressure luly^^

        i hope SG stays this good… when they swapped bodies I was so surprised! .. i was like: what the H??? didn’t know it was going to be that kind of drama

        it was very amusing and it showed how the leads are really good actors, but i’m missing Joo Won’s apparent affection towards Ra Im 😛

      • Mostly off topic, loving those sneakers in that picture of HJW. Wish I could see the brand….

    • hey welcome to SG addicted club my dear 🙂
      Ockoala : thanks my dear and I can understand what you are saying about SG written previews , they are very poor and don’t give a clear idea about what possibly can happen .
      anyway the person who gave Ra-Im in JW’s body is his mum who is asking him to sign some papers .
      the long preview of epi 7 is out too and I think it’s gonna be very interresting but tell you the truth I’m waiting for the switch back I want the real RI and the real JW to be back , becoz if the switch has as object to make each one understands the other’s feelings then I can say till now I’m not seeing anything from this .

      • annyeong!!!

        yeah, me wants them to switch back badly too, despite this situation being entertaining, but as i said, i miss seeing JW showcasing deep affection towards RI^^

  2. Thanks you for posting this Ockoala.

    In my point of view, I really cannot get after HB&HJW switched bodies.
    I skipped quiet often at when I was watching epi6.
    For me Epi one to half of epi5 was so good, I felt emotion and its touched my heart from the story line and their acting…..after switched bodies I scream …… NOOOOOOO…..
    I know from han cinema this drama may be sad ending…..
    I was hoping SG will be one of the touching heart romatic comedy dramas….. but ….. who knows……..

  3. From what I’ve read elsewhere “that person” is supposed to be JW’s creepy Mom.

    Sheesh, the promotional people for SG is awful – horrible promo stills, now horrible ep synopses.

  4. oh koala, you’re lookin’ good! Everytime I come here I see a new freakin-tastic banner 😀
    I also didn’t know who THAT PERSON was when I was translating the preview, but someone managed to find out that Boon Hong (or Fen Hong in chinese) is Joo Won’s mom.

    Is it really that bad? I really liked the stills and stories…

  5. I read somewhere that it’s JW’s mom. I guess probably JW’s mom is trying to pay ra-im to get away from her son. So maybe she draft a contract to separate JW and RI

  6. I’m so slow on the uptick, wondered why I saw Lime associated with Gil Ra Im… And Joo Won, does in fact sound like my latin mother saying “you won!” *snort*

  7. the person that gave the two people the alchol was ra im’s dad.
    he made them switch bodies because he didn’t want his daughter to live life by being poor. so he switched the bodies so that she could live the life as a successful and rich person.

  8. Yea I have taken to thinking of her as Key Lime to. I could swear that when oska was calling for her on the mic that he said “rhyme rhyme key lime” to be cute.

    But yes Key Lime it is.

  9. Excellent review. Korean is a difficult language for me– I understand maybe 50%; enough for SG to be addictive…. watching ‘re-runs’ right now…

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