Secret Garden Written Previews for Episode 11 and 12

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I think I’m going to drop Secret Garden. I don’t mean drop it as in never watch it again. But I find myself nitpicking more than enjoying, even when there is so very much I do enjoy in the drama. Which just signals that I’m not in the right mood for it. So it’s no more SG for me until its done airing and I can marathon it. In fact, I plan to watch the entire thing all over again, starting from episode 1 rather than episode 11 where I am leaving off.

City Hall was truly a transformative and immersive experience for me because I watched it in pretty much one sitting. I caught up right during the week the final two episodes were airing, and wow was it an amazing experience to watch that ending live. I am too fond of SG for me to grow to tolerate it, so I shall take a break and come back with fresh eyes. In the meantime, I’ll try to keep bringing updates for the Gardeners.

Preview for Episode 11

Joo Won tells his mother that in the future, should he be willing to live or die for this woman (i.e. is crazy about her), that is the time she should object. She should also do her best to split them up at such time. Joo Won’s mom, instead of hearing a plea by Joo Won to be with Ra Im, hears instead a request by Joo Won to split them up, is utterly confused and befuddled by this turn of events. She feels rather lightheaded.

Ra Im, who has been listening to this conversation between Joo Won and his mom, is increasingly angry. She thanks Joo Won’s mom for her son’s clingy ways, and asks her to discipline him. Ra Im gets up and leaves.

Preview for Episode 12:

Joo Won tells Ra Im that he is willing to take her place. He is willing to stay by her side like an ephemeral presence, and then disappear. Ra Im tells him to say something that sounds reasonable for once. Ra Im turns to leave, and Joo Won stops her. He touches her head gently, and tells her that this decision is something he put considerable thought into. He asks Ra Im to think it over carefully, and then let him know her decision.

My thoughts:

Yeah, still no clue what these SG previews foretell in terms of drama narrative or development. Which is a good thing, as I can keep bringing you SG spoilers without actually spoiling myself. Just so you know, my not being ga-ga over SG is no indictment of its quality, or lack thereof. I really think I’m not in the mood to savor it right now, and SG deserves more of my undivided attention at a later juncture.

[Credit: previews from SBS, translated into Chinese by Secret Garden Baidu bar, translated into English by me]


Secret Garden Written Previews for Episode 11 and 12 — 15 Comments

  1. Nooooo!!! Don’t say that Koala ๐Ÿ™
    I get exactly where you’re coming from, I’m really confused about the point of the drama..
    I thought it was getting better/interesting.. what made you lose hope?

    • I didn’t lose hope, and I still like SG a lot. I’m just way to busy with work, the holidays, and my upcoming trip to enjoy the drama, finding myself spacing out when I’m watching.

      I hate when that happens, so it’s best for me to take a break and watch the entire drama after it finishes.

      • Totally understandable… I almost wanted to stop watching it now too bu for a slightly different reason. It’s by far the best k-drama I’ve seen (granted I haven’t seen a lot but I dare say SG is of very high quality from almost all aspects of production and acting). It’s just too painful to have to wait a whole long week for another 2 episodes to be aired and subbed. I bet it can be enjoyed much more when the whole thing is watched in 1 sitting instead of speculating what may come next. That guessing is driving me crazy week after week…

        Again, SG is just absolutely wonderful, IMO. Definitely need to come back to watch the whole thing when it’s done airing. Promise, OCKoala?

  2. thanks for the preview. i’m not really surprised by what ep 12 suggests cause i was thinking JW was going to come to this decision. as for yours, i totally understand. can’t wait to hear your comments once you pick it back up, if you choose to share ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. uh, i too put watching SG on hold after EP8. after that i just don’t feel compelled to go on a mad scramble to download the raw vids. I’ll probably pick it up again after New Year’s or when I don’t have much to do.

  4. OMG why does he make it sound like he only has a short amount of time? :'( His past and that house is like a huuuuge cliffhanging foreshadow LOL

  5. oh koala…i’m so sad…u’r wordpress is the first thing i’ll open when i fnished watching SG.
    i do feel the same about waiting for all the episodes to be broadcasted but i’m not sure if i can wait that long…but i’m willing to give it a try..

    i really hope Joo Won make a move because though it’s already episod 10,Ra Im doesn’t seems to fall for him,instead she’s more interested in Oska..

    gosh…hope the time move faster. =.=”

  6. im sad heard that youll not continue this drama until its finished..

    but in the other hand, i envy you..
    i always think that my addiction to drama is really taking my time..
    specially airing korean dramas..i watch it live streaming,read recaps,haunt subtitle,and watch again after the srt is out,and haunt preview..

    i want to just check if the srt out about 4days after its aired,so i can get it and watch it and back doing my stuff..
    but i cant!!

  7. Nice job don’t stop, for me the most excited thing to watch SG is the crazy waiting every Sunday and Monday. It’s fun to watch it little by little than watch it until it finishes airing. Please continue to update …!

  8. I’m totally new here, but I just had to comment on this ๐Ÿ™‚
    You have to keep on watching SG! It’s just getting to the really good part! Or else I’m just too dazed by the drama to notice if there are any shortcomings.. Either way, SG is fantastic!

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