Han Hyo Joo in Paris Modeling for Lovecat Handbags

Han Hyo Joo has been doing a slew of endorsements since she recently wrapped up a 9 month long drama shoot for Dong Yi. While I hated Dong Yi with a passion, I still love Han Hyo Joo regardless, because I find her effortlessly charming and radiant, even if she’s not the best actress in the book.

Amongst all her recent endorsements, the one I like the most is her print ad campaign for Lovecat, a Parisian accessories line. Han Hyo Joo was photographed in Paris, and traveled there to meet the artisans who craft the bags. It’s a cute concept – but at the end of the day, I want Han Hyo Joo AND Paris way more than I want one of those bags.

Han Hyo Joo is like the ideal endorsement girl. She’s non-threatening, pretty as a flower, and totally seems approachable even for men. I totally have a girl crush on her that has nothing to do with her limited acting ability. She’s just so squishable.


Han Hyo Joo in Paris Modeling for Lovecat Handbags — No Comments

  1. Those bags are soo cute I can’t wait till I till I am in Paris in April.. so excited. Han Hyo Joo looks really pretty here.

      • They are simple which is what I think is cute. I personally wouldn’t buy one though since I like simple but more in bold colors rather than pastels even though I think the bags are cute.

  2. 5 stars for Hyo-joo! i want her back in kdramaland preferably with Gong Yoo..like you, dong yi is my least favorite out of all her works(i loved her performance in ad lib night, i’m an indie film junkie)~ uneven performance there but it was not all that bad, i thought she had more control in her emotional scenes now. but yeah, she’s a favorite..great-looking, great person (she seems to be) and i’m sure on her way to becoming a great actress.

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