First Peek at Upcoming SBS Drama Midas

I don’t have anything really positive or negative to say about the upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama Midas (following Athena: Goddess of War) if I balance the various elements against each other. Positive – Jang Hyuk (he’s so god-awesome he can singlehandedly take this entire side of the scale). Negative – a script by famed screenwriter Choi Wan Kyu (All In, Gourmet, Kingdom of the WindsSwallow the Sun, IRIS), and directed by Kang Shin Hyo (Tazza) – all of these dramas are on my meh-to-crap list.

In addition to Jang Hyuk, Midas will also star Kim Hee Ae, Lee Min Jung, and No Min Woo. SBS has only released pictures of the first three leads, but there hasn’t been a single peek at No Min Woo yet. C’mon SBS, drop us some Dong Joo Teacher please!

Ottoke? On one hand – love Jang Hyuk, on the other hand – have no faith in the PD or writer. Guess it’ll be wait and see for me. The stills don’t exactly inspire me either. It looks so….inanimate. And the teaser trailers are even worse. Rather than tease me, it made me go “what?”, and not in a good way. I also want to bean the voiceover guy, who says “Midaaaassss” in this smarmy announcer voice, which made me realize that it is possible to instantly hate a voice.

Lee Min Jung looks radiant and gorgeous in all the stills I have seen of her so far, but what is with her and playing ditched brides? If she gets left at the altar in Midas, which looks to be the case, then along with Boys Before Flowers and Smile, You, Lee Min Jung is now three-for-three in starring in dramas where her character puts on a wedding dress and ends up an abandoned bride. That’s worse than playing a character that always bites it in a drama (i.e. So Ji Sub in most of his dramas).

Since there are no stills of No Min Woo, and the early posters feature only the three leads, Midas looks to be another drama with a very compelling love/revenge triangle. Check out the weird teasers below.

Midas is set in the financial world and is a story about ambition, greed, and revenge. Looks to be more thriller than melodrama, but it’s really all been there and done that. Midas premieres in 3 weeks at the end of February.

Midas Teaser 1:


Midas Teaser 2:



First Peek at Upcoming SBS Drama Midas — No Comments

  1. Yeah Jang hyuk only the positive one and no min woo but I guess NMW wont get big bites here.somehow I don’t have heart with storyline.sound heavy and weeping.naah I’m into bout The duo.seems no one say a word,have you watch it?what do you think?

  2. I agree Koala ….the PD and writers don’t convice me much….and to be honest i’m not into “thriller” dramas…I love my rom-coms.. 😀 but I love Emo Guy and Min Jung….so maybe I’ll see the 1st ep. and decide.

  3. what the?! I don’t know what kind of reaction I should have after watching those teasers. can’t describe it. the only interesting part about it was the “Midaaaassss” voiceover…but not in a very good way.

  4. Tazza is in my complete PoS list. TT_TT out of everything I hate about that drama (I even hate JH’s perf there) I hate the directing THE most (ok the writing as well), yeah I’m comparing shit against shit.

    The writer, hate. hate. hate. Midas really has no odds to be decent in my books as I know myself very well, at the end of the day, I’m rarely pleasantly surprised.

    JH…is so sooo hot though. I’m also not into ‘thriller’ in kdrama, they always bore me to tears in shrills instead of thrills.

    I think I’ll happily droolz on your caps, that’s my game plan.

  5. guess who else is in it other than the 4 mentioned above …..Kim Sung Oh (Secretary Kim from SG)!!!…i’m in love with this guy after SG and Ahjussi where he played a very scary villain….also Jung Suk Won who played the one half of an adorable bromance in Dr Champ….that’s a very yummy cast right there….i’m still approaching this with caution though cuz of all the dramas with great casts that still crapped out in 2010….also LOL abt this being LMJ third time being ditched at the altar….never realized that until now

  6. ugh, this drama has only Jang Hyuk going for it.. it looks soooo makjang. i don’t know if this will work for me. I watched the teaser and it gave me goose bumps but not in the good way….still jang hyuk is hot..hmmm, a dilemma.

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