Latest Production Stills of Jung Woo Sung as Athena Concludes in Two Weeks

My most anticipated drama of 2010 turned out to also be the biggest disappointment of the year for me. It wasn’t the worst drama of 2010, but it was definitely the biggest waste of talent all around. No, I’m not talking about Secret Garden, which by the way I loved from the outset and continued to have elements that entranced me even to the end.

If you all know my number 1 actor love, then it’s easy to conclude that I am talking about Athena: Goddess of War. Athena makes IRIS look like a masterpiece. Athena makes third-grade written spy thrillers look like a Ph.D disseration. Athena makes me angry and embarrassed for everyone involved for getting suckered into signing up for this production. To commemorate it’s impending conclusion, bringing you the latest shooting stills of Jung Woo Sung, looking impeccable and healthy after an on-the-set accident a few weeks ago.

Even my love for Jung Woo Sung is not enough for me to continue watching Athena (I finally gave up around episode 12), because I literally feel my head hurt as the brains cells die a slow and inexorable death from the stupidity onscreen. All I’m doing now is saving all the gorgeous stills of my honey from the drama. And he is so very pretty in this drama (as are all the actors actually, the amount of eye candy and solid acting is ridiculously high). I actually tried writing a first impression review of Athena for you guys last month, and I ended up crying from anger and then smushing my computer keys like I was playing a game of smash the gopher. Athena is a lost cause, but we can still all enjoy the pretty, no?

I want to rename the drama – Athena: Stupid People at War, or Athena: Goddess of Stupidity. Athena herself must be rolling over in her immortal coil having been associated with this production. When I say this drama is stupid, I’m honestly confessing that every single plot point makes me go “huh?” and then “what?”, and then finally “butbutbut, why doesn’t anyone else see the obviousness of the situation, is everyone BLIND in this drama?”. And then I repeat this process for the next plot development.

Luckily, it’s pretty obvious that everyone in the drama knows they are acting out lame and ridiculous storylines, but they gamely soldier on, and appear to be just chilling with the situation and enjoying the opportunity of doing a drama which brought so many A-list stars together. I will definitely buy Athena when it comes out on DVD, because I am a sucker like that. But I will never let Mr. Koala watch it, because he will spend the entire time mocking it, and I have to glumly accept all the deserved mocking.

Athena will be followed by Midas, starring Jang Hyuk, Kim Hee Ae, Lee Min Jung, and No Min Woo. I never thought the day would come when I am anticipating my I Lub You to get off the screen. *Goes off to cry some more*

[Credits: all pictures of the respective news agencies as identified, or from Baidu Jung Woo Sung bar]


Latest Production Stills of Jung Woo Sung as Athena Concludes in Two Weeks — 15 Comments

    • He’s perfect, isn’t he? And he will never be caught wearing lifts or padding his height. Heh. But what a travesty of having him showcased in dreck.

      You never did watch even an episode of Athena, did you, unni?

      • I did not.

        I will, however, cop to watching Cha Seung Won’s “Let’s get down and dirty on this table, baby” scene in Episode 10. My laptop screen is singed around the edge. Holy moly…

        Watched your ILY’s love scene too., but… well, there just was no comparison, was there? 🙁

      • It’s just another Athena-related travesty heaped on my ILU.

        I rue the day he got the call to do this PoS.

  1. uh youre right one. this drama is pure eye candy.. but i gave up watching it after a few episodes coz I had a feeling its gonna cost me a lot of migraine pills…but **sigh** your I Lub You is just drool worthy!

  2. I’ve watched 3 eps. I’m still trying to muster the courage and go on. And I keep failing. I think to myself, “Okay, be a little soldier and do your job as a fan” and then the eps languish on my HDD. :(((( I’m forever distressed about this situation.

    • Just stop, Sere-babe. You will miss nothing, except sleep better at night. It’s mindbogglingly stupid. Great production values, dreadful plot.

    • the first 10 or so episodes are quite not worth watching…but if you want to watch beautiful people doing not so beautiful things mindlessly, it would be fine.

      I find the second half a bit better (although logically it’s not quite comprehensible…). A lot of characters are not well-developed and sometimes I’m unsure what’s the point of having the characters in the first place.

      I continue to watch just because I want to see how it will end in a couple weeks. Most of all, I guess I want to see how Son-hyuk tries to destroy everything and how Hye-in turns back to the good (she’s so damaged emotionally/psychologically).

      I wish the production has given more time to develop the relationship between SH and HI just so we know more about their background and why they are what they are now….

      The plot was pretty much wasted in the first half… but I think I’ll continue to stick with it to the end :).

      You can skip many episodies w/o getting lost….kind of sad but true.. 🙂


  3. Oh what a dreadful waste of a beautiful man who should have been a God & a star studded cast.

    At leasts the locations were fun to watch. They’re probably going to run into some financial mishaps like Runaway Plan B.

    I’m planning on watching it even though I’ve lost my interest. I need to know & witness that Woo Sung puts up a good fight. HAHAHA!!!

  4. Gorgeous, Impeccable and just perfect! Thank you very much for pictures. And yes everything you said above is so right. My brain goes to sleep when I see him, a new fact about myself I’m discovering, lol.

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