Sweet Scandal Gets the Post-Midas Slot on SBS Without a Confirmed Cast

After hearing about the editing debacle that was the last episode of Sign, it just reinforces my belief that K-dramas should aim to be pre-produced, for the health, safety, and sanity of the the production crew and the viewers. With that said, K-dramas not only live shoot, lately its also pretty last minute on confirming some casting news. SBS notoriously yanked its 9 p.m. drama hour completely (stranding What’s Up without an airdate) as well as giving Poseidon the post-Midas slot one day and then taking it right back the next. Classy, SBS, real classy.

So what is airing behind Midas, you ask? Why that would be a drama called Lie to Me (recently renamed Sweet Scandal), which still has not confirmed its lead actors. So SBS yanks Poseidon, which has been filming for months now, for a drama that doesn’t even have a confirmed cast? It would appear so, however much it hurts the brain to try to rationalize the thought process that went into this. If anything can be said, it’s that the rumored cast of Sweet Scandal is pretty intriguing – Lee Seo Jin, Park Shi Hoo, and Yoon Eun Hye.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this rumored casting comes true – apparently word on the street is that Yoon Eun Hye’s camp is asking the production not to send out a press release about her casting until her movie My Black Mini Dress premieres next week, so as to not detract attention from that project.

Lee Seo Jin is someone I like way better in sageuks, and don’t like much at all in real life. Park Shi Hoo always looks like an albino bird to me in pictures, but then I watch him onscreen and I totally get his appeal, and then he goes back to being an albino bird the next time I see him in pictures. But he’s a totally wonderful dude in real life, and I love the fact that he’s notorious now for being a second lead who almost always steals the show. Heh.

I’m sad to report that regardless of how potentially charismatic the cast of Sweet Scandal will be, I have zero faith in its scriptwriter, the person who brought the world Heading to the Ground (aka the soccer drama where somehow Yunho ends up in an insane asylum). “Nuff said. But the PD has a nice resume that includes directing Green Rose and Father’s House.

If Yoon Eun Hye accepts Sweet Scandal, and the script goes bonkers rather like it did for her My Fair Lady, I would be so sad again. With drama after K-drama letting me down in the script department lately, I’m beginning to wonder where the good scriptwriters have all gone?


Sweet Scandal Gets the Post-Midas Slot on SBS Without a Confirmed Cast — 22 Comments

    • but i remember before watching him in Prosecutor Princess I was so baffled that people were saying “omg he’s so hot” in the comments for dramabean’s recaps. from pictures he’s “ok”. then i was curious so i checked out Prosecutor Princess and I was the one saying “omg he’s so hot” lol.

    • OMG, yes he does. I didn’t see it before but now I see it. ALBINO BIRD is perfect. It’s the nose and lips.

      But then you’re right – one whiff of him in PP and it’s game over…oh I miss that drama (as weird as it was)

  1. Watch PSH once and you’ll be hooked forever. I don’t want him to be the second lead. He’s too charismatic for that. Never mind, he’ll just charm and swagger his way into the lead, as usual.

  2. The screenwriter of Heading to the Ground?

    I don’t think so. No chance I’ll be going anywhere near this drama now. (thanks for the heads up koala!)

  3. Um, SBS, why not go with the drama that’s ALREADY BEEN FILMED??? You know, What’s Up? Capitalize on Big Bang’s come back and the Dream High fever? I dunno, that just seems like good sense to me. That must be why they’re not airing it. Because it makes no sense. And poor Yoon Eun-hye had better run for the hills with that scriptwriter attached to the project.


    • They totally should. At the time of Iris i had no idea who Top was. For the past few weeks i am listening only Big Bang songs and watching almost all their variety show. Now i am totally a Big Bang convert. Now i can’t wait for What’s Up. Daesung is amazing. Can’t wait to see him in Drama.

      I am addicted to Big Bang right now. Noona has found new love. Top is younger than me but a little inside me refuse to belief that. And i can’t help falling for GD’s smile and his weird fashion statement.

  4. writer of Heading to the Ground??!!!!!!……yeah I am not going anyway near this with a ten foot pole!!!!….that’s perhaps the single most badly written drama i’ve seen ….i mean why on earth would someone write 3 eps of a soccer drama in a psych hospital?!….ugh…i’m still really bitter about that one……
    that said I do like the cast…this also makes me extra scared for YEH who’s one of my favs….. cuz her last drama wasnt the best either…sigh…i really wish SBS would’ve picked What’s Up instead…..

  5. As to where all the good script writers have gone…

    To sleep, which is what I ought to be doing now that I remember that today is Spring Forward, arrrrgggh!

    Seriously, K-drama filming schedule is insanity making. I still think that this industry practice contributed significantly to Park Yong Ha’s decades long struggle with insomnia and depression.

  6. I hope this one would be good. After My Princess, i’ve been dropping dramas here and there because nothing got my fancy.

    but… Park Shi Hoo! : ) yes!

  7. OOooh I kind of want to see Park Shi Hoo, and Yoon Eun Hye together on screen.

    Like you, I think Lee Seo Jin fares better in sageuks and omg he’s hot in them, but in other non-sageuk projects? Meh. If this drama gets done, I hope PSH lands the lead role, but it just seems too far fetched if LSJ is in it.

    That said, I really, really, really won’t get my hopes up for this script. Of all the projects YEH could choose…gah, IDK. It just seems such a bad idea. Too rushed. Too…everything.

    And I want to see Poseidon and What’s up, darn it! SBS is crazy if they go with Sweet Scandal instead of Poseidon. Seriously, WHO in their right minds would choose a project cobbled together almost at the last minute vs a drama which has been filming for months and/or one that was already completed?

  8. hrmm….. the casting look good… However, I will pass on this too… I watched Taking Care of Lady and it was sooo =P… I am lucky did not watch Heading to the Ground.. But, I heard that was a wacky drama too.. Therefore, I will pass on this one…. Good Luck to those who watch this drama…

  9. LOL, PSH is still an albino bird to me. In picture or onscreen. I don’t get him and don’t get myself for not getting him.

  10. I am a huge fan of everyone in the (rumored) SS cast and Poseidon is decidedly not my cup of tea in every respect, but I still think it’s insane to bump a fully cast, starting to film drama in favor of one which doesn’t even have its cast lined-up. WTF?

    Also, HttG was one of the worst dramas it has been my misfortune to check out so seeing this has the same screenwriter does not particularly inspire confidence.

  11. PSH? Not my cup of tea, so I shall leave him all to you ladies, although I tend to think that he “belongs” to Kaedejun. ^^

    However, Eric, wherefore art thou, my Eriiiiiiiiiiiiiiic…. I could totally go on an angry fangirling mode that Poseidon has been delayed/postponed/canceled, whatever. I was so looking forward to enjoying Shinhwa’s most popular member – and hawty in Que sera sera. Alas. For now.

  12. I am still very much heartbroken and mad about What’s Up. I might need anger management soon.

    I hear ya unni.. if this drama turns out to be like another My Fair Lady.. I would also be so sad. It was hard to watch that drama but I tried to persevere bec of Yoon Eun Hye.

    But alas.. the writer of Sweet Scandal wrote Heading to the Ground?? Oh no.. definitely not a good sign. That drama headed to the pits of hell with its ridiculousness.

  13. Ok Ok I’m trying to get my head around this whole mess!!!! cause really wth!! is all this, they drop Poseidon, who btw is having issues, and they drop Whats Up, to go with this drama that is not ready to even get off the ground of the board room!!!!!! wth!! is wrong with ppl on SBS!! srly are they baking oh YEH fame, cause if they are huge epic fail, cause at this point I don’t care if YEH is on a drama, I demand a well written, directed production….I totally agree 200% with Koala where the hell are all the writers!!, on retirement, vacation, la la la land….I’m just upset about this whole SBS drama with the dramas…can this ppl make up their damn mind!!!!!….wonder KBS is getting all the hits….

  14. I love Yoon Eun Hye but not too crazy about either leading men. And the uncertainty of the casting, the track record of Sweet Scandal’s scriptwriter are making SS very unappealing. Why can’t SBS air What’s Up after Midas? Why?!

  15. OMG. I perked up when I saw Park Shi Hoo’s name and then my heart completely almost stopped when Yoon Eun Hye’s name came into view. Omg…them together. Even them seperately….Ahhhhhhhh. I just Love Yoon Eun Hye. And Park Shi Hoo Is too too cute. He just took my breath away in prosecutor princess. Made me think I was definitely going to marry him. Thats what dramas do, make you delusional lol

  16. Wait a minute, Park Shi Hoo wont be a second Lead will he? Noooo. Thats just wrong. That other guy…well Noo Park Shi Hoo. Ugh

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