Rainie Yang and Wu Zun’s Sunshine Angel Confirmed to Air on CTV in mid-May

I really don’t know what’s going on with Wu Zun and Fahrenheit (with conflicting reports left and right as to whether he’s left the group or not), but I do know for a fact that he’ll be back on the small screen on May 22, 2011 on CTV! His long-completed Sunshine Angel with Rainie Yang has snagged the coveted post-Sunny Happiness time slot, and I couldn’t be happier. Clearly I’m in the mood for another potentially cracky TW-drama, and everything about SA screams either total awesome crack or utter and complete failure. Either way, middling is not a possibility.

I posted about SA a month ago to give a brief synopsis of the set up and some BTS stills from the drama (click here). The production hasn’t released any trailers or official stills yet, but some more BTS pictures have come my way. While I know Wu Zun is going to be stiffer than a board, I’m in a forgiving mood recently I’m just going to pretend his acting will at least have improved.

What makes me dying to watch SA are some filming interviews Rainie and Wu Zun did for the TW entertainment programs – they have such fun chemistry, and some of their off-color jokes have me dying of laughter. I’ve linked to the videos below, so watch for some lulzy fun.

The second leads in SA (pictures above) are two rising young Chinese actors I’ve not yet watched before. Considering how Li Yi Feng blew my mind in SH, I’m totally game for what the Jeon Tae Soo-lookalike second male lead can do in SA. His name is Zhang Jun Ning, and like Li Yi Feng, he is also an singer-actor. Second female lead Liu Zi Yan I’ve heard of before, and she looks pretty enough that it’ll be easy to love or hate her depending on how her character is written.

Wu Zun and Rainie were interviewed while filming their characters’ first meeting, which involved Wu Zun parachuting into a bathing outdoors Rainie (dude, Successful Story of a Bright Girl totally needs to sue for blatant copycatting). Rainie makes fun of Wu Zun’s “package” and he teased her about her cleavage. These two are like 12 year old adolescents.


At the wrap party Sunshine Angel, Rainie and Wu Zun got totally toasted, and then flirt with each other like you wouldn’t believe. They were both late together, because after their last scene required them to be completedly drenched, they had to go shower and change. Everyone oooohed them and said that they checked into the same hotel and showered together. Rather than deny it, Rainie says that in the future, they will just say yes whenever people insinuate that she and Wu Zun have something going on.

The director says that if the ratings break 7, he will buy tickets and send Wu Zun and Rainie to Okinawa where they will go skinny dipping. Both agreed, and Wu Zun one ups him by promising that if the ratings break 7, he will play volleyball naked! And then they both keep drinking, and she grabs Wu Zun’s chest and says that he has bigger boobs than she does.


On a serious note – Rainie says that there is not a moment of her performance that she is not happy with on SA, and she really loved the chance to work with Wu Zun.


Rainie Yang and Wu Zun’s Sunshine Angel Confirmed to Air on CTV in mid-May — 23 Comments

  1. imma wait for your reaction about SA and if it’s good, dude, I’m SO watching it. You’re totally going to be my official reccer for tw-c dramas. *g*

  2. I love them iff screen. They look like they would be great people to have fun and also work with.

    My favorite part of that segment was that they are so light hearted and easy going. Off color jokes? LOLZ

  3. I love Rainie’s personality. She seems very blunt and straightforward. She never seems to let the press get away with much. I haven’t seen any of her dramas. But I definitely plan to check this one out.

    Also, koala, I just wanted to say how grateful I am to you for extending your site to TW-dramas. I had never been able to truly get into or through an entire drama until SH and now I’m excited about what is to come, along with completing another and currently watching two!

    Thank you so very much 🙂

    • You’re very welcome. 😀

      I’ve watched tons of TW-dramas, but very rarely have the urge to write about any. SH really is special, and I daresay stacks up against the best K-drama rom-com any day.

  4. NOw that you mentioned it; isn’t the story the same as “sucessful girl” that Jang Nara was in? They are totally copying the whole story. The maid helped him get through the tough times and they fall in love…I only like the second part of the story because i found Jang Na Ra character so annoying in the first half. Rainie’s acting seems to improved alot so i have high hopes for her. The second leads are hot!

    • I actually really liked the korean version! 🙂 It’s been a while since i watched it, but I don’t remember the Jang Na Ra character being as annoying as Rainie Yang’s character is in the Taiwanese version! I’m tempted to stop watching it because she really gets on my nerves. I wonder why he doesn’t fire her straightaway!!

  5. OMG!!!! Wu Chun “thing” hahahahahahaahahha!!!!
    i just peeck a little! and yes “it´s “deep”” hahahahahahahahaha
    well rainie good luck girl!
    i´m curious about this! maybe Wu have imporved his acting skills… maybe…

  6. oh, hopefully this Sunny Angel can flw the Sunny happiness success….Like you, I have been watching tons of K-dramas, J-dramas and TW-dramas…It feels like a cycle…Firstly all the good K drama and when there seem nothing interesting, out pop SH and then this SA…. Looking forward to your recaps… Thks Koala unni

  7. Good thing OCK was nice and I didn’t have to be a raged angel again what a freak I’m turning into, although I seem to have the lack of time to watch any of these dramas, and the filiming in Okinawa saddens me because of the disaster in Japan and well with good hope and a throbbing heart of faith life must and will go on and so does the shows!!!!
    As you said language barriers are one of the reason he may not be able to deliver the emotions well, but coming from a sales person like me who eventually identifies a clients ability to respond in terms of emotions, yup this guy have a way of keeping his emotions and that’s what who he has become….a persons experience in life and his goals becomes entirely who he is so if acting is just a hobby ah yeah well dramas may be a bit of a struggle, and yes he may not want to be so transparent all the time. Psycho anlaysis LOL 🙂 But anyway if he does concentrate on his passion which I think martial art movies….he may have a chance….the entire package fits well (Mr. Macho Man).

  8. Thanksss!! for this great news…I love Wu Chu eventhough he can’t really act he is HOT to look at..man the Man is truly gorgeous and Raine is so damn lucky…..
    I hope the drama is fun, well written and well directed the chemistry btween the leads is obvious so I hope we can get another SH hit!!..
    I like TWdramas, they have something that Kdramas lack sometimes and I think that due to the fact that TWdramas are produced before hand.

  9. Aw, Rainie and Wu Zun’s rapport/banter is very cute! It’s enough to get me to check out the first episode of Sunshine Angel. Thanks for the news and clips, ockoala!

    • p.s. From the pic above, I’m not really feeling this Zhang Jun Ning but perhaps, he’s better onscreen? Although, I believe that Li Yi Feng is a rarity that only occurs once in a blue moon.

  10. wu zun , rainer good luck to both of you. @ koala love u thanks for sharing this post to us your fans muuuaahhh Good luck to you keep it up….. 🙂 i’ll wait for your new post to come…

  11. this is the best drama in taiwan bcoz i love wu chun and rainie yang…they both couple to and also mike he ilove it…

    • i enjoy watch this drama sunshine angel im so ilove this…and kdrama i really really love this movie…thanks this

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