HK Launches Asia Rainbow Awards with Bad Guy and Hi, My Sweetheart Among the Nominees

This is so random, but its a reality so I might as well post about it. Who knows, maybe in 15 years it’ll be the equivalent of the Asian TV Golden Globes. CreateHK, the Commerce and Economic Bureau agency that aims to promote Hong Kong’s creative industries, is holding the first annual Asia Rainbow Awards, which is an awards ceremony it just up and created to award television excellence amongst the various offerings from 13 Asian countries.

I’m surprised there isn’t already such a pan-Asian awards show already, however fluffy and meaningless it ultimately is. The sole nominees from Korea and Taiwan are the dramas Bad Guy and Hi, My Sweetheart, respectively. Excuse me while I laugh over in the corner for a few hours.

Ah, that felt better. If they nominated Bad Guy for cinematography and Hi, My Sweetheart for excessive overacting and nonsensical all-around nonsense, then I’d totally approve. To nominate either of these dramas for dramatic quality immediately makes me write off the Rainbow Awards as a joke from the outset.

The leads from both dramas are also nominated in the Best Actor and Best Actress categories, which I’m at leastย able to get behind for Kim Nam Gil and Han Ga In. Granted, neither drama is godawful, but its nomination seems so out of nowhere (as are the entire awards), that I’m wondering if anyone will show up to accept their awards?

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HK Launches Asia Rainbow Awards with Bad Guy and Hi, My Sweetheart Among the Nominees — 20 Comments

  1. No, I’d argue that Bad Guy IS goshawful. It didn’t start off that way, but it sure did end like that. Everything but the story was great, though, especially the lighting and the cinematography. And Kim Jae-wook was fabulous as Hong Tae-sung.

  2. Are you sure they aren’t doing this just to torture me?

    Of all the dramas to pick Bad Guy? I don’t know whether to laugh hysterically or pound my head against a desk. One of 2 dramas from last year that turns me into a raving loon. I’ll pick laughing hysterically.

  3. I watched Hi My Sweetheart a few months ago. I read that it was popular in China, i got curious so i watched it. Oh my, i regretted spending my time watching it. I just hated it especially the last few episodes. It’s like one of those moments when i ask myself, “What am I thinking?”

  4. OMG, how come the nominations seem to be the worst representatons of these tv stations. BG – story is worst-than-bad, My sweetheart – waste of time…Better if they choose better drama, fans will at least try to catch their favourite reel-couple….Fated to sink ๐Ÿ™

  5. What some…interesting nominations. To say the least.

    Of all the dramas to pick that aired last year in Korea and Taiwan…they pick those…

  6. At least the Rainbow Awards served some entertainment value i.e. I had a good laugh over it. Seriously, what serious awards would call itself Rainbow Awards? …

    OMG this awards are a JOKE!!!! **need a moment here** LMFAOOOOOOOO
    OMG srly Bad Guy is nominated!!!!!
    ok ok now that i’m breathing ….I have 2 questions ..
    1. Did the committee watch a delux/xtended version of Bad Guy?….cause
    come on Bad Guy !!!….
    2. Are this ppl on crack?!!!!

  8. What do you mean? Methinks any Asian Awards is a joke ._. If Mary Stayed in Hell was nominated instead of BG than this Asian Rainbow Awards is the biggest joke of all lala ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. what’s wrong with bad guy? it’s a good series… what’s wrong with kim nam gil? he’s a great actor… he deserves the nomination… and he even deserves the award!

  10. I don’t think bad guy is a hysterical series aired in south korea… although its not the best as you expected I think its a good a series that you can watch too… and I agree with them… what wrong with the lead star of it? He is just a good actor who deserves an award, if it’s not for Bad Guy, then for his other projects to come after serving as public servant.

  11. well I’ve seen this drama it may be simple or drastic to others but definitely the lead actor Kim Nam Gil did a great job. So brilliant as an actor. Because of the twist of the story the viewer expect so many things and came up with so many hopes in the end of the drama…. That may be the reason why they considered Bad Guys…

  12. For those who hated Kim Nam Gil and the Bad Guy,I just want to ask a single question to you! Have you ever watched the drama? or let say,you’ve watched the drama,do you understand it?? well if you said yes,I don’t think there’s no other reason for you to say such rediculous things about the actor and the drama! Kim Nam Gil is one of the most talented or should I say “THE MOST TALENTED” korean actor! Nobody deserves the award but Kim Nam Gil alone! end of the topic!

  13. Hurray!
    Appa Kim Nam-gil
    you really deserved to get an award.. the best actor that I’ve watch
    Hard work pays OFF
    And you have proved it!
    Good going and wish you all the best

  14. They nominated Bad Guy because of the efforts of the actors and actresses! duh! Kim Nam Gil is the BEST ACTOR I’ve ever met! and the drama…. It ended like that because of Kim Nam Gil’s “military service” so what’s the BIG PROBLEM in nominating those dramas huh?

  15. Seriously, people who bad mouthed about Bad Guy being a bad drama should be ashamed. Have you watched the series? Do you even understand what the drama is about and what it represent??
    The drama got such a deep feeling and good story. And it’s true that the ending maybe a bit abrupt due to Kim Nam Gil enlistment and “different” from your typical light-hearted kdramas, but it’s very realistic and have a meaning behind every shots.
    The actors and actresses are excellent as well, especially Kim Nam Gil. He’s a very talented actor, even one of the best in Korean filming industry.
    Next time, please think before you comment.

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