Written Preview for Episode 2 of Drunken to Love You


I’m not sure if going forward I should be bringing these written previews for Drunken to Love You (the English title has apparently been shortened to Love You, but I’m going to stick with the literal translation because I’ve grown inexplicably fond of the poor grammar of it all). Thats because this is no preview, it’s a full blown recap of the upcoming episode! Well, episode 2 is going to be great based on this preview (and I’m going to be loving both Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru much more than I already do). Read on if you want to be spoiled. I know I’m going to have lots of thoughts about episode 2, which I’ll wait until the recap to share.

Written preview for episode 2 of DTLY:

Xiao Ru, hobbling on crutches, heads to Jie Xiu’s house to figure out what is going on. They promptly start squabbling, with Jie Xiu asking Xiao Ru for an immediate divorce, and Xiao Ru wanting to know where the NT 600K from her account all went. They go to the bank, and then head to the civil affairs office to obtain a divorce. At the office, Jie Xiu gets a call from Avril, asking to meet him right away. Xiao Ru, without any mode of transportation, tags along with Jie Xiu to his meeting with Avril.

Avril asks Jie Xiu to remain married to Xiao Ru during the time she films her movie, and afterwards he can get a divorce and their relationship can return to normal. Xiao Ru is shocked when she overhears this. Jie Xiu has a million reasons for not wanting to do this, but for the woman he loves, he relents and asks Xiao Ru to agree to the request. He will pay her NT 1M if she agrees to a contract marriage with him. Xiao Ru immediately declines (good for her!), and Jie Xiu is so angry he kicks her out of his house and tells her to rethink her decision.

Xiao Ru goes to her friend’s house to spend the night, and with her friend’s encouragement, they head to the airline office. Once there, they meet Yi Xian’s co-pilot Henry, who says that Yi Xian cannot possibly be a rat bastard who dumped Xiao Ru without a valid reason. Henry reveals that Yi Xian had been excitedly planning his proposal to Xiao Ru for quite some time. With renewed hope, Xiao Ru decides to fly to Vegas to find Yi Xian, but her luggage and passport are stuck at Jie Xiu’s house.

To pursue her true love, Xiao Ru and her friend decide to break into Jie Xiu’s house to get her passport and belongings, but are discovered in action by the police. Jie Xiu finds out and rushes to the police station, feeling terrible when he sees Xiao Ru in her present state. He bails her out, and buys her the first plane ticket to Vegas. He apologizes to Xiao Ru, telling her that after thinking about it all night, he realizes it was wrong of him to pressure her, and impede her pursuit of her own happiness. Xiao Ru is touched by Jie Xie’s actions.

Jie Xiu rushes Xiao Ru to the airport to catch her flight, except at the airport they run into Peggy clinging onto Yi Xian. Yi Xian is shocked to see Xiao Ru, but Peggy stakes her claim on Yi Xian, and says cruel and hurtful things to Xiao Ru. During the ensuing tussle with Xiao Ru, Peggy falls down and Yi Xian rushes to help her, revealing that she is pregnant. Xiao Ru is stunned to hear this…..and Jie Xiu, who cannot stand watching anymore of this, announces that he is Xiao Ru’s husband and steps up to support her (OMG Jie Xiu, I adore you!). When Yi Xian hears this, his heart breaks, but he can only wish Xiao Ru happiness as he leaves with Peggy.

Xiao Ru is nearing the edge of an emotional breakdown, but after eating a huge meal, she consents to the marriage contract with Jie Xiu. Jie Xiu is surprised by her change of heart. Xiao Ru tells Jie Xiu how she grew up being shuttled from relative to relative, and her dreams of opening a restaurant someday, and Jie Xiu feels a kindred understanding with her. During their long conversation, they agree to the terms of their contract marriage, thereby beginning their cohabitation period.


Written Preview for Episode 2 of Drunken to Love You — 17 Comments

  1. So let me get this straight. He thought it would be less hurtful to dump her in the most humiliating way possible then to just tell her the truth? F**k him.

  2. I hate how the previews in taiwanese dramas isn’t a preview but is the entire recap of the episode! Whenever I watch it, I just lose interest in the upcoming episode cos I’ll know what happens anyway.
    Nonetheless, thanks for your preview!! Looking forward to the actual recap 😀

    • Okay, now I have to defend the preview, because it’s a given that if you want to read it, you’ve made the choice to be spoiled. While this preview was ridiculously meaty, I let everyone know that already, and even if I haven’t, I think once you choose to read it, you have to accept the breadth and depth of any preview. I love being spoiled, weirdly I have no problem enjoying anything even if I know what is going to happen. If you are the type to lose interest once you know what it going to happen, perhaps its best to avoid spoilers. Lots of my friends refuse to read my spoilers. 🙂 I have no such will power, I see a spoiler, I must read it~

      • Oh no I wasn’t saying that about your preview. I knew I wasn’t going to be spoiled by reading it.
        I was just saying that in general, taiwanese drama’s previews give away a lot more than korean ones do.

      • Ah, I see. 🙂 I agree, TW-dramas in general lack subtlety in its presentation, even when it comes to the less is more concept of previews.

      • i don’t mind the preview and i like to be ‘spoiled’. lols
        actually it is all depends to the actress whether they can fill our imagination after the the spoilers.
        thank you a bunch koala, nice playground. can’t wait for the next preview.

    • nawww! i love their previews! 😀 helps me regain some of my sanity lost when they leave me hanging..and it becomes so much more satisfying when it turns out or becomes so much better than i imagined the preview to be 😛

  3. this drama is giving me the same vibe as Sunny Happiness. I think it’s going to have a lot of the same bickering between the two leads, but then have moments that show that they do actually care for each other. me likey.

  4. Aw.this only make me want to ff to episode where jie xiu said I will make you fall me..its killing me.this drama makes me hungry for new episode.

  5. moree. i can’t wait for the next episode. definitely excited.
    i’m kinda glad that rainie doesn’t end up with kingone. haha. but funny thing is, this is their
    third drama together and they still don’t end up with each other. haha. maybe in the future.

  6. TW dramas do tend to ruin the effect of spoilers. I think video spoilers are enough. They shouldn’t release written too. Of course, i’ll be tempted to read them.lolz

  7. Hello!
    big big big problem here… does anyone have a link to watch episode 2, like… now??
    I can’t wait anymore! I just wanna watch the preview for episode 3!
    1 episode and already addicted? that’s one dangerous drama!
    thanks for all the info koala =)

  8. Oh Rainie, You make me weep so much when I see you weep. LOL

    I just finished watching episode 2. WTF? In the next episode spoiler, it’s now quite apparent that yi xiang is marrying peggy against his will. Telling xiao ru the truth would have been alot easier. Bastard.

    Can’t deny that Kingone and Rainie have sizzling chemistry. They need to do a drama where they get together. Kingone’s acting abilities are way superior to be a third lead (Heard alien huang was the second lead…)

    Joseph Chang’s character is WAY too easy for him, I know he can act and he’s acting well now, but I just feel that the script is not doing him justice, at all.

    Also episode 2 is up on jacinda entertainment 🙂

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