Vic Zhou Prepares for his First Martial Arts Role in the Upcoming Saving General Yang

This news article I’m about to summarize is pretty inane, but hidden in the sheer asinine text is one important fact – the mainstream TW-newspapers are beginning to report on Vic Zhou and Wu Zun preparing for their roles in the upcoming HK/C martial arts movie Saving General Yang (which I posted about here). I’m always worried that early casting reports, which remain subject to the actor actually committing to it. To hear that Vic is actually working out for his first martial arts role, which further confirms his involvement, fills my heart with glee.

Though I do have to echo some witty Baiduers who noted the pointlessness of working out for period role since all that muscle is usually covered up in layers of robes and/or armor. Uhm, tell that to Aaron Kwok, who reinvented the hot shirtless warrior image for The Storm Riders over a decade ago, which was the only good thing about that movie.

The article notes that movie goers love seeing bromances and/or male rivalries on screen, and with the new generation of TW-leading men making their transition to the movies (such as Ethan Ruan in the upcoming The Flying Guillotine, Wu Zun for 14 Blades, The Kingdom, and now The Yang’s Clan), the audience is sure to get their fill of their favorite stars on the big screen. The articles goes on to quote Vic’s manager as saying that Vic has been traveling with free weights and works out during his spare time, in preparation of a very physcial role to come as one of the Yang brothers who goes to war.

The lamest comment in the entire article is without a doubt the following gem, which I paraphrase – while Vic can hardly be expected to get muscles as large as Wu Zun (see example of said muscle above), he’s young enough that some working out will net him a toned physique that will carry plenty of selling points. ROFLMHO – TW-media, it pains me to read you guys attempting (un)insightful commentary.

[Credit: Worldjournal news]


Vic Zhou Prepares for his First Martial Arts Role in the Upcoming Saving General Yang — 14 Comments

    • And ah I’m really not into the bulging muscle type….well toned is enough….but then again the heart is really important….hmmm 😀 Values and beliefs have always been my point of comparison when it comes to men…. 😉 I don’t care what you have what’s important is who you are when no one is looking 😉

      • I’m sorry I’m really so into looking in on the profile before I can tell if the actor deserves fame….it’s a bad habit of mine so Corpo hehehe… I look into the packaging first before I buy 😉

  1. Vic doesn’t need muscles or a well toned body to stand out because he has TALENT, something Mr. Wu severely lacks 😉

    • Ah yeah no one disagree with the talent and yup there are guys who need not to buff up, but as a person of influence we look into the character, yup I love Hollywood people who are well educated and kept a good name, Julia Stiles started in the theaters and a graduate of Columbia University, and Sarah Michelle Gellar may I correct myself is a Taekwondo Blackbelt and a humanitarian, yup I support them because they exist for a cause. But then soft skills can be acquired and so are acting skills, if not Julliard school of acting won’t exist. Ah I don’t believe in blind loyalty anyway I won’t lie if the truth clearly screams out loud, but I won’t compare unless it’s for improvement cause it’s useless to say this one better than that one if there’s no course of action to drive for, but to say no talent at all must be a dead end so unproductive. But in the long run in profiling people we delegate them at their best suitable position where they are at their best disposal so I leave that to the casting crew. I would really focus on the details if the dish has been served and I can see the entire picture, it’s hard to assume all the time cause it make an ass-of-u-and-me “ass-u-me”, but it’s addicting thought. I have no clear picture of how the story would flow….so I can only decide if it’s worth my money and time after I’ve seen the movie I like martial arts anyway so that’s enough to get me to the theaters. 😉

  2. I loved
    I became a VIC fanatic during his Poor Prince drama. Since then I never stopped from being a fanatic, a crazy fan, addicted, etc. Point is I loved VIC with that lean body. So muscles or without muscles, forever I will be a VIC fanatic!!!

  3. Anything with Vic is happy news to me. Looking forward to him being a part of this. I hope that this project will happen. I love Vic in any role!

  4. Ya … ya …yaa …… ,
    Whaever ZZ’s project, is worth to be waiting for.
    Less muscles ??? No problem, coz I am sure for his expert in his field.

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