First Look at Bodyguard Park Min Young and Agent Lee Min Ho in City Hunter

When I saw the first stills of Park Min Young in her character of a Blue House bodyguard for City Hunter, I flashed back to Chae Rim in her character of a Blue House bodyguard for Rivals, and I immediately started screaming and trying to exorcise the resemblance from my mind. No, I don’t hate Chae Rim (she was actually quite convincing as a pitbull of a lady bodyguard), I hated Rivals with a passion, a drama that was a mess from the beginning and descended further into madness until it ended in sheer insanity.

Anyways, back to City Hunter, while I don’t think Park Min Young is a very strong actress, she has her unique screen presence and is charming to boot. Too bad I’ve never liked any of her characters in her previous dramas. As for her co-star Lee Min Ho, there should be a sign attached to the latest stills of him in CH – “warning, be prepared to have your mind blown by the hotness.” So I warned you all, click to see more at your discretion.

Did that last picture of Lee Min Ho made you gasp out loud? Yeah, me too. It’s probably illegal in some countries to be this good looking, like a public menace for breaking ladies hearts everywhere he goes.


First Look at Bodyguard Park Min Young and Agent Lee Min Ho in City Hunter — 40 Comments

  1. I know they both played the Doumyouji Tsukasa character in their respective countries’ version of Hana Yori Dango, but don’t you think Lee Min-ho looks a LOT like Jerry Yan in that last pic? Or in general? The two could be brothers.

  2. Mmmmmmm, I like the new swoopy hair he’s got for City Hunter. Makes me want to brush it out of his eyes. ^_^

    And I’m sorry, but I really don’t think PMY can really pull off this role. She looks like she’s 18, and she’s so tiny and physical unimpressive that I can’t help but doubt her ability to be convincing in the role of a bodyguard. LMH manages to be ok at looking older than he is, but I wouldn’t put him above 26 or 27 (American age) at most, and isn’t he supposed to be older than that?

  3. At this point (after the extreme toning-down of the drama) my interest is sustained just by the leads. I have my doubts about Park Min-young, but I liked her well enough in SKKS to want to see her in something else. Definitely rooting for Lee Min-Ho.
    Hopefully they can infuse this drama with some punch.

  4. hehehehe….let the LMHMG(that’s Lee Min Ho My God for those of you who missed it from Personal Taste(a drama where some of the OT sisters almost disowned me)continues…droooooooling already :)))))

  5. PMY doesn’t look convincing for her role again and I guess I am the only on the earth but I still don’t see the big deal with this LMH guy lookwise : he has a square face, a nose bigger than his head (maybe too much plastic surgery) he has a retarded smile most of his hairstyles don’t fit his square face. Actingwise he is mediocre at best…

    • errmm just because all u said about LMH’s face makes him look way more manlier than the pretty gi…cough boys in klala land
      I don’t appreciate his looks and I don’t fall from my seat when I see him and of course in Asian dramas and music I usually love the pretty boys , but Lee Min Ho is one sexy exemplar and nice to look at

      No Min Woo is by far my fav,
      Jang Geun Suk – I like his actual look – yeah the most girlish one of all his looks,
      Kang Dong Won ( he looks as the wind blows if it is from East he’s girly, if it is from North is manly and if it is from West is androgyny )
      Kim Jae Wook – omg this one is way more after the direction of the wind and depends where he slept the night before – wild rocker in the morning, Hedwig in the evening, during the day see KDW pattern
      Song Joong Ki,Lee Jun Ki, Kim Hyun Joong, etc – depends on the photographer – if the person is gay, a he or a she

      if u compare LMH with the guys above indeed he ain’t as pretty and he has a different appeal, but his facial features are the ones most appreciated as handsome in the majority of cultures on Globe (strong square jaw-Arnold are u still there?, big nose, big eyes,nice teeth, full lips etc)

      • On Kang Dong Won, hilariously true. Lee Min Ho, so true-deliciously & universally appealing. Can’t get enough of these two.

        Ockoala, on Rival – despite the mess (can’t pinpoint where & when, don’t possess the drama brainpower to do that!!) but I like that show and I re-watch it recently and still like it!

      • definitely agree with ur every word,,especially on how u group jun ki, soong ki and hyun joong…actually i really love those 3.. cross bet handsome& beautiful while MIN HO.. no matter on what situation.. will always be MAN!!!

    • a nose bigger than his head (maybe too much plastic surgery)
      The irony is that LMH did have rhinoplasty but to REDUCE the size of his nose. You should have seen the before. Yes, believe it or not, the current one is the smaller, gentler version than the one he got from his mom and dad.

      • Funny how people can just say this without providing proof. You might want to shut your trap before the other kindergarden bullies jump on you! LOL

  6. his pix should definitely be illegal!! Or at least a ‘proceed with caution’ sign lol
    To me this story is weakest among the ones premiering (not counting the …Town one cuz I have no clue what’s it about) but I can’t not watch Min Ho…

  7. ahhaahha.. LMHOMG!
    It’s the I Am Sam reunion for me. PMY and LMH had good chemistry in that drama so I’m looking forward to seeing it in City Hunter. Unfortunately, why do I get the sense that CH is gonna be boring and nothing more than mere mandy (man-candy).

  8. what if PMY would be too convincing as a bodyguard? like Son Ye Jin was as dormat?- she was too convincing and Koreans hated her char to bits – I don’t even want to talk about soompiers
    I usually go with the actresses who want to make their char liked by the public and a lil less with the ones who “overdoit” for the char in cause. However I loved SYJ and LMH to bits, as I loved LMH and GHS even though I dislike GHS’s acting

    If they wanted a Muscle Girl they would pick Lee Si Young as she is twice Amateur National Champion in….errmm box…kick-ass would be at her finger-nail now-but she has the same age as Son Ye Jin

    However they took PMY as lead and even she has her ups and downs as an actress each time I watch Lee Min Ho in a drama I want to ship him hard with his OTP – so my guess they looked for someone to match LMH’s style, acting and age (there were too many netizens outraged by Son Ye Jin’s age) – so my guess is that they tried to avoid Personal Taste’s issues (PMY is listed as one year older than him while SYJ and LSY are 82’ers )
    so who would pick instead of her – Jung So Min?(are u sure? she looks way more petite than PMY, even though both are listed with the same height),
    bad-ass? Ha Ji Won? she’s 32,
    Seo Woo?mean yes?bad-ass? she’s even frailer than PMY and she just ended her Flames of Jailbait a lil more chubby than she wanted,
    Hwang Sun Hee ? she is already in CH (second lead-but somehow I can hear knetizens? the second lead looks more as a bodyguard and meaner than PMY)
    Moon Geun Young? I prefer her in heavy melo roles or even in a mess like MMM (actually I loved her interpretation – they made it unwatchable with the storyline) a dreamer?hurt to the bones?hell yes, but not as a bad-ass
    Shin Min-Ah (84) – errmm they need too much money to get her out of the house to make another drama in just one year -and the age gap could rise once again – GuMiHo was supposed to be older and Foxy lady

    So tell me who could be better than PMY in the current situation ( netizens who would go wild if the female char ain’t on their liking or “un-appropriate” for LMH in their mighty view) – so why PMY(even I’m not a fan) ?

    PMY is still loved after SKKS (surprise they didn’t kill her for kissing their dear Micky -he is way more bigger risk than LMH)
    PMY has the acting chops,
    PMY is beautiful (OMG SYJ is “ugly” – I rolled my eyes the entire run of Personal Taste)
    PMY is almost the same age as LMH
    PMY is the only main female lead with really long hair this summer 😀
    PMY’s image is a sexy girl – see her lingerie CFs for Solb
    PMY acts no matter the do’s or the outfits (don’t tell me that her boyish outfit in SKKS made her look glam)

    btw the sacrifices for the char I heard too many times since LMH began filming that his hair looks like a wild fur – I think those are the girls who take their high heels in the jungle and the crinoline dress to go hiking (or viceversa)

    • PMY is still loved after SKKS
      PMY I dislike because of her work in SKKS

      PMY has the acting chops
      And pigs fly

      PMY is beautiful (OMG SYJ is “ugly” – I rolled my eyes the entire run of Personal Taste)
      As beautifully molded through plastic as money can buy.

      PMY’s image is a sexy girl – see her lingerie CFs for Solb
      PMY acts no matter the do’s or the outfits (don’t tell me that her boyish outfit in SKKS made her look glam)

      She was all cutesie in SKKS. An 18th century wannabe Candie White, with emphasis on wannabe because Candie White is out of PMY’s league.

      Sorry, opinions vary.

      • of course opinions vary
        frankly when it comes about Korean actresses I prefer older experienced ones, but here LMH was the first one cast in the drama so the female lead was choose accordingly

        I can’t see GO Hyun Joong as LMH’s object of affection no matter how talented she is, or Lee Yo Won (whom btw does a great as LMH’s BFF Jung Il Woo’s suicidal lover just because the facts are a lil different than normal circumstances – he looks as old as 5 years ago when died and she got old in the meantime)-but she was supposed to be bad-ass in QSD and they avoided it, Kim Sun Ah? Song Hye Kyo?

        what I was asking was another solution to PMY – and a girl that wasn’t already cast in rival dramas

        one girl on my taste and bad-ass enough is Shin Se Kyung – b. 1990 but she is filming Red muffler and dunno if she wraped up Blue Salt
        don’t tell me that u would want an Idol girl instead of PMY? I maintain my opinion she is the perfect solution at this moment for this role and this male lead

        indeed an idol is way more fit and powerful(Dream High-T-ara’s EunJun could pull it off but she is in King Geun….) but acting wise PMY is way better than the average idol can act( they are trained to sing and a lil less to act )

      • ditto!! PMY failed to impress in her acting chops. also, prefer natural beauties like MGY and KTH.

    • PMY is beautiful (OMG SYJ is “ugly” – I rolled my eyes the entire run of Personal Taste)@@@@@@@ hahahhaahaha love this comment of yours.

  9. wow…I nearly didn’t recognise him with his hair like that…..I like it soooo much better than any of the other styles I’ve seen him wear….. BBF & PT…..I actually might get to like him… shallow….you betcha……hope his acting improves. He is not a bad actor, he just doesn’t draw me in like some other actors do, like JGS…. I guess at 23 he still has a while to go. But his looks are definitely yummy!

  10. Yeah, Rivals was a mess… I remember giving up on that one pretty early. Let’s hope this drama doesn’t go the same path. Although, seriously I can’t help but despair at the whole Blue House direction… I’ve been wondering if it’s not the writer’s attempt to vent out her frustration in regards to the whole Daemul replacement mess? Could be reading too much into it of course…

  11. I wish Lee Min Ho gets a new hair style. Swept back is always cool & awesome as seen in some of his commercials. I’m a bit tired of all the heavy side sweep bangs that’s been around for too long. Com’on hair stylists everywhere, come up with something cool/new.

  12. Don’t me wrong I still like Lee Min Ho (he is part of the reason I started to watch k-land). But there is something different about him. Maybe his skin is kinda off? I don’t know maybe its the character. So please don’t hate me. I think I just miss his BOF days!!

  13. Best of luck to LMH. Hope he gets a good rating. Knowing the fact that few of PMY’s dramas always had a ratings below 10% no matter who she was paired with.. Hope she doesn’t pull LMH down… The kid works so hard..

  14. aku jg rindu sekali sama minho lee,ayo kapan kamu hadir untuk indonesia dan jangan lupa singgah kerumah aku yah……………….????????????????

  15. annyeong haseyo……………..lee,,,,cheonen santia yeyo……………..,I’m eager’d love to korea,,,,,,,,,,,adventure into the land of to seek peace of life and stuffed talent,I have personal experience which is very sad ,,,and I want to experience the drama of my life to serve the true story and made the korean version,because very very nice korean drama.oke lee?

  16. Yoon Eun Hye would have been the perfect partner for Lee Min Ho in this series. I really liked their chemistry together in Personal Taste and she is more believable as a bodyguard. The girl can kick ass and is called the young girl warrior for her amazing strength, she can even carry Kang Hodong and beat all the guys in wrestling matches.

    Too bad she is already in Lie To Me.

    • Ditto! can imagine YEH’s explosive chemistry with LMH.. Me can ACCEPT that v v much.. Hope they collaborate one day.

  17. Bwahahaha, yup she is. And I’m thinking, the month of May… may finally get me to get my OWN internet instead of relying on hotel internet.

  18. Am I the only who thinks Lee Minho looks like SJ’s Yesung in the last pic?
    Might be the hair~ He looks amazing!

  19. ~Looks at Min Ho’s photos and breathes heavily~ Ahhhhhhhh!!! Gorgeous!!!!
    OH MY GODDDDD!!!!!! Min Ho should have a label around his neck, “FATAL WHEN LOOKED AT!” So handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  21. Thanks God that none of the dad comments above were coming true. LMH and PMY had a great chemistry in
    CH. The story was good, intensed, action packed and always keep you on the edge. The ratings were good.. the highest was above 20%, with avarage almost 17%. And so far, is the most viewed Korean Action Drama not only in Asia but other countries around the world.

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