Written Preview for Episode 4 of Drunken to Love You and OST Song Download


Oh this is priceless. Looks like peeps over at CTV heard the chatter about their ridiculous written previews (or shall I call them written recaps), because the preview for episode 4 of Drunken to Love You is witty but comparatively succinct. Part of me goes yay, part of me goes nay. What can I say? I’m a complicated person. I’m so glad DTLY airs on Sunday nights, because it’s my bridge drama that gets me over the week-to-week waiting for K-drama crack. I’m also bringing the currently available downloads for the opening and closing credit theme songs.

Written preview for episode 4 of DTLY:

As if unexpectedly finding himself living with a “wild boar girl” isn’t pathetic enough, what’s even worse is that Jie Xiu’s professional career finds itself facing an unforseen peril. Jie Xiu really is “fated to have bad luck forever”. Xiao Ru herself is no push-over either, and she lures the paparazzi to Jie Xiu’s workplace, finding herself somehow swept into the conflict between Jie Xiu and the construction crew. Jie Xiu, facing the possibility that he cannot deliver the model house by the deadline, and under the extreme pressure of his client, makes a vow to “quit the interior design industry” as his gamble to deliver.

The saying goes “a couple who works together, can break even gold” – so can this fake wedded couple of Song Jie Xiu and Lin Xiao Ru be able to overcome this obstacle? Or will fate think that they are not pathetic enough, and heap more crap on them? Peggy, who successfully kicked Xiao Ru out of the picture, suddenly shows up to see Xiao Ru. What new ruthless tactics will be unleash on Xiao Ru? And that triad boss who keeps coming to the hospital to find Xiao Ru, what does he want from her?

DTLY OST Song Downloads:

Right now only a few singles have dropped, and the OST hasn’t been released yet either.

Closing theme song – Yen-J “The Good Things” (严爵  “好的事情”): MU link

Opening theme song – Magic Power “Doing Something Unexpected (魔幻力量 “不按牌理出牌”): MU link (TV version only – I’ll update when the full version is released)


Written Preview for Episode 4 of Drunken to Love You and OST Song Download — 15 Comments

  1. What what what!!!! It’s like the ending of the Perils of Pauline! “WHAT new ruthless tactics will be unleashed! Tune in next week!” AGGGGH!!!

    Ok, I’m fine…really…

  2. I love the way the mirrors are positioned. They looked as if “someone” (aka drama god) is spying on them and pulling all the strings of fate. The reflections on the mirrors are exactly like the ones you see when you’re looking at people through a video recorder. LOL, maybe this is CTV’s way of making it look suspenseful.

  3. You, my friend, are awesome! ♥ Thank you!

    And LOL at the pic. My brain decided that it doesn’t see the two mirrors, but Wall-e instead. IDEK.

  4. ah. thanks for the music download. i was looking for the closing theme song. love it. (:
    you’re the best, always.

  5. wow! i was about to ask for that ost download link, and you already have it! haha.. i really find it hard looking for links when it comes to tdramas, g0od thing you’re sharing it with us just like in sunny happiness 🙂 thanks ockoala! ^^

  6. Hi Koala! There’s a song that appears in the previews that were released before the drama started airing–it’s an acapella version of a song called “Only You.” I’ve been trying to figure out who sings it! Have you been successful finding it? Thanks!

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