Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min Attend Press Conference in Japan for Playful Kiss

Now that’s more like it, kids! After holding a fan meeting for Playful Kiss in Japan, where Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min were adorable together but less touchy-feely than I would have liked, the two of them attended a press conference the day after to answer more PK-related questions for the Japanese media.

All I know is that both of them were much more at ease, chummier with each other, and absolutely glowing with happiness. While neither look like Seung Jo or Ha Ni anymore, they somehow look like they did some growing up in tandem, and now both look a dash more mature and equally as perfect together. This is a huge mondo Hyun Joong and So Min picspam post, so click away if, like me, you always have a special place in your heart for PK.









That, folks, is a classy couple’s outfit if I ever saw one. Might as well stamp “we discussed what to wear beforehand” on their foreheads. Oh kids, you make me happy just the way you are.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Playful Kiss Bar]


Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min Attend Press Conference in Japan for Playful Kiss — 60 Comments

    • Just cos you’re here ,Quirkie ,I’m gonna make another one of my amazon- cougar remarks.You give me strength! Yes , Joonggi ,You The Yummilicious ala Adonis Dish !! But ….Shhhh!! Joonggi darling, did you need to borrow some 7-footers pants? Whats with d excess material?
      And yes, may i say, that JSM is still the sweet little bun that she is!

      • My gal pals are here! * swinging hands happily together*
        This is a guy who you can’t levy the word ‘pretty’on him. He’s manly gorgeous but I hope he polishes up his acting skills or else ,he’ll just be another wax – figurine actor!

  1. I miss her on my screen – coz she is one of the few Kactresses that I really like – while I PK ended for me at ep 14 ( sometimes at the end of a show I stop where I would like the ending to be) and Bad Guy a lil sooner ( I read the spoilers and I loved too much Mone to see her turning bad and no matter my love for KNG or KJW I loved too much this char so I stopped in time)

    He is smoking hot and he looks even better than last year (OMG I don’t believe that it is almost a year) – but I want him to be recognized as actor – he ain’t Oscar material but he ain’t that bad as ppl say ( No I’m not KHJ’s fangirl my heart belongs to NMW – ok my heart skipped when I saw KNG’s cameo in Best Love -I’m a lil traitor- ups KNG’s was my first one ๐Ÿ˜€ :D)

    • I hink that he gets hotta every year. I’m glad that he got rid of his poodle hair from the Lotte Duty Free ad.

  2. Is that a new nose on Kim Hyun Joong? Looks bigger than before.
    No judging, just an observation.
    And I think it’s a nice nose. Less cute, more manly.

    • that is what i have been thinking and thinking and thinking….
      the more i think about it – the more i am convince he has a
      new nose!!!!

      • Agreed…his nose looks different, that is so strange. I liked his nose in PK. OH well, still hot as always!

      • “he has a new nose” oh my, thank you, I don’t know why but that crack me up. I’m no fans of PK but yes the dude is luscious, then and now.

    • i keep thinking…did his nose get bigger or did his face get smaller? maybe its the camera angle…but its every single shot.
      he still looks good but he shouldn’t have done whatever he did.

    • Im with you!! I posted a comment before this one, and you can tell he had a nose job. He looks beautiful as always, but just different, miss the old ss501 times, when his first nose job looked more natural.

    • Nope no nose job there, medical POV, the nose bone grows as u get older, not too noticeable but it does. In KHJ’s case i think his nose is more noticeable ‘coz he has lost some of the cheek fat also the photos these days are photo-shopped and the lights and camera angles differ too with each pic. If u get a nose job / or any face job, u need to take care of it a lot (u all kno MJ’s nose mess :P) Just last month I saw pics of KHJ playing soccer and he is seen a lot in fanvids, it is not possible to get a nose job and avoid it from people coz these things cant be done in like a day or two. (sry for this blah blah but my friend had done a nose job, and i ve seen how she had to take care of it)

  3. yup, he definitely look better, more mature & hot! hehehe

    i just realize this, why korean artists always do their hair like So Min??
    i wish she just ler her hair down ^^

  4. They are so adorable! I like how she is so fair and he has a new mild tan. I’ve always thought his nose is a bit awkward, but his whole persona just is too mesmerizing and is superstar attractive. …The suit is not forming fitting…but that does not dim him in any way. Just too cute!!!

  5. Truly a good looking couple. About the pants – did someone exaggerate his height maybe. LOL. About his nose – Really? Skip that and take a good look at everything else like his mouth, his eyes etc. His acting – He has been given two cardboard characters and played them well so I don’t know if it is bad acting or he brought life to two unemotional characters. I want to see something else but I might have to wait awhile.

    JSM is pretty and very pixie-like. Great future ahead of her.

    • Hi Sonia!

      He is really tall I saw him in person and mind you he was wearing sneakers when I saw him so no insole heel there. LOL!

      • Cool. I just read so much about how Hallyu exaggerates their movie stars attributes.

  6. PK always, ALWAYS will have a special place in my heart… esp. KHJ!! xD

    And yes MinMin and HyunJoong are looking soo good together here… <3

  7. the dude added more “tip” to his nose……. check it out ….
    with his older pixs and you can see the difference in the length
    of this nose ……..but…the dude is still so freaking hot!!!!!!!!!!

  8. miss those two so much , thanks koala for the pix and the news , still remember playfulkiss recapping days , it was too good for words ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Well damn arent they the cutest and sweetest thing ever!!! ohmygoshmygolly they are really comfy with each other despite the 6 month difference when PK filming ended!!! I love them to bits! thanks ockoala for featuring PK once again! Is it just me and my biased eyes but do they look so matching in every aspect possible??? haha:)
    oh and why is everybody noticing HJ’s nose…while nobody seemed to notice his BROAD CHEST!! aigooo!
    Oh and Somin you are looking so so lovely and dare I say it, SEXY??? Not a trace of Oh Hani nor Baek Sueng Jo in them!

    • *like*

      Mmm, that’s what I most love of this set of pictures. There I go getting distracted again by his chest again….

  10. just looking at them makes me oh so happy. why can’t they just get married and make our dreams come true?

  11. ,..ate minmin and hyun jung oppa are perf3ct match…
    …they have a perf3ct chemistry…XD
    …in short they are perfect…
    Iam a huge fan of hyunmin!

  12. Aren’t they adorbs! So youthful and chic! And, so HAPPY! I’m delighted the fan meeting went very well. Extremely thrilled with Hyunjoong & MinMin’s interaction, seeing how comfy they are with each other — no trace of shyness or awkwardness between these two.

    Though my PK/HJ+SM addiction would eventually fade after the YT series concluded. So wrong, I’m so hopelessly addicted! But I’m loving it!!

    My THANKS and HUGS to dear Ockoala for another writeup and a generous feast of pictures galore of our OTP!

  13. Thanks Koala. I was waiting for you to post about this PK press conf.
    I feel like that if you post anything about PK, its make me complete.
    I like your comment above.
    HJSM so confty each other and love to see them again.
    I saw at other fan blogs the picture with both of them had laugh attacked, from above press conf. I really want to know what make them laugh like that. Some of the picutres and videos make and leave me with big smiles. It is really worth to wait, after YT special edition finished last year. OHHHH… they are so cute together.
    I really looking forward to see any movie or drama or CF from two of them together.

  14. Absolutely perfect and ideal they are as a couple. Looking forward to their next PK fan meet in Aug 2 at Tokyo!
    Absolutely cute, adorable and fabulous. So Min has expensive taste, her pair of shoes are branded !

    • Omo….. really they are meeting again in Aug 2?? where whereee its already August buh thwere are they meeting??? in an interivew lasst month he said that he dated an actress for 10 months and i sersly hope its not so Min because i want them to be 2getha forever so if they cant be bf-gf then stay firnds forvevvvvv!!

  15. I really love unnie Ockoala for posting here so much goodies of PK. I never knew this site until i’m obsessed with PK and of course the lovely tandem. KHJ is overload of hotness! and JSM is still beautiful and gorgeous ever. I wish there’s another drama for them.

  16. thank you, Ockoala for sharing and giving comments about the PK FM in Japan…….The lovely couple ever………..I don’t want to assume but I wish for a next drama for them in the fututre…..PK FIGHTING!!

    Love KHJ a lot……HYUNMIN to the top!!

  17. my fav couple looking good

    and about the nose topic, i’m not a medical expert but all i know is that i you did a surgery on your face esp. with your nose you are not playing an active sports, like soccer,basketball or volleyball or else you want your surgical nose accidentally hit by a ball and totally disappear in the middle of a game, and KHJ is playing soccer like a pro, and in the Family Outing episode he smash his face on a hard plastic cardboard without hesitation that something delicate on his face that need to be protected

    so that my POV about the nose issue

    thanks Ockoala, our PK fairy for blogging the PK Presscon

  18. wah!!!! here you are again ockoala! thank you our PK fairy!

    must agree that in the presscon they seem to be more relaxed.
    and they looked so happy! the smiles are undeniable and the glow is indeed unexplainable! im just so happy seeing them smiling so happily!
    and must agree as well that they seem to mature and grow together!
    call me a crazy shipper but it feels like love is in the air and its not even February!

    i just hope that whatever they have, as long as they are happy, then so be it!

  19. UWAAHHHH!!!! I was missing MyJoong like crazyy! He looks so awesome! Love his new hairstyle….very manly ๐Ÿ˜› And yes PK will always have a special place in my heart, Period!

  20. mm…
    I like this couple so much and mchh…………………. like that so much..
    so.. I hope they will be real couple.. *))
    So like that…………………….. *))
    like crazyy if I look et them together againn..
    u CAN check my facebook if U want..,
    I hope Hyun’s .management give any freedom o Hyun in other to have a girl friend.

  21. i hope kim hyun joong come for kurdistan in his bigest fan.i really love him.he is a graet acter and singer &danser.and i like 2 his drama(play full kiss & boys befor flowers)but i dont like jung so min.i hope he will be healthy for all his life.and good luck to him for every always was his fan and now to and in the feuchuer i will be alwayes his fan

  22. Am a big fan of you Kim hyun joong and Jung so min hope to see both of you play a new drama together again! Love both of Kim hyun joong and Jung so min.

  23. I guess PK will always be special to you Ockoala. That was when a legion of us moved over to you, and never looked back.

  24. culd u tell me when this is?? cz in a recent interview Hyun Joong said that he has dated an actress for 10 months and i belive its So Min :'( i wish they hdn’t dated so they culd still be frinds and we could seee a litly hope for season 2 of playful kiss! culd u tell me anyway i can contact any of the makers of the show or the channel cz i really wanna requect them to make a 2nd season of Playful kiss ๐Ÿ™‚ we shuld make a page on facebook to get the masseage to the makers of the show! i’m australian and cant speck Koran but i hve seen almost ALL OF THEIR interviews and behind the scenes of the show and its amazing i love this Couple

  25. hola soy mirian me encanta el drama de play fullkiss
    mis amigas tam bien la vieron que abeces dicen que kim yung joo &jung so min son novios

  26. you GUYS LOOK perfect together :)ur show is awesome ๐Ÿ˜€ you guys should go out in real ๐Ÿ˜€ and IT WOULD be totally awesome ๐Ÿ˜€ u guys suit each other well ^_^

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