SBS Releases Extended Preview for Lie to Me

Right now, 49 Days is entering its final stretch with heightened emotional intensity, Best Love premiered with both feet on the ground and is off running, Drunken to Love You is leaving a wake of TW-drama addicts pining for the next hit – all of this means I am recapping more (and longer) than I have ever done before.

Starting next week, I will be producing 7(!) recaps in one week, which frankly scares the living crap out of me. But take that as confirmation that I am definitely recapping Lie to Me, a decision I made after watching the extended preview I’m bringing you below. Drama gods, please have mercy on me.

Extended 17 minute preview of Lie to Me:

So the premise of the story appears to go something like this:

Ah Jung is a smart and rather capable 5th level civil servant, though one who seems to have the worst luck in work (such as triggering an insect swarm at a public event she’s responsible for) and in men (losing her crush to her nemesis). Ki Joon is your stereotypical chaebol hotel president, always in control and exacting, not afraid of getting to the bottom of things.

Looks like Ki Joon saves Ah Jung from her brush with insect-hell, and he also somehow ends up carrying her through his hotel. This leads to a gaggle of Ah Jung pals and rivals, who witness said carrying, to somehow assume that Ah Jung is married to a chaebol, said chaebol being Hyun Ki Joon himself. Like playing a game of “pass it along”, whatever initial mistaken assumptions mushrooms even further, until word spreads to Ki Joon that he’s supposedly married….to Gong Ah Jung. Eeeeep, run for it Ah Jung!

We see Ah Jung trying to defend herself as not the perpetrator of the lie, yet she can’t help but continue to rely on it when faced with being looked down upon by her catty rival. Ki Joon was engaged to Yoon Joo, and he appears to actually have feelings for her, but he broke it off because he realized that his younger brother also loved her. Said younger brother looks like your standard happy-go-lucky wastrel second son, and appears to take quite an interest in Ah Jung.

Ah Jung asks Ki Joon to pretend to be married to her, and he looks at her like she’s the freak that she is, asking why the hell he should do that? But then Ki Joon takes her to the lake to ride a paddle boat, and there he suddenly does an about face and agrees to be pretend married to Ah Jung. O___O Oh. Hell. Yes! Bring on the fake marriage, people~

I assume I don’t need to explain the cherry blossom scene, right? I know it’s super-staged and all, but damn if it’s not selling the romance between the OTP to such a UGH degree of want that I’m moony-eyed over them already. And the blasted drama hasn’t even premiered yet! This is not looking good for my mental well-being.


SBS Releases Extended Preview for Lie to Me — 40 Comments

  1. My first time commenting in this site, but I always be your avid reader Koala. Thanks for the summary. It really intensified my anticipation of this drama.
    My favorite scene is the cherry blossom scene, so beautiful and magical.
    You’re right about these two actors. They really can do comedy but they’re also good at angsty moment. What do you think of their acting skill based on this preview ?

    • Thanks for delurking, santaiah.

      As for your question – the previews show that both leads are good, solid, doing what I know they can do with their eyes closed and hands tied behind their back. A rom-com should be a piece of cake for them, and so far they are doing everything just fine.

      The preview is yet early – I’m waiting to see if they can take their characters and elevate it to another level of intensity when the time comes. I have faith, both are my faves for a reason.

  2. omo, 7 recaps… “thanks” is all I’ve got to say!!! I can foresee awesome recaps coming and one good thing is that 49 days will end in 2 weeks’ time so hopefully you can get more sleep after that. THANK YOU!!!

    I do wonder if you are watching “can you hear my heart”. Am not expecting recaps (that would just be crazy) but if you do watch, I am interested to know your feeling about this drama! I guess the “revenge” part is nothing new to drama (not just k drama) but I find numerous pieces of this drama interesting – e.g. the chemistry between the brothers DJ anf JH, is just very refreshing to me (ironically the chemistry is stronger than the male and female lead LOL); I especially enjoy the moments with DJ himself enjoying the world around him, alone (like counting the fish scene, oh I love it). It gives a nice balance to the “noisy” scenes with WR’s family or even DJ’s mom.

  3. The best part of the preview in my opinion was at the beauty shop (hair salon?).
    It was when Ahjung faked her marriage on the phone so that Soran can hear her.
    She says, “What? you want some eel? Oh, you’ve must have been tired.”
    Eel, of course, is what Koreans eat for stamina~ especially sexual stamina.
    Her first love responds to her then by saying, “You guys are still newly weds.”

    Yoon Eunhye’s pronunciation and delivery in this preview the best I’ve seen so far. Her acting performance may be much improved as well.

    I’ve noticed two lines that were bit awkward in this preview~ a line for Park Ji Yoon and a line for Soran. Soran did well to deliver her awkward line, but Park Ji Yoon’s pronunciation and delivery wasn’t as good (for this awkward line). But I’d guess that it would sound more clear on TV and be more effective as well.

    Overall, the script lines, particularly the catchy, dorky and awkward lines that are part of romantic comedy dramas was written well, and the actors delivered it quite well. These lines are far better than the disastrous lines in Yoon Eunhye’s last drama. I still can’t get over the lines used in the first 3 episodes of MFL. I don’t know how good the story will be, but the punch lines in this drama is very good. I liked it.

    • I agree with Lea…I think YoonEunhye delivered it so well…her pronunciation n acting also improve a lot ….I’m sure she works hard for this…YEH hwaiting!!!

    • Thanks for your explanation, it help us a lot non Korean drama fans. And I’m glad that the script is doing good so far cause that what worrying me the most. Looking forward for your recap Koala and please take care of your health 🙂

  4. oh my god, chingu! Can you do it? Cos 7 recaps a week…that’s just insane! I’ll be cheering you on, of course, but please take care of yourself, yeah?

  5. the best part is at the salon as well when she picked up the phone and talked…oh god, i laugh the hell out of me…so funny…

    ockoala, please take care of urself…we r grateful

  6. I’m so so happy that you’re recapping this drama!!! So far, I’m loving it just by the previews and teasers alone….

    Can’t wait for the drama!!!! Weeeeeeeee………

  7. I’m so happy that u gonna recap LTM because u recapped much faster than dramabean. I never been so excited to watch a drama since coffee prince.

  8. Umm…does the beginning remind anyone of Mike He’s character in Sunny Happiness? Hotel chain chaebol with an ocd/germaphobia disorder nitpicking cleanliness all through the hotel?

  9. Oh, I forgot to say~ Thanks ockoala^^

    I also have a question for you. I hope you don’t mind me posting it here. If it is a problem, please delete it.

    It’s about Ariel Lin’s new drama.
    GTV had previously announced that her new drama was “Coffee Queen: I Might Not Love You.” But the writer is now saying it is not a Taiwanese version of Coffee Prince.
    So it’s strange. While the TV station is saying it is, the writer is saying it is not.
    I did read the character description, and yes it is different. But I wonder who is right. It would be exciting to see another version of Coffee Prince with different cultural background.

    • Ariel and Bolin’s new drama is just called I Might Not Love You. There will be no reference to Coffee Prince or any similarity. Supposedly it’s like a best friends get together somehow scenario. Not much news on it yet, currently in the midst of filming.

      • Yeah, that’s why it’s strange. Cause the TV station which will air I might said before the filming that “I Might” was Coffee Queen: I Might Not Love You. But they have taken off Coffee Queen part now. So I wondered if they just changed their plans.

  10. im really was bored with this prev! i like more the others!!
    but i will see it! !!!!!!!!!!!!1
    because the others prevs were hilarious to watch and because i believe!
    that tha scene with the cheries blossom are so beautiful that noting can make it bad!

  11. thank you thank you in advance for recapping this! we non-korean speaking fans are ever so grateful!

    pls take care of your health!

  12. I just hope it lives up to all the hype but I have a feeling I will end up watching he whole thing nonetheless. Loving the whole set up!!! Even the little bro is pretty good..

  13. Great ….i love the part KJH tries to explain his fiancee that they can’t marrage !!!
    I was about to cry !
    OH man , he is gonna creat incredible romantic scene in coming episodes !!!
    About YEH … speechlee !!! I have no word to say !!
    she is as good as i expected her to be .

  14. I already saw the previews in real episodes but only until 4, sadly!
    But the kiss I guess will be in number 5 or maybe 6? I think so, awwww! It’s soooo sweet I can’t really wait for monday right now! -_- EVERYTHING IS SO CHEESY! I actually cant stare at the part where they were about to kiss, I felt like my breath was all over my chest. Hahaha, I know! Hahaha, I just love being a teen! 😛

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