Eugene and Ki Tae Young Hold Press Conference to Discuss Upcoming Wedding

After sharing the happy news of their engagement two weeks ago, Eugene and Ki Tae Young held a press conference this week for the first time as a public couple, answering questions about their courtship, sharing news about their wedding, and generally being so stunningly happy I’m sure anyone in the vicinity of them must be bathed in their bliss.

They revealed that they didn’t start dating until Creating Destiny finished filming, both are devout Christians and going to church together help strengthen their relationship, and Eugene confessed to wanting four kids.

K-entertainment tends to sensationalize gossip or else fixate on scandals or tragedies, so it’s truly a joy to see such an honest and simple declaration of love from two famous actors. The pictures from their press conference are beyond gorgeous, their happiness radiating in every single shot. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness together.

I’ve always found Eugene to be such a class act. She’s been in the industry since 1997, transitioning from a girl group member to a bona fide actress with style, grace, and hard work. Random fact I just learned: Eugene and Sung Yuri are born on the same day, same, month, same year – March 3, 1981. Normally that’s just a cool coincidence, but made all the more startling when you consider both ladies have hadΒ the exact same career trajectory, starting from around the same time. Eugene got a year head start in SES, but Yuri debuted with FinKL shortly thereafter.

From all accounts Ki Tae Young is a real gentleman and dedicated professional in the industry. I’m totally psyched for the wedding, the guest list is bound to be insanely star-studded. Plus I’m dying to see what Eugene picks as her wedding dress. She’s got such an eye for elegance and classy styles. Sigh, won’t more of my fave star couplings go public and get married?


Eugene and Ki Tae Young Hold Press Conference to Discuss Upcoming Wedding — 36 Comments

  1. Soooo happy for Eugene. She’s such a great role model as a genuine and caring individual in such a crazy industry.

    Definitely wish the happy couple a great life together!!!

  2. Eugene looks beautiful
    From the pics, you can definitely tell that they’re completely in love with each other.
    Wish them the best!

  3. They look stunning together.
    I love how their relationship naturally progressed without the press or fans suspecting anything. It’s difficult to have a somewhat normal relationship in the entertainment industry. They’re truly blessed!
    I wish them many years of happiness!

  4. Congrats. to them. They make such a good looking couple and especially sweet together in the pictures above. I’ve always love Eugene as an actress and I’m so happy that she found her other half.

    I wish them both love and happiness together 4ever.

  5. OMG WHY did I think Eugene was older than me? I’m crushed. I’m an 80er and….gah, I honestly thought she was older.

    THe pics are gorgeous and yes, they look very much in love.

    • Me too! On both counts. I’m an 80er (woot! woot!) and I definitely thought she was at least my age…
      Oh well, so very happy for both of them! I think the joy of getting married has boosted Ki Tae Young’s sexy… When I saw him in Royal Family my jaw locked!

  6. This means Jang Geun-seok and Moon Geun-young need to get together next. Publicly, I mean. ^_~

    Creating Destiny was a drama that I started watching solely because the main couple looked so darn adorable together in the promo pics when I was bored last fall. Despite the fact that I thought it was at least five episodes too long and a little draggy, I enjoyed Ki Tae-young and Eugene together, and found their chemistry very real, while at the same time not in-your-face explosive. In other words, the kind that lasts. I’m glad to hear they’re getting together, and they make me go “awww” a little bit inside when I see them together in these shots. ^_^ I love the way they look each other with almost visible stars in their eyes, and it’s simply adorable they way he’s covering her hand with his in the picture of them bowing. I need to find me one of them.

  7. They look sooo happy and in love!!!Looking at their pictures, I can’t help but feel teary-eyed… You can see that they have so much love and respect for each other…Kudos to one of my favorite couplings…May you have a long, blissful and happy family life together…

  8. Such a gorgeous couple! I’m so very happy for them… it’s rare to see celebrity couples goin’ public.. unless they are about to get married.. which is fine, they need their privacy for their sanity. I wish them all the best. I’m hoping the GEUNS will be like them in ten years perhaps?!

    • Ji Hwan and Eun Hye would definitely make a wonderful couple. Is she’s not interested in him, I’d be more than happy to have him πŸ˜€

  9. Oh sweet. Happy to see them happy. So adorable and I feel a smile on my face just seeing these photos. I haven’t watched the guy act though. What do you mean five star couplings? Who are they? I think you mean the Geun-Geuns? That’s the first on my list. The second is this new couple in Lie to Me he he. Love them. Who’s the third, fourth and fifth? I think I’ve given up on Kim Hyun Jung and Joong So Min. I think the guy’s just not interested (well, still hoping that deep inside he is, so I guess I haven’t given up huh, he he).

    • I wrote my “fave” star couplings. πŸ™‚ Not five. But there are probably a good handful I would LOVE to see date in real life.

  10. aww cnt wait to c wedding pics ^^
    it’ll make up for not showin the weddin in creating destiny πŸ™‚
    such a cute couple <3

  11. ohhhh… I really love them!!! I’m so glad that they’re getting married.. best wishes… God Bless them!!!

  12. Omo, is that my Han Kang on the header? I only noticed it just now. Oh so miss you dahleng! Ha ha. This is not about the couple, Eugene and her fiance, sorry. Just would like to comment about this awesome header. Thanks for making that very nice piece of strip/ header ockoala!

  13. Noticed that Eugene wears the same dress as park min young in city hunter ep 2 while in the club scene. The dress is simply gorgeous, so as both actresses in it. Congrats to eugene, I’m participating to see how she pick her wedding dress, she has feminine style.

  14. I just watched Creating Destiny on hulu like a month ago and I always thought they had chemistry. I wish them all the best.

  15. I felt so happy watching Ki Tae Young and Eugene in Creating Destiny. Their chemistry was one of the best πŸ™‚
    And after watching the photos above, I was in a jumping mood. They loookkk so so cute together in real life. Even better than the on-screen chemistry.
    I really hope your marriage lasts forever. Congratulation !!!
    ^_^ Together forever, Ki Tae Young and Kim Eugene ^_^

  16. I just discovered your playground Koala and I have yet to explore it… It seems like I will enjoy myself… And for our Eugene and Ki Tae Young–I truly loved their characters in Creating Destiny and I’m still hooked. I am a true Kdrama addict and this is such a thrill–I had a huge smile for days (like I was related to these two) when I found out they’d been going out for a year and a half–and didn’t really hide, and now they will be getting married. ‘just love that news. Good luck, their similarities in profession should help them understand and support each other’s career. I wonder if their relationship helped boost Eugene in her role on Baker King–with an award. That role was great for her. Humongous congratulations to them both, be they happy and full of fortune in their marriage…

  17. So sweet! He’s looking so protective of her (see his hand guiding her as she takes the steps, and the way he seems to be looking down where she’s walking, ready to assist if needed). And the way his hand covers her as they bow down…they look so much in love.

  18. I love how happy they look! Eugene’s one of my favorite k-actresses. Their chemistry was what kept me going while watching Creating Destiny. ^_^

  19. well… color me bathed (in their bliss). They’re my sister’s favorite couple on and off screen~ πŸ˜€ So happy for them.

  20. Each & every picture shows how adorably in LOVE Eugene & KTY are with each other….they’re absolutely glowing!!! Watched CD religiously, but didn’t have the faintest idea that they were dating, let alone getting married!!!
    It’s such a welcome treat to see a “happy ending” in the KEntertainment world, wherein you won’t read anything negative being written about it….Sincerely hope Korean netizens & media would be more “accepting” of celebrity couplings, so that they can come out in the open, as well!!
    thanks Ockoala!!!

  21. Chukae Eugene and Ki Tae Yong.. i really wished them a happy and strong marriage.. i love the way Ki Tae Yong held Eugeun hand when she held his arm.. They looked very in love.. <3

    Now i will just wish for my fave couple Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk to follow in their footsteps.. and declare their love for each other.. amiiin!

  22. I would like to congratulate kim eugene and Ki Tae Young for their upcoming marriage. I love them both in creating destiny. I already watch this kdrama 5 times in a row. Hahaha. I just enjoyed seeing them fighting and make faces everytime they meet. My daughter asked me, mom how many times are you going to watch that series? Well, I could not help myself, i really love this couple. We argued whenever i watched creating destiny because it has 31 episodes and she could not watch tv because of this. So, i bought another TV set for my own use. Hahaha. I’m happy to learn that they will tie the knot on july 23rd. Enjoy Life to the fullest guys. Always love and understand one another. Take care and god bless!

  23. I love Eugene. She’s the first Korean actress I fell in love with. I watched all her dramas and her movies. She’s such a good actress, versatile. She can create a different personality and character in every role she made. I love her at I Really Really Like you, then so different from Creating Destiny…my fave..the Last Dance..then this last Kim Tak Goo. Congratulations Eugene..and God bless you.

  24. When watching, “Creating Destiny,” for the first time(Episode 1), I already knew, that this two couples, will form a spark. Not every artist/actor, doesn’t fall in love with there co worker, or there relationship wouldn’t last, but Eugene and Ki Tae Young, was the first actor and actress, to have an amazing relationship with each other. Seeing this two couples, I envy Ki Tae Young, to confess his true relationship, with Eugene, not everyday, you see a gentlemen like that, in real life. Ki Tae Young make sure you take good care and be a beloved husband to Eugene, don’t be ever like a jerk, to her. Take Care, wish you good luck, for your future.

  25. congratulations!! how i wish another fave couple of mine would claim the same path as you have walked through… i like her in 3 dads & a mom, but have to watch creating destiny to know where their love story starts, how i wish KANG JI HWAN & YOON EUN HYE follow the same path, πŸ™‚

  26. I’m an avid fan of Eugene. She’s so sweet and pretty.. I hope marriage will last forever.. I wish to see you always happy and full of life. God bless !!!

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